Building a Shipping Container Dwelling | EP02 Moving, Reducing, and Framing a Container Dwelling

In Episode 2 of How to Develop a Shipping Container Dwelling we can recede over how to switch transport containers with a crane and situation them onto the concrete foundation. I will ticket how I slash openings for doorways and windows within the transport containers after which welded in loads of kinds of steel reinforcement. We started the project of inserting within the plumbing within the bottom of the container and ticket how we needed to slash away a pair of of the steel beams to develop room for the pipes. I will furthermore focus on how the structural requirements for reinforcing transport containers and clarify the wood structural system we set in within the container.

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We bought one time out situation hiya-cube containers. California requires that transport containers earlier sort for homes maintain documentation displaying which have not had toxic or radioactive presents in them. This most ceaselessly methodology that you’d like one time out situation containers with acceptable certificates. I sold my containers from to date
and paid $4800 every for the 40-foot hiya-cube containers and $3250 for the 20-foot hiya-cube container. Hi-cube containers are a foot taller than identical earlier transport containers.

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hiya I’m Ben and this is the condominium I built out of transport containers now I’ve been drawn to switch container architecture for rather a while but I had a extraordinarily laborious time discovering real data about how to internet building permits or how much would it not price effectively we did the examine we documented every thing that we did and now we’re so furious to fragment with you what we realized so examine it out this is episode 2 the assign we’ll ticket you how we switch the containers slash them initiate and started the structural reinforcement after letting the concrete treatment for three days we started stripping the molds and getting titillating for the day I used to be most which is crane day this is the finest largest share of equipment that we rented for this challenge and it’s usually love a huge transformer to score up the containers they use these cloth straps that are easy solid and every undoubtedly one of them has a hook which is able to hook into the boxes on the corner of the containers we started by transferring one the extra 20-foot containers that I sold to retailer tools and presents on insist it’s miles a uniqueness form of container that opens up not factual on the short sides but on the massive aspect as effectively subsequent we started transferring the different 20-foot container which goes to be the guest mattress room and leisure room this container is light-weight ample that the crane might per chance per chance also very effectively pressure while the box used to be suspended within the air we needed to line up the container in order that it wouldn’t ruin undoubtedly one of the necessary drain pipes that used to be sticking by the concrete subsequent up used to be a 40-foot container which is honest too heavy to pressure with so what they did is he factual would score it up swing the arm around to internet it nearer after which reposition the crane and assign the general ingredient all over again we set some blue painters tape on the corners of the concrete foundation factual to give us a mark to aim for the second 40-foot container had too a long way this distance to budge and it’s form of affection observing an inchworm form of switch its methodology at some level of the desert it took a pair of makes an are attempting and three guys pushing on the corners to internet it within the lawful residing now if I used to be designing this all over again I’d now know that it’s probably to internet it not precisely the assign you’d like it but within about half an budge crane day used to be rather a spread of stress-free but now it’s time to turn these steel boxes valid into a condominium we started pulling up the floor on the containers now these floor are made from plywood that’s about one within the eighth of an budge thick the steel structure under and underside of this plywood is lined with a thick unlit tar-love substance which is there for waterproofing and they retain the steel from rusting the majority of the plumbing for this dwelling goes to head in this sediment lawful amongst the general steel beams and naturally things by no methodology line up well so we’re gonna maintain to slash out a pair of of them now the pipe that Robert the plumber is working around goes to be the most important drain that goes out from the container to the septic tank [Music] on the starting assign we had left us loads longer but when we saw that it wasn’t going to align perfectly with the structure contained within the container we needed to slash it down so it wouldn’t ruin when we drop the container into situation this supposed that Robert would maintain to utilize a jackhammer to expose rather of little bit of the pipe by taking away a pair of of the concrete so we’d maintain ample room to suit an elbow on it now after I first realized we’d maintain to attain this I used to be apprehensive it could per chance per chance per chance per chance dangle a extraordinarily very long time but it absolutely no doubt greatest took about 45 minutes we then slash holes into other beams in order that we would also depart the smaller drain pipes which will receive the water from the leisure room sink the bathe the leisure room and the kitchen sink the slash edges of the steel are rather spicy so the plumbers set some twenty minute sizzling mud and spray foam in between the pipes and the steel beams factual to preserve the pipes from sliding around and doubtlessly getting damaged now wherever you maintain drains you furthermore must maintain venting pipes and these recede the general methodology up by the walls and out the roof now the unlit ABS pipe is handsome for wastewater going out of the building but for the general easy water coming in we must utilize copper this used to be more time-drinking for the reason that copper must be sweated with a torch whereas the ABS plastic pipe can factual be glued collectively now within the bottom areas that don’t maintain pipes going by them we started filling these locations in with inflexible insulation we packed in two layers of 2-budge thick inflexible insulation after which use spray foam to seal up the general gaps though this insulation has very good r-price it’s not going to be easy tremendous in this residing for the reason that conductivity of the steel goes to get a thermal bridge around it but quiet we added it in to preserve that condominium elephantine preserve critters out of it and to factual give us rather of little bit of extra thermal protection this foam insulation cuts slightly without problems with a box cutter so we factual slash items that would furthermore fit around the general pipes after sealing all of it with spray foam and testing to develop sure that the pipes are watertight we then set the floorboards support on this insulation is factual so we can duvet up the floor and internet to work on the body we’ll ticket the elephantine insulation particulars including how we did continuous insulation over this plywood in subsequent week’s episode while the leisure of the crew used to be engaged on the insulation and the floor I started making the structural frames for the doorways and windows after double-checking the dimensions of the windows I started making the 45-degree cuts in order that I will develop a mitered body the transport container will get its energy from the chronic corrugated panels so each time you nick undoubtedly this form of panels you maintain to enhance it for these first few windows I sure to utilize two budge tube steel it in point of fact works colossal and is hundreds solid but as you look for a pair of of the later frames I switched to angle sections no I did the general welding for the doorways and windows the use of this minute Forney welder it’s an cheap machine that’s easy to utilize colossal for inexperienced persons and great ample to model a condominium with and now for the moment of truth I used to be titillating to slash into the container for the most important time now it used to be slightly apprehensive about this on myth of you know I paid an cheap quantity of cash for these items and we’d spent all this time to internet them within the lawful situation so I in point of fact didn’t must screw this up I drew out the square that I’m gonna slash out that will enable the body to suit within the use of a silver sharpie a level and a share of cardboard so I might per chance per chance also scheme straight traces around the corrugation we didn’t maintain electricity from the grid obtainable on the construction insist so I set up undoubtedly one of my minute dreams zero Vitality Packs with a solar panel and that used to be ample to preserve my batteries for my battery-powered angle grinder fine and charged now I’ve seen of us slash containers initiate the use of a plasma cutter but I’m in point of fact lovely with the angle grinder it’s a miles more straightforward tool to utilize and much less costly I factual went unimaginative made sure that used to be following along the traces I went by loads of discs but it absolutely greatest took about an hour and a half to slash out this entire window the paint on these containers is completely thick so I wire brushed it away to expose the naked steel in preparation for welding I wished a methodology to preserve the body in situation while I welded the body to the corrugated steel so I built these sliding supports out of two by fours that would enable me to clamp the two by fours to the corrugation and preserve the body fine and flush to the corrugation this is required on myth of when you nick into these colossal panels of corrugated steel they will bow and flex rather rather with this scheme it’s slightly crucial that the opening you nick into corrugated steel is factual the lawful dimension on myth of you don’t must be having to bridge at some level of with the welder to join the items you don’t maintain to attain continuous seams the general methodology around I factual tried to internet about two to three budge welds about every six to eight inches I screwed up an over slash on this share but I factual crammed it in with my welder you the second one went loads smoother I took more time in guaranteeing that my preliminary drawing on the container used to be finest and I went loads slower with the lowering as effectively guaranteeing to quit lawful on the line it used to be a pair of hundred and twenty degrees within these steel boxes and lowering initiate the window used to be a colossal skills not greatest internet to see the leer but you internet this streak of cooler factual a hundred and five degree air coming in you it’s no doubt rate it to head in point of fact unimaginative and internet your preliminary slash out as lovely as probably the welding for the second one used to be loads more straightforward on myth of I wasn’t bridging as colossal of a gap between the body and the corrugated steel on the most important window I ended up making seams that had been rather of bit too long on the second one I more or much less bought it lawful and used to be sticking to seams that had been factual about 2 to three inches long if he strive and weld seams which might per chance per chance per chance be too long and continuous the warmth buildup from the general welding can originate up to deform and Bend the corrugated steel for the two colossal 10 foot long by folding doorways I wished a body that used to be rather of bit stronger so I went with 3 budge by 2 budge tube steel I glued some blocks of wood to the underside of a steel square after which I earlier sort that to clamp my tube steel items at fine lawful angles I realized that grinding things when they’re set in is rather of bit more tough especially when you maintain to internet up on a ladder so I made sure to grind out all my wells as I welded them now the frames for the doorways don’t need a bottom share but I didn’t must switch this without one on myth of it could per chance per chance per chance per chance also Bend so I factual welded in a non permanent red meat up I furthermore didn’t slash the vertical items to dimension till I had welded the general ingredient collectively this methodology I will develop sure that that every body sides had been even working conclude to the bottom is colossal on myth of that you can preserve every thing fine and flat but it absolutely did develop it in order that we’d maintain to flip the frames over in reveal to slash the general methodology by from the different aspect with the angle grinder first body is performed time to develop a second one precisely the identical for these colossal doorways we started lowering out the openings from the within because it used to be more straightforward to internet up on a ladder with the fine flat ground unlit sharpie traces showed up valid solid in opposition to the light beige interiors so it used to be more straightforward to slash from the within on myth of I might per chance per chance also look the line in point of fact crisply even by the general sweat and fog on the protection glasses no matter what aspect you’re in though it’s more straightforward to slash the fragment of the corrugation that’s closest to you so I did attain a pair of of it initiate air as effectively it’s furthermore more straightforward to slash valid conclude and flush to the red meat up beam from the initiate air on myth of from the within it’s laborious to internet the angle grinder on the lawful angle for the reason that ground will get within the methodology now one ingredient to be careful for is that after you’re lowering the container the walls are below some stress and all of a surprising every on occasion they will leap or switch and this might per chance occasionally pinch the angle grinder or snap off a blade these colossal items of steel are bendy heavy and maintain jagged edges so it’s rather of bit tough to address them without lowering yourself up some containers maintain welded on steel loops which might per chance per chance per chance be earlier sort to strap down cargo I factual slash these out as effectively the corrugated steel used to be welded to this wrong beam along the container I switched to a heavier angle grinder and factual ground this all down I stripped away the paint in preparation for welding and we lifted this 10 foot by 7 foot body into situation remembering the lesson from the windows about bridging the gaps we slash rather of bit more on the conservative aspect and it wasn’t rather colossal ample so we factual ground the methodology till the body fit in perfectly we started by tacking the body to the wrong beam on the underside corner after which slowly labored our methodology up guaranteeing every thing used to be quiet degree the three budge extensive tube steel used to be loads more straightforward to weld to the corrugation than the two budge steel on myth of there used to be factual loads more ground condominium to join the welds to and the radius of the tube steel wasn’t sloping away from the corrugation as rapidly as I bought the body packed in and secured to the container I slash away the non permanent red meat up on reflection I must maintain welded this about six inches larger than I did factual to give myself rather of bit more room to slash it off so while I used to be welding within the most important body the guys started lowering the opening for the second one now probabilities are you’ll per chance per chance judge that transport containers are rather solid and don’t need any extra structural red meat up but that’s not no doubt the case when you’re doing a entirely popular code licensed building our structural engineer needed to get an within red meat up system out of to remove budge and plywood that would meet the general structural requirements from the permitting workplace this required mountainous headers over these tremendous by folding doorways we had been figuring this out as we went along and we knew that the doorways and windows might per chance per chance per chance be the trickiest parts so we had been made sure to body spherical these and internet that every body set relative to the drawings ahead of filling within the general wall spaces around them while you maintain the principle structural aspects in situation the use of a nail gun to add in two by fours isn’t too laborious on many of the initiatives that I had been enthusiastic with the header is valid now over the door itself but in this case the header must be tied in to the square steel tube that runs along the upper dimension of the container and so subsequently we needed to push the header up after which body out under it the motive of the header is to present red meat up over tremendous doorways or windows you don’t need deflection down on to these frames which neither motive them to interrupt or it could per chance per chance per chance per chance also develop them very tough to initiate the body we used to be going slightly snappily but nothing used to be in point of fact tied into the container but with the exception of for the 2×4 that runs along the underside of the wall that used to be connected to the plywood that’s fragment of the container ground the stretches of walls that don’t maintain doorways in windows or plumbing parts went loads faster on myth of we would also panel eyes and model the walls and sections initiate air we would also then jog these into the container after which shoot nails down by this bottom 2×4 or sill plate and into the plywood deck below now I’ve had rather a spread of of us search data from why any form of extra structure is wished I mean aren’t these steel boxes shouldn’t they be solid ample by themselves the advise isn’t that these boxes aren’t solid ample it’s the assign they internet their energy and it’s from these continuous corrugated panels that energy is compromised when we slash into them though we’re reinforcing the assign we slash but the more crucial advise is that this steel is uncovered to the initiate air and it’s greatest about 1/8 of an budge thick when you’re relying on exterior steel that’s reasonably thin for the structural red meat up of the building if any individual doesn’t preserve the paint and it starts to rust out the general building might per chance per chance also fall down you don’t in point of fact favor buildings that can maintain structural failures factual due to owner neglect basically the most anxious fragment of the framing used to be attaching the walls to the steel containers we nailed these galvanized steel brackets to a 2×4 after which nail this on top of the walls to get a double top plate after which pressure self-tapping screws by the holes within the brackets and into the square steel tube that runs along the highest of the container now striking this many self-tapping screws into steel isn’t stress-free and this took a minute our walls are taller than 8 toes and we’re gonna maintain to add plywood sheathing so we added an additional items of 2×4 in between the studs so we’d maintain a ground for nailing on the plywood the ceiling will seemingly be supported by two by fours on joist hangers we didn’t nail into two by fours but on myth of we quiet maintain to add insulation and sprinkler programs and other things but we factual slash them and set them in situation for now so as to recap now we maintain a two by four on the underside vertical two by fours with stiffeners some extra items for attaching the plywood and at last drywall hangers to red meat up the two by force that will red meat up the ceiling a double top plate with brackets connected to the container another tough structural requirement used to be that we needed to tie down a pair of of the shear walls to the inspiration now we maintain to maintain a steel rod developing from the concrete now we can internet in there undoubtedly one of two ways we can both solid it in situation and use a coupling nut or we can drill a gap and epoxy it in there but in both case it has to come up by the container by a top plate the assign this galvanized steel bracket might per chance even be bolted to it after which that bracket might per chance even be connected to a four by six or four by four submit so Tony wrestled with that but we didn’t must lock the submit in situation till we knew how the window set up would recede after cleaning the general welds with wire brush after which sprayed a pair of coats of rusty steel primer over the welds the uncovered steel that I brushed away on the container and the frames themselves we ran a heavy B decock around the within the body after which press the window into situation the nailing flange on the window goes lawful up in opposition to the within the body after which we drove self tapping screws by the flange and into the steel body now this wouldn’t be an in point of fact helpful building detail within the leisure but a dry climate love this on myth of you in point of fact maintain to depend on the silicone caulk from the initiate air between the window unit and the steel body to be your rain protection with the window in situation Tony then felt delighted including within the submit so right here’s how the general aiming for this cease wall seems to be to be now we maintain a steel rod going into the inspiration that attaches to a bracket that connects to a submit which is tied into the leisure of the 2×4 framing I imply drilling holes within the use of anchoring epoxy to fix two steel rods into the concrete it’s methodology more straightforward than searching for to solid them in perfectly now probabilities are you’ll per chance per chance honest maintain seen that the fragment of the bottom that the steel rod went by used to be steel and that’s on myth of this is fragment of the container the assign forklifts can come in to know up the container from the cease probabilities are you’ll per chance per chance honest look for that our building particulars are loads of at some level of the challenge and that’s on myth of we had been discovering out as we went the frames I made out a tube steel for the most important set of doorways and windows work factual handsome but I realized that it used to be very tough to preserve them perfectly in situation and it used to be a extraordinarily unforgiving detail the assign you needed to slash the window gap finest so for the next set of doorways he earlier sort angle steel to develop the frames this methodology I’d maintain a flange that will also favor on the opening within the container which might per chance per chance seemingly develop it more straightforward for clamping getting it straight and it could per chance per chance per chance per chance give us rather of little bit of a overlapping connection the assign we would also caulk it from all sides I earlier sort an angle grinder to notch out the ends of these items of angle steel so it did fit collectively and maintain a fine flat flange these frames are going to enhance the openings for the swinging entry doorways [Applause] welded the corners added a non permanent red meat up share after which flip the body over and welded from the different aspect the 20-foot container which goes to condominium the guest mattress room has two swinging doorways which might per chance per chance per chance be parallel to every other that’s going to get opportunities for cross ventilation my buddy Eric used to be visiting so we had ourselves a dueling angle grinder arena Eric is a extraordinarily proficient steel employee and develop sure to examine out his work I’ll set a link to his Instagram within the outline box below I feel love it’s miles a considerably better methodology to body the doorways and windows not greatest does the flange favor effectively on the corrugation it no doubt presents you a extraordinarily easy magnificent from the initiate air as effectively you furthermore internet two loads of areas to weld the body to the corrugated steel on the initiate air you weld lawful along the opening but on the within you’re welding the perimeter of the flange to the bottom of the corrugated steel it’s furthermore fine on myth of it presents us to seems to be to call one on the within and one on the initiate air I’ll ticket operate drawings of the assorted window framing particulars subsequent week as I ticket how I achieved trimming out the general windows and doorways and furthermore within the next episode of the stylish dwelling challenge will ticket how we did the insulation set up the doorways and windows and originate having rather of little bit of stress-free along the methodology develop sure to examine out the most important episode and don’t omit to subscribe and set off notifications you oh yeah and our original internet pages examine it out we’ll quiet be including more data as we recede but it absolutely’s rate taking a glimpse now

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