6 Month RV Photograph voltaic System Evaluate * Stout Time RV Living Off Grid *

6 Month RV Photograph voltaic System Evaluate * Stout Time RV Living Off Grid *
We have got been living stout time in our Slothful Dazy RV for six months now and we appreciate boondocking! So how has our “Our Finest RV Photograph voltaic System For Boondocking” held up? Right here is a 6 month evaluate of our whole off grid RV photo voltaic system. I will attain a reivew of all our photo voltaic parts so this would possibly occasionally maybe maybe fair embody a HighTech photo voltaic panel evaluate, Battleborn lithium battery evaluate, Victron Multiplus hybrid inverter charger evaluate, Victron MPPT photo voltaic value controller evaluate, Victron Coloration Control evaluate, and we even piece what quantity of cash we have got saved by boondocking and free tenting!

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welcome to the channel I’m No longer Lost I’m RVing for those that are new my identify is
Thomas and this day we’re going to realize a
six-month evaluate on our RV photo voltaic system
we have had a ton of requests for this
video and I’m reasonably mad to develop it
for y’all because of the y’all already know
that I’m reasonably remarkable a photograph voltaic nerd so I
love this roughly stuff but I are searching out for to creep
ahead and mention whenever you happen to would cherish any of the
parts that we’re gonna be reviewing
in this video or heck whenever you happen to would cherish our
proper photo voltaic system then you positively would possibly maybe maybe derive it
from the same direct that we purchased
ours from steady sources we
discovered about steady sources from
the RV neighborhood for certain I be taught so remarkable
particular solutions about them that that
is why we make a name to yell our photo voltaic
system from them as successfully now they’re
now not sponsoring this video
they build now not seem like paying us to develop this video
for certain they develop now not have any belief that I’m even
making this video I’m making this video
because of the y’all requested it okay that’s why
I’m making it whenever you happen to realize make a name to yell
steady sources that is awesome
develop now not neglect we attain have a cut value code
within the outline below so whenever you happen to would cherish
to derive a pair batteries and
an inverter ideal to vitality your CPAP
in a single day or you wish our proper photo voltaic
system in your lazy days we really bought
somebody who bought that how cool is that
it’s likely you’ll maybe maybe attain it and steady sources
will let you out we’re gonna open out
talking in regards to the parts and roughly
reviewing every component as we creep alongside
and then later within the video I’m gonna
reply some questions and provides you all
some cool stats so let’s open here with
what I mediate is the largest fragment
of any RV photo voltaic system really in any
photo voltaic system interval that is the coronary heart of
the system the batteries in my observe
whenever you happen to can most productive gain the money for to toughen one
thing and also you must amplify your
boondock means toughen your battery
bank it’s the most costly thing to
but it’s the most necessary
thing to realize as successfully so what manufacture of
battery bank will we have got successfully we have got 4
100 amp hour
12 volt lithium batteries by battleborn
now technically I attain have it wired into
a 24 volt system so what that approach is
we have got a 200 amp hour battery bank at
25 point 6 volts so same equivalency to
a 400 amp hour battery bank at
twelve point eight volts no matter how
you peek at it 12 volt or 24 volt the
quantity of battery vitality is an analogous each
of them are quiet 5,000 120 watt hours
since I installed this battery bank
about six months ago in this compartment
they have held up really really successfully
we have had no
complications with the batteries themselves
at all they have charged every
time we would have liked them to they have put out
vitality at any time when we would have liked them to
really we have had cherish I acknowledged no
complications with the right kind batteries we
have not even had cherish any wires
work themselves free or one thing cherish
that and that’s one thing that I became as soon as
alive to about because of the we creep down a ton
of washboard roads on the Nationwide
Woodland and ideal bumpy roads within the future of the
direct so the fatigue mat down here I
mediate became as soon as a sizable belief it hasn’t
absorbed any water no water has gotten
into the bay so I did a accurate job
distilling that and every little thing has
worked out really really successfully and then I
mediate the four batteries has been extra
than adequate
for certain our moderate depth of discharge
is most productive 53 amp hours on moderate so
on the total out of 4 batteries that’s a
itsy-bitsy over one battery being faded on
moderate so I mediate the size of our
battery bank is sizable as successfully now of
course there’s been about a times the set
the battery bank has gotten decrease and so
it has been fine to have all four of them
but for certain for the most fragment we
really most productive really want two of them
the wide majority of the time but while you
derive into the inclement weather I’m so
jubilant that we have four to
really develop us derive by means of that point
interval so is there one thing that I would
trade in here I mediate there’s a pair
things I have to handle the first one
is I mediate I’ll alter the
brackets down here a bit bit that’s
preserving within the battery because of the I’m
getting a bit little bit of put on and budge on the
plastic housing and I are searching out for to handle
that so I mediate I’m gonna pull these out
put a cushion in between and put them
attend in thoroughly different than that I mediate I’m
reasonably accurate our battery bank has been
averaging accurate below ninety-eight
percent efficiency in yell a change of utilizing
to go cable
I’m a slop to Faurot cable ideal so as that
in overall is a bit extra atmosphere edifying but I
point out I’m really ideal nitpicking at that
point overall the battery bank has
performed awesome and we’re so fully happy to
have it here is the coronary heart of our system
and we couldn’t are living cherish we’re without
this kind we have moved contained within the coach
because of the here is our photo voltaic cupboard that’s
what I name it so here is the set all of
our parts are living thoroughly different than our
battery bank and our photo voltaic panels on the
roof reasonably remarkable all of our photo voltaic
parts are interior this itsy-bitsy
storage direct here now this became as soon as the obliging
choice for us because of the how our coach is
laid out and the set I could maybe maybe roughly fit
every little thing but to be trusty I never
really prefer
derive entry to to this it’s now not cherish I am going in
here day after day and attain one thing for certain
I’ve never opened this the most attention-grabbing time I
have opened it since I did the install
in January is that if people are visiting and
they ideal have questions in regards to the photo voltaic
system or they’re searching out for to peep the photo voltaic
system or if I’m filming it for y’all
thoroughly different than that I reasonably remarkable never inaugurate
the photo voltaic cupboard so I’m bringing that
up because of the you develop now not have to put all of
your photo voltaic parts cherish contained within the
coach and one thing easy to derive entry to
set if we had a fifth wheel or a
Class A this would possibly occasionally be in some storage
Bay the set it’s more uncomplicated to derive to
if I have to but one thing that I develop now not
must have derive entry to to your whole time if
that makes any sense so what we’re gonna
attain is I’m gonna creep ahead and pass the
digital camera over here we’re going to inaugurate up
this cupboard set off a delicate-weight and we will
compare out your whole parts
personally all accurate let’s creep ahead
and begin here within the head left-hand
nook with our inverter now here is the
multi plus mannequin by Victor on Vitality
namely it’s the 24 volt 3000 watt
mannequin and here is a hybrid inverter
charger so what that approach is it would possibly maybe really maybe maybe
develop 120 volts it has a 50 amp transfer
change constructed into it on the 120 volt
aspect and then it moreover has a 70 amp
charger so we can recharge our batteries
so this thing has all styles of cool
bells and whistles as successfully I will attain
relay retain an eye on what that it’s likely you’ll fair have a setup to
attain it would possibly maybe really maybe maybe attain networking which it does it
has all styles of cool stuff you
positively develop now not need a inverter this
esteem but I really have to relate we fully
love this thing
there’s now not a accurate whole lot that I will
grunt about reviewing it it’s a extremely
accurate inverter and we have had really no
points if I could maybe maybe nitpick one thing then
I could maybe maybe fair trade my wiring to a 4 aw–
as a change of 2 watt ideal to decrease you
know any voltage fall that approach that it’s likely you’ll fair
derive and that’s reasonably remarkable it
one overall ask that we derive about
the inverter is how loud is it so let’s
creep ahead and discuss about that now how
loud is the inverter charger successfully I purchased
the door inaugurate let’s yell heed to it and peep
whenever you happen to can hear it working because of the
for the time being it is powering our
fridge and it’s powering your whole
plugs in our coach so let’s be restful and
yell heed to it now optimistically it picks up
on the mic but for certain it’s cherish a
low buzzing noise really let’s roughly
kick on these fans let me set off the
microwave so as that approach it’s likely you’ll maybe maybe peep ideal
how loud it truly is let’s creep ahead
set off the microwave alright so the
fans ideal kicked on but in my observe
the microwave is maybe ideal as loud
because the fans
so as that is right the fans operating
prove the microwave
all accurate so that you ideal heard the inverter
when it’s in overall making noise and then
that gentle buzz sound and also you heard it
when the inverter fans kicked on and
that is the loudest that it ever gets so
now it’s likely you’ll maybe maybe expose how loud the inverter
is but to be ideal we repeatedly have this
cupboard door closed and I really have the
digital camera in entrance of it with the door inaugurate
and that’s reasonably remarkable the set you really
have to be to hear the inverter I point out
it’s ideal the very fact of the matter when
we’re operating the microwave and we’re
cooking within the kitchen
we develop now not ever peek that the inverter
fans kick on and then as rapidly as you are
executed microwaving one thing about a seconds
later those fans you attain hear them for a
itsy-bitsy bit but within the kicker accurate off
but if we had a Class A or a v we will and
this became as soon as in some thoroughly different storage Bay we
would never hear it so I mediate it
relies on the set you set your inverter
to whenever you happen to’re gonna hear it or now not and
then while you really compare it to what
else would develop this remarkable vitality successfully if
you develop now not have an inverter you would be
cranking up a generator so in hindsight
whenever you happen to compare how loud here is in comparison
to operating a generator I develop now not really
mediate it’s a ideal comparability
I point out per Onan for the manufacturer you
have to crank up the generator let it
heat up so that you are listening to that and
then you positively yell your microwave for three
minutes accurate or on the opposite hand long you are
gonna microwave one thing and then you positively
have to let the generator move for a
minimal of thirty minutes any time you
crank it that’s what it says accurate per
the manufacturer within the manual so that you would
be listening to a generator move for a
minimal of thirty minutes to microwave
one thing for thirty seconds and even
five minutes you are quiet into that
generator your whole time which is approach
louder than this inverter is so yes the
inverter does develop some noise but it’s
so minut and also you really have to be terminate
to it to hear it that I develop now not really
mediate it’s that enormous of a deal but it’s a
overall ask we derive so I are searching out for to
reply it for you time to change
parts and we’re going to be talking
about this component up here within the head
accurate hand nook here is our photo voltaic
value controller now namely this
is the natty photo voltaic value controller
MPPT 100 / 30 with bluetooth by victor
on vitality as it’s likely you’ll maybe maybe peep your whole blue
stuff in here
every little thing is victor on vitality and
for certain there’s now not a good deal of that i
can grunt in regards to the photo voltaic value
controller it has executed a sizable job one
I region up the distinctive gentle value
parameters and your whole settings after I
did the install that’s reasonably remarkable the
most productive thing I’ve ever had to realize to it
I’ve never turned into it off because it’s
repeatedly been working because it turn it on
in January we have not had any of our
breakers down here it’s likely you’ll maybe maybe peep flip we
have not had any wire points every little thing
has executed an incredible job and I develop now not
mediate there’s one thing I would trade
I mediate the 30 amps is right for us
and yeah there’s nothing that I would
really even can it take dangle of and grunt that I
would remove to trade I really cherish that I will
track it via bluetooth on my cell phone I
moreover cherish that the networking cable
connects to our coloration retain an eye on which I’ll
point to you in a minute and I will track
every little thing from there as successfully so photo voltaic
value controller does an incredible job
when we derive adequate vitality within the morning
it mechanically from the photo voltaic
panels and mechanically turns on begins
charging our batteries and then at night
when we develop now not have any sunlight it turns
itself off I develop now not have to realize
one thing it has been doing that for six
months now and it has been doing a
fabulous job now if we pass down a
itsy-bitsy bit and discuss about this itsy-bitsy
blue field accurate here that is our DC to DC
step-down converter so as that takes within the
24 volts from our battery bank and then
steps it down to 12 volts for all of our
lights cherish this one accurate here really
all of our lights all the design by means of your whole
coach our water pump that’s 12 volt our
yell fans that are all 12 volt
on the total one thing that is 12 volt in
the coach this itsy-bitsy blue field is
constantly powering it would possibly maybe really maybe maybe put out a
maximum of 85 amps and then constantly
can repeatedly put out seven B amps which is
extra than adequate for us so as that itsy-bitsy
blue field has moreover been working six
months straight I’ve never turned into it off
and it has never let us down there’s
nothing else I’ve modified about that is
doing an incredible job and for certain
that’s roughly the theme of this whole
photo voltaic cupboard I never have to creep in here
there’s nothing I really ever have to
fright about down here within the left nook
it’s likely you’ll maybe maybe peep our Linux distributor now
this on the total holds all of our fuses on
our 2004 volt aspect and can’t have any
complaints there it’s executed a sizable job
nothing’s worked its approach free I’m jubilant
that we have not popped any fuses and I
mediate overall it has executed an incredible
job and the most attention-grabbing itsy-bitsy thing in this
cupboard that I will really mention is our
battery disconnect change by blue C’s
systems here is in here so as that I will
turn it off if I have to work on
one thing or if there became as soon as some emergency
cherish a bit electrical fire or some
I will come in here instant turn off our
vitality here is a have to in my observe for
any photo voltaic system and it’s ideal
a bit security characteristic while you attain a
battery disconnect be particular you creep alongside with
a accurate optimistic component cherish this this
is a blue si systems component
it’s a bit costly but I point out it’s
positively value the safety it provides
as a formulation to change it off accurate rapidly
thoroughly different than that we have not had any accurate
complications and down here within the photo voltaic you
know value controller cupboard as I
talked about earlier I neighbor getting and
never ever have to compose derive entry to to it you
know nothing’s worked itself free mediate
overall I’m very fully happy with it and
there’s nothing here that I would really
for certain trade let’s pass on to the
photo voltaic piece of this photo voltaic system
evaluate video the photo voltaic panels up on the
roof of our RV I particular be apologetic about I’m now not up
there is right approach too windy out of doors so
it’s ideal now not sizable for filming
stipulations but I’ll be roll over it and
I’ll present you your whole recordsdata here
so let’s derive began with what photo voltaic
panels will we have got we even have 4 200
watt high-tech photo voltaic panels that are
made accurate here within the US and that we
bought from steady sources and have
to relate the high-tech photo voltaic panels have
worked flawlessly we have not had any
points with them in anyway they’ve all
they’ve none of them I could maybe maybe cherish stopped
working they have not made the inferior
voltage the bypass diodes have all
worked the brackets that comprise the
photo voltaic panels have all worked really successfully
we have been by means of cool weather sizzling
weather they’ve been hailed on about a
times for certain they had been held on earlier
this week then they have not been broken
they’ve been natty soiled reasonably remarkable all
the time because of the I never really washed
the things and as well they have quiet output
heaps of vitality and 800 Watts has been
heaps for us so I mediate overall that
the photo voltaic panels have executed an very expedient searching
job and I develop now not have any complaints on
the right kind photo voltaic panels themselves or
the wiring or the brackets or one thing
cherish that the most attention-grabbing declare that we have
had comes from my have confidence doing it became as soon as
fully my fault because of the
typically we develop mistakes and I simply
did that I made a mistake and I didn’t
yell the ideal hardware so let me expose
you what I did so as that you develop now not develop
the same mistake on every occasion we bought our
photo voltaic panels I wished to creep ahead and
ops to derive the tilt choice so that you
these cool itsy-bitsy brackets here that you
can tilt the photo voltaic panels and
it comes with these itsy-bitsy hand turn
bolts I develop now not know precisely what they’re
referred to as but for certain it’s a bit
plastic housing it’s more uncomplicated to expose you
know with the dash in it and then the
nuts themselves are really pressed
into your whole brackets which is admittedly
really fine you develop now not have cherish one thing
on the attend or to fright about I point out all
this has been expedient-searching your whole accurate
parts had been ideal the air
comes within the set I didn’t yell the true
on the total tools that they
did ship me on the photo voltaic panels
themselves they have a bit
nut that’s pressed in precisely cherish this and
so these can screw into that very very
without complications successfully they sent me lock washers so
I must have faded a lock washer in
between these and as well they most definitely never
would have worked themselves free or I
most definitely never must have faded the
itsy-bitsy hand tighten ones when we’re
really happening the avenue placing off
interval in hindsight I have to most definitely
most productive yell these as soon as I’m really tilting
the photo voltaic panel so as that’s my fault would possibly maybe maybe
end up going down became as soon as because of the I became as soon as now not
utilizing the lock washers I ideal had these
hand tightened on there we would creep down all
these crazy bumpy roads and washboard
roads and as well they had been slowly working
themselves free for certain one among them
worked itself fully out and we
heard cherish a curious noise coming from the
roof whereas we had been utilizing I pulled over
straight and discovered that we misplaced one
of those hand dash things
no matter they’re referred to as I will’t undergo in mind
so we misplaced one and I had to interchange it
so as that’s fully my fault I mediate if
I yell the lock washers with these I could maybe maybe fair
now not have had any points but I didn’t and
now that I did have points with these I
ideal develop now not personally belief them so I
never ever notion to yell these unless we
are ideal tilting the panel’s and then
when we creep to pass all as soon as more I’ll creep attend to
utilizing the bolts and the lock washers
that continues to sources sent to me
within the first direct and retain them flat
mounted cherish they reasonably remarkable are accurate
now now talking of flat mounting them
that’s reasonably remarkable how they’re
they’re repeatedly in that direct it’s
very very uncommon that we tilt the panel’s
so did I really have to yell the extra
brackets for tilting them I develop now not know I
mediate it’s a sizable belief we repeatedly have
these with us and we can repeatedly tilt
them when we have got to but the wide majority of
time they’re within the flat direct yes
when we first bought our photo voltaic system I became as soon as
repeatedly pointing the RV south I became as soon as
repeatedly suggested within the panel’s south and
clean as remarkable vitality as I will because of the
I’m roughly a photograph voltaic nerd and I belief
it looked cool and I wished to be particular
we had been making heaps of vitality I slowly
stopped doing that and realize that I
really did not have to realize that reasonably
remarkable the wide majority of the time so is it
fine to have these tilt brackets yes
fully there has been a handful of
times the set we have had inclement weather
for loads of days in a row or it’s
really cloudy for loads of days in a row
and so tilting the panels to derive that
extra 20 to 30 percent efficiency they
grunt you derive out of them has made the
disagreement to develop the 800 watts adequate
vitality whereas we’re in those instances I
develop now not know if each person fully has
to have the tilt brackets I develop now not mediate
that we really tilt them that often it
is fine to have them but I went in to
expose each person it will most definitely be fundamental to have tilt
panels or one thing cherish that I would grunt
whenever you happen to would possibly maybe maybe fair have a restricted roof rental and so
you can’t indulge in it you can’t fit
pretty about a panels up there then you positively would possibly maybe maybe fair
are searching out for to creep alongside with the instrument choice ideal so
it’s likely you’ll maybe maybe derive extra vitality with a
restricted quantity of rental that it’s likely you’ll fair have for the
panel’s then that can work in your
encourage but most our viewers have in
your elevated RVs and also that it’s likely you’ll most definitely
fit heaps of vitality up there anyways
without really desiring to tilt them so
ideal one thing that I’ve roughly discovered
over time I mediate that it’s a sizable
choice but we ideal develop now not want it your whole
time and overall our photo voltaic panels have
worked phenomenally in every scenario
that we put them in and as well they had been
extra than adequate vitality for us
within the rupture we’re talking in regards to the closing two
photo voltaic parts up top we have got our
battery track now here is on the total the
BMV 7: 12 with bluetooth by victor on
vitality and accurate below it’s the coloration
retain an eye on by Victor on Vitality which I’ll
discuss about extra in precisely a moment let’s
open with our battery track now I
know about a of you are going to be a bit bummed
because of the here is the closing two parts
but develop now not fright develop now not creep anyplace yet I
have heaps extra cool recordsdata have
some stats and some questions I are searching out for to
reply for you so develop now not click off ideal
because of the I’m about to be executed the closing
two parts what attain you watched it peek
at your whole recordsdata and peek the
whole video that’s why I’m making it
surely alright let’s derive began here
here is our battery track up here in
my belief everytime you toughen your
battery bay
one among the first things you must attain is
add in a accurate battery monter anybody who
has ever tried to yell the manufacturing unit push
button they’re guessing off of how remarkable
voltage that it’s likely you’ll fair have in your battery you
know system those are all trash they’re
they’re all very very awful that it’s likely you’ll
have some nicer one but the wide majority of
them are reasonably spoiled this thing is admittedly
cool because of the it’s likely you’ll maybe maybe really region how
many amp hours of battery that it’s likely you’ll fair have and
what your voltages are and
stuff cherish that so it provides you an
accurate accurate reading now not ideal a random
voltage meter or reading that is now not
going to be really that accurate anyways
technically because of the we have got this we
develop now not want this kind down here because of the
this really ideal reads this
recordsdata it reads your whole thoroughly different
recordsdata and puts it collectively in one
easy handy set so we develop now not really
have to necessarily have the coloration
retain an eye on it’s ideal really really
handy and we’re jubilant that we spent
the money on it we have not had any
points with either one among those
parts but let me point to you why this
coloration retain an eye on is so handy what this
on the total does is that networks and it
talks to all of our thoroughly different parts and
it shows your whole recordsdata and one
easy-to-be taught set and it lets me you
know attain a pair thoroughly different things as successfully
and trade settings and stuff cherish that
so personally I’m jubilant that we have it
but you are aware of it’s now not necessarily
required the essential reason that we really
cherish here is these closing two settings
accurate here needless to grunt so I will peep
every little thing in one set is fine but
this permits me as soon as I pass my itsy-bitsy
cursor here to this part here is the
AC mode of the inverter so this permits
me to expose the inverter to charger mode
most productive to off or to creep away it within the on
direct which is right really handy
to construct a attain from here with a
few clicks in comparison with getting
derive entry to to the inverter opening that
cupboard reaching attend in there and
turning the inverter on it’s likely you’ll maybe maybe attain that
nothing inferior with that I ideal cherish
having this accurate within the guts of the
coach because of the it’s extra handy for
us and the various thing I really cherish
about it is I will in a transient point in time our
AC quiet so AC quiet limit here is
how remarkable vitality is coming into the coach
from shore vitality in yell it’s likely you’ll maybe maybe peep I
have it region to 13 amps and I really have it region
that approach because of the if we’re doing some
driveway surfing and we’re going to be
plugged in to a 15 amp
I develop now not are searching out for to pop any traffic outlet
so I will region this a 13 amps so I’m now not
popping their outlet so I
really liked it I will attain that and then
with a rapidly click of the button I will
trade the amps so grunt we’re plugged
into a customary 30 amp receptacle because of the
we’re at an RV park with about a clicks of
the button I will trade that and be executed
with it in comparison with desiring to
hook as much as a notebook computer and doing it a
thoroughly different approach that is the essential reason
that I really wished this so I will
retain an eye on my AC quiet accurate here it’s
ideal natty natty at hand and needless to grunt all
the various cool networking stuff ideal
makes it even better
because it has Wi-Fi I will really
track all these items and develop
environment changes food the app on my cell phone
or by means of a notebook computer which is admittedly
really fine all accurate on to the moment
that I myself had been looking forward to
and know about a of that it’s likely you’ll fair had been waiting
for as well to a result of I’ll present
you some reasonably cool stats and I’m gonna
be answering some questions that y’all
had after we did our initial walkthrough
video of the photo voltaic system so whenever you happen to would cherish
extra of the photo voltaic develop now not neglect I really have
heaps of photo voltaic videos to educate you
about photo voltaic and I really have a walkthrough of
our system whenever you happen to would remove to peek that as
successfully but let’s leap into this predominant
ask I’m gonna be having a peek down
because of the I really have comparatively pretty about a stats and
some questions written down so let’s derive
accurate to it
ask quantity one how can we value
our batteries and the reply is we can
recharge two techniques and two techniques most productive
for the time being the first approach that we can
recharge our battery bank is off of
shore vitality ideal cherish every thoroughly different RV are
out there and the second approach is off of
our photo voltaic panels that are on the roof of
our RV and for the time being those are the most attention-grabbing
two techniques that we can recharge our
battery bank I could maybe maybe never region it up for us
as a formulation to recharge off of the engine
whereas we’re utilizing I ideal simply didn’t
add the parts that have to my
belief became as soon as I could maybe maybe build some money up
entrance which we did and if I
want it later I will add it which we so
far have not Stacy wasn’t pretty particular
about that but to this point it has worked out
and then the various approach is we faded to
have an onboard generator we really
had an Onan 3600 propane generator and I
eliminated it to develop some weight
room for the photo voltaic system and to develop a
itsy-bitsy little bit of cash to attend pay for our
system so we develop now not have a generator and
we can’t recharge that approach either the
second ask is how repeatedly have
we would have liked a generator to recharge our
purple and the reply is zero times in
fact we have not fundamental electrical
hookups to recharge our battery bank a
single time since I installed the photo voltaic
system in January now whenever you happen to undergo in mind
earlier I became as soon as talking in regards to the battery
bank I acknowledged our moderate depth of
discharge is 53 amp hours so on moderate
we yell about 25 percent or so of our
battery bank any time we
really yell it it has we have got
gotten down to I mediate 30 around 30
percent one time and around the 50 to 60
mark maybe two thoroughly different times but the
majority of the time we develop now not really derive
that low and we have not fundamental any thoroughly different
design to recharge thoroughly different than the photo voltaic
panels but I’m now not stating that we
have not fundamental electrical hookups and I
grunt that because of the we have got fundamental them to
move the air conditioner ask three
what is our longest move with no electric
the reply is we came out of Mexico on
March 1st 2020 here in all equity remarkable we have
been tracking since then but we came out
on March 1st 2020 and we made it your whole
approach by means of May maybe per chance 24th 2020 so 85 days we
made 85 days straight that’s our longest
move to this point when no electrical hookups so
at this point optimistically I’ve established
that our RV photo voltaic system has been extra
than succesful adequate with maintaining with
our customary demands whereas we’re
boondocking and cherish I talked about we
have not fundamental any thoroughly different electrical
hookups in anyway since January but of
course since we develop now not have adequate roof
rental to mount adequate panels to preserve up
with a crazy ask of of an air
conditioner and also you moreover can’t derive photo voltaic
at night and we develop now not have adequate
battery bank or rental to place one we ideal
can’t preserve with Ryan our air
conditioner your whole time so we have got to
creep gain an RV park now and then
but it in all equity uncommon now some of you
will most definitely be pondering to yourself or you
know maybe you are even typing accurate now
Thomas I wager you desire you didn’t yell
that generator in and out fact no I’m
quiet fully happy that we eliminated it because of the
we have not really fundamental it we’re the
manufacture of those that if we’re gonna have
to move the air conditioner for loads of
days in a row because of the we would like air
conditioner we’re now not gonna are searching out for to
yell heed to it move that’s ideal how we’re
personally and so we will ideal creep derive in
RV park and plus if we’re gonna move the
generator attain
the day since the air conditioner successfully
if we would like the air conditioner at night
and we have got to move the generator at
what if there’s generator hours and so
then we can’t move it at night so then
we’re quiet going in our Vee Park so
for us personally
we’re fully fully happy with our decision
it is successfully now not for each person I
develop now not mediate there’s one thing inferior with
having a generator backup or one thing
cherish that we ideal fundamental the extra you
know weight means so as that we would possibly maybe maybe
put our photo voltaic system in in our case so
now attain no matter you watched is expedient for
you and let’s derive on to ask quantity
four ask quantity four is what number of
times have we would have liked electric to move our
air conditioner since March first the
reply is twice for an whole of 9
nights the first time became as soon as a dull horse
point Command Park in Moab it became as soon as
elegant there and that became as soon as on would possibly maybe maybe fair 25th
so whenever you happen to undergo in mind earlier I acknowledged 85
days that’s because of the we bought caught in a
heat wave in my lab and so we would have liked
that electrical energy we stayed at Deadhorse
Command Park for four nights and it became as soon as
elegant they had been jubilant that we did the
second time that we would possibly have liked electrical energy
became as soon as accurate after that after we left there
we headed east in direction of Colorado we’re
quiet trapped in a heat wave because of the we
hadn’t bought to that elevated
elevation yet and so we really can’t
with a Boone dockers welcome for five
nights that boondocks welcome host
provide electrical energy so for an whole since
March first we have really most productive fundamental
that 9 times or 9 nights since
March first now this day is June 19th
so since March 1st that is a 111 days
y’all is never really that cool 111 days and we have
most productive fundamental electrical energy to move our air
conditioner for 9 nights all of those
111 so whenever you happen to realize a bit rapidly math 102
out of 11 or 111 is 91.8% of the time so
we have got accurate docked and now not fundamental you
know electrical energy to move our air
conditioner and now not have to preserve having a peek
RV park or one thing
we have got boondocks efficiently since
March first ninety one point eight
percent of the time that’s reasonably cool
here is how here is our most in model manner
of tenting is successfully boondocking
alright let’s pass on to ask quantity
five ask quantity five is me making an strive
to answer to a ask that I mediate you
would inquire of after listening to ask quantity
fours reply about us boo
knocking 91.8% of the time and that’s
what quantity of cash have we saved by
boondocking that remarkable and I’m gonna
piece it with you now I mediate here is
reasonably cool but Old to we leap into how
remarkable we have saved let’s place a
baseline for the approach remarkable campaign value what
we’re gonna attain is we’re gonna yell forty
greenbacks a night for tenting I mediate that
that is terribly reasonable and I grunt that
because of the dull horse point Command Park became as soon as
forty eight greenbacks a night and that’s a
direct park and the KOA in Moab became as soon as
sixty-five greenbacks a night for a attend
end 30-amp direct and eighty-five greenbacks
a night for a pull-by means of 50-amp direct
so on top of that there’s some people
who within the previous who’ve acknowledged yeah but
it’s likely you’ll maybe maybe derive month-to-month rates so we’re gonna
roughly add that in as successfully so if we’re
utilizing that sixty-five greenbacks a night
for a high end for a low end let’s yell
16 greenbacks and 44 cents a night now I
bought 16 44 by taking a $500 a month
month-to-month moderate making that into six
thousand greenbacks for the one year and then
divide that by 365 days which provides us
the 1644 the median between $65 and 1644
is forty greenbacks and seventy two cents
in an effort to develop it straightforward we’re ideal going to
yell 40 greenbacks a night and all as soon as more I mediate
that virtually all people are gonna gain that
very very honest so let’s peep since
March 1st 2020 we have got boondocks 102
days to this point so whenever you happen to yell 102 multiply
that times 40 we have got saved four
thousand and eighty greenbacks so we have
saved over four extensive which in all equity
we have saved comparatively pretty about a money that’s
really fine the approach that we peek at that
is that’s roughly attend paying
us attend for shopping the photo voltaic system
upfront so as that’s why we cherish photo voltaic so
remarkable even although it’s obviously now not for
each person here is how we remove to pay for
tenting for certain is by tenting for
free and then shopping the photo voltaic system up
Noah’s come up with some extra cool stats as
successfully if we can preserve that 91.8%
boondocking ratio
there are for the time being 195 days left within the
one year so if we withhold that ratio we
must on the total boondock for an
extra 179
days at the $40 a night that’s one other
extra doable financial savings of 7160
greenbacks on top of the 4018 that we have
already saved whenever you happen to add those two
collectively if we can boondock for 91.8% of
time since march 1st we would possibly maybe maybe
doubtlessly build eleven thousand two
hundred and forty greenbacks and let me
ideal creep ahead and direct that that is
successfully over how remarkable our photo voltaic system value
so doubtlessly if we retain this up our
photo voltaic system will most definitely be extra than paid for
sooner than this one year is even over and then
campaign previous here is gonna be ideal
really free tenting now I myself attain
now not mediate that RV photo voltaic is for each person
for certain I’ve stayed within the previous in my
belief you must be particular you cherish
your RV first then exit and yell a peek at
boondocking be particular you cherish
boondocking and then whenever you happen to realize cherish
boondocking then maybe have confidence in mind a photograph voltaic
system so I’m now not making an strive to promote you
photo voltaic or one thing cherish that you all
requested this video so I’m making it
for you now whenever you happen to’re drawn to
photo voltaic develop now not neglect we attain have that
cut value code within the outline below
and I mediate that reasonably remarkable wraps up
this evaluate video as repeatedly I loved
making it for you optimistically you liked
watching it and we will preserve you subsequent

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