After the Frost: A Tumble City Domicile Tour [October 2019]

Settle a stroll via the homestead with me as I demonstrate you the tell of the veggie beds and the greenhouse after the major frost day of the autumn.

Look the raised cedar garden beds, greenhouse, and raspberry patch.

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hi each person its trace from wholesome new homegrown and it’s fall we’ve had a cramped bit of frost the previous week and so I wished to originate moderately of a tour and demonstrate you what’s left in the garden that survived the frost and what we’re tranquil unquestionably harvesting here on aloof ever been homestead so from the frost as it’s possible you’ll possibly additionally behold my cucumber flowers and my sweet potato flowers didn’t continue to exist and if truth be told they’re due Keeney but we had unprejudiced precise harvests on all of them sweet potatoes we’ll ranking to if truth be told test and behold there changed into the rest under in the ground we can tranquil bask in asparagus is extremely wholesome achieve on a form of green progress and we’ll prick it support after which in early spring confidently we’ll rep an very unprejudiced precise harvest over again beans positively ranking more or much less petered out we’ve got a couple tranquil on there and that we can decide these are the pole beans after which we’ve got the bush beans which additionally ranking done so these have to tranquil be pulled out and composted sakai bed is the one who has most of the edibles in here which would possibly possibly be cool weather hardy we’ve got some broccoli flowers tranquil hundreds kale and even green onions ranking survived the frost and have to tranquil potentially aid producing these are unquestionably tranquil from final three hundred and sixty five days sowing in the spring so that they’re going solid tranquil this bed we’ve sown some daikon radish these are the increased green leaves and interspersed with some chard and we’ve got parsnips coming alongside in one rogue asparagus plant after which we tranquil ranking just a few carrots we got some chart over again after which we’ve got leeks that are fattening up and confidently we’ve elites from somewhat soon tomato flowers to took moderately of a success we’ll be deciding on the tomatoes off which would possibly possibly be on there unprejudiced now and we’ve even got some pepper flowers that are a cramped bit worse for wear after the frost and got one there with the pepper on it and we can potentially tranquil decide ours bed tranquil has a cramped bit in there her cuca melon surprisingly are unquestionably doing somewhat smartly even supposing they had frost and but everything else is more or much less petered out over again sweet potato we’re unsure how that one fared but we’ll ranking a peep dig under and behold what we can procure after which in the support of her bed we’ve unquestionably got more sweet potatoes and these ones fared a cramped bit better on yarn of they originate ranking protection from frost in shut to accommodate these in the support I’ve changed peep like they unquestionably desire a cramped bit water on yarn of I don’t rep water from rain I’m overwintering a form of my geraniums and fuchsias and one of the most going is they had been taking on moderately of build here I maintain raised bed in the greenhouse we tranquil ranking some tomato flowers that are tranquil producing a cramped bit and we’ve got additionally just a few pepper flowers which were in pots I moved them into this gigantic bed and so that they’re unquestionably doing somewhat smartly it’s possible you’ll possibly additionally behold we ranking some peppers on there they additionally ranking eggplant and these ones had been open air to rep pollinated and now we’re support in the greenhouse to reduction fruiting and to reduction getting higher and so we’ll be ready to reap them soon and we tranquil ranking just a few tomato flowers in pots and a form of greenery no longer to create tomatoes but we’ll be ready to reap just a few more from them demonstrate you what a sunny day does unprejudiced now the solar is engaging somewhat strongly we’re sitting at 20 degrees Celsius or about what is a 65 fahrenheit so it’s somewhat warm in the greenhouse and the coolest thing is at evening time the greenhouse very no longer steadily ever goes below zero the this Thurmond max thermometer is a cramped bit wonky it changed into no longer unquestionably -10 in the greenhouse in any admire we must reset it the raspberry patch is tranquil rising solid it’s more or much less getting its 2d fruiting on the sleek canes and we’re tranquil unquestionably deciding on raspberries I unprejudiced picked some now and it’s possible you’ll possibly additionally behold there’s more ripening and goodbye it doesn’t rep too chilly and it doesn’t rep too damp we’ll proceed having raspberries confidently into November so I’m hoping you enjoyed the tour as it’s possible you’ll possibly additionally behold we tranquil ranking a cramped bit of vegetable here and there in the garden and we’re hoping that the cool weather is chilly ample to abolish off no lower than just some of the bugs but tranquil be ready to reap some issues in the garden and in the greenhouse and so thanks a great deal for watching and in the event you most standard the video please hit the like button and subscribe to the channel in the event you haven’t already and we’ll behold you subsequent time on the next video thanks for watching bye

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