Building a Starting up Container Home | EP03 Doors, Home windows, and Insulation

In episode 3 we can disclose how we installed doorways, dwelling windows, and insulation in a shipping container dwelling. We experimented with diverse ways of reinforcing the openings we carve again in the corrugated metal of the shipping containers and disclose how impacted the installation of the doorways and super pieces to cowl gaps between the door frames and the containers. The superstar of this episode is the pair of JELD-WEN Bi-folding doorways that we installed parallel to each diverse.

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howdy I’m Ben and right here is the home I built out of shipping containers now I’ve been drawn to shipping container structure for fairly some time but I had a extremely laborious time finding gorgeous recordsdata about safe building permits or how valuable would it not impress nicely we did the evaluation we documented everything that we did and now we’re so excited to share with you what we learned so strive it out right here is episode 3 where we’ll install the doorways dwelling windows and insulation one in every of my favorite originate capabilities is this pair of jeld-wen by folding doorways that we installed parallel to each diverse total we tried to assist the amount of glass at a minimal since that provides impress and wherever we add glass we must carve again away one of the dear container but we did splurge on this one dramatic 2d that enables the inside and initiating air of the dwelling to merge together so once we left off in episode 2 we had salubrious been putting in these metal frames for the openings for these suited doorways I must originate somewhat more visual separation between these doorways and the corrugated metal so I welded some one-eighth of an lag thick plate metal to the tube metal frame I did this on the south side and even supposing the incentive became basically stunning to originate some visual relief this would provide somewhat little bit of passive photo voltaic shading as nicely we lifted the extinguish share into purpose so as that we would possibly perchance safe a real impress for the length and then carve again it and welded it into purpose we carve again the side pieces at a slight attitude so as that after we welded ultimately share it is some distance also sloped to shed water now in most cases in the ambiance admire this I would install valuable longer overhangs but I’ll designate my thinking for these shorter ones in the originate notes at the pause of this episode these jeld-wen by folding doorways got right here unassembled which made them more straightforward to ship sooner than assembling the frames we had already installed some strips of 1-lag thick wooden that we can space the door frames on we’ve moved the frame into contrivance take a look at to be definite it became stage and then screwed during the frame and into the woods surrounding it we added shims where wanted and were careful not to over power the screws and bend or tweak the frame I am hoping host the stout specs for these doorways on the stylish dwelling mission net page once the frame became earn we would possibly perchance stall the door panels one at a time now I love by folding doorways attributable to they originate such visual drama attributable to you’d initiating them the complete formulation up they’ll even be on the other hand somewhat bit more finicky and tough to purpose thence a sliding glass doorways as with most issues in lifestyles there’s a trade-off but with this mission we determined to switch with the visual drama surely capitalize on the peek since this became going to be basically weak as a vacation home now there became some gaps between the metal frame that we welded in and the frame for the doorways we use fire resistant spray foam insulation to procure in these gaps we’re gonna cowl these foam filled gaps with attitude metal and flat bar we sprayed two pieces first with rusty metal primer and then welded them in purpose we use this share of attitude metal to veil the wooden beneath the door frame and then welded these surely thin half of-lag pieces of attitude share to the tube metal frame and that salubrious lined up those gaps spherical the edges we weak a share of flat bar the the gap along the extinguish the sparks and splatter from the welding can shatter the window so be definite you give protection to them we were priming the backside of these pieces of metal super with rusty metal primer we had just a few folks recommend that we needs to be using a weld through primer but then we additionally heard that these aren’t that sizable so enable us to know your belief in the comment share beneath the comfort of the doorways are all swing doorways that procure glass panels in them these are additionally from gelled hwon once again is salubrious about getting them fine and stage using shims to stabilize it and then screwing during the door frames and into the wooden spherical it every door in this dwelling is technically a patio door and has glass in it I salubrious figured if I became going to use the time to carve again a gap I would as nicely be letting some gentle in we weak just a few diverse styles of sizable stuff spray foam insulation for this home the reason we weak a hearth blockading foam on the initiating air gaps is so as that it wouldn’t resolve on fire once we welded on the metal super to cowl it wallows ready for the froth to magnify I trimmed the shims using a multi-instrument Tony had weak a 2×8 beneath this door which became whiter than we wanted so I drill the gap and then trimmed it with my jigsaw I’m gonna race a share of attitude metal over the wooden but below the door sill and I weak a chisel salubrious to shave the wooden down somewhat bit so it would possibly perchance perchance most likely perchance fit I neat of the metal and then welded it in purpose the froth had expanded but there became still just a few gaps so I salubrious went in but but every other time to procure those in I earn that it’s more straightforward to prevent it in a pair of passes than to use a peruse at to overspray and then must neat up all that mess once the froth had fully cured I took a knife and trimmed it flush to the doorframe now I will weld in a share of attitude share that can cowl that gap pause a share of flat bar at the extinguish there’s still one other window to prevent and we did this the identical as before salubrious making use of some caulk on the inside of the metal frame and then securing the window during the nailing flange with self-tapping screws if I became to prevent this again I articulate I would procure installed the dwelling windows from the initiating air and then created a 2d super share to cowl the nailing flanges with the window secured we then added an extra two by fours spherical it and then screwed during the window and into that wooden now for the inside gaps spherical the dwelling windows and doorways we weak a window and door sizable stuff this version is formulated so as that won’t over magnify and Bend the window and door frames we additionally took traditional sizable stuff and started foaming spherical the complete framing we surely excited about the sick traditional nooks and crannies there would be tough to procure with rigid insulation this spray foam helps to seal up the complete small gaps in the reach which will vastly carve again our air infiltration and toughen the energy performance we additionally started the electrical Ruffins which fervent putting in the complete electrical boxes and running the wires right here is the final chance to stroll during the complete home and surely be definite you can have the complete switches and outlets precisely where that you can like them designed admire this I would specify spray foam insulation but since we want to prevent it ourselves we chose to use rigid insulation which is straightforward to carve again with a field cutter we’re going to use a combination of two-lag thick one lag thick and 1/2 lag thick rigid insulation to procure in the gaps in between the 2 by fours for the ceilings we started with pieces of two-lag thick insulation which we place on top of the double sill plate and they also more or less fit nicely up there later we taped in between the appears to seal each layer now no person on this team had ever built a shipping container home before so we were positively finding out as we went and one in every of the issues we admire to prevent became to manufacture a head on one small space of the home this intention we would possibly perchance more or less take a look at out our building programs conception how everything would form of scoot together and then kind better suggested selections as we applied it over the broad majority of the reach so we insulated this one pause wall and then sheath it with half of lag thick OSB in a while we’d switch to plywood attributable to it has somewhat bit less formal dehyde than the OSB now one of the dear supreme gaps are between the corners of the metal containers and the wooden framing and right here’s where I made it precise suited mess with spray foam insulation I became going spherical salubrious sealing up the complete nooks and crannies and I kept attempting to spray more foam into that suited corner gap I would spray some in switch spherical to diverse areas and then reach again and spray somewhat bit more in and then it started spreading and getting more or less uncontrolled Jesse got right here in to originate measuring and slicing the insulation panels and whenever you have your eye on the pile you’ll salubrious conception it have rising and rising and rising now a different of issues went incorrect first we salubrious sprayed in too valuable too instant additionally the air out right here in the wasteland is awfully dry and spray foam cure is somewhat bit better if there’s somewhat little bit of moisture so so we learned it making use of somewhat little bit of water with a spray bottle helps the spray foam magnify and procure out these larger gaps to repair this we additionally took a bunch of scraps of rigid insulation and stuff them into the gaps first this intention there is somewhat little bit of setting up for the froth to switch spherical and dangle on to there you scoot all filled up we’d race in the first share of insulation follow somewhat little bit of spray foam spherical the edges and then add in the extra pieces we filled in the complete gaps and then sprayed spherical the complete electrical boxes as nicely now we procure procure already bought some insulation in between the metal floor joists but we resolve a layer of continuing insulation on top of it so we’re gonna follow these subfloor insulated panels these are a extremely cold product which is likely to be veritably weak for remodeling basements and it’s salubrious a layer of OSB laminated to foam they carve again effortlessly with a spherical saw and then you’d salubrious glue them down to the floor using liquid nails subfloor adhesive for the pieces spherical the door we trimmed salubrious the OSB phase of the panel so as that the phone became race gorgeous beneath the doorways threshold I esteem the machine the 2 foot by four foot panels were surely straightforward to handle and the complete installation went surely presently now we ran out of these panels for the third container so we determined to reach up with formulation to prevent it so after we screwed the plywood floor panels scoot into reverse we nailed in two by fours on the flat side every 16 inches on middle we then filled in these gaps with pieces of 1 and a half of lag thick foam and then nail down plywood on top of that now in frequent my strategy for this mission became is to use my hired labor to prevent the more mature parts admire the 2×4 framing making use of the plywood and insulating nicely I excited about the metal work and I articulate the strategy form of makes sense attributable to in most areas it’s more straightforward to earn fairly priced framing labor than it is to earn fairly priced metal workers that procure welding experience I must kind a thin plate metal frame to switch spherical one in every of the mattress room dwelling windows so I carve again and welded pieces of plate metal together but I became careful to be definite that there became somewhat of a taper on the extinguish and backside panels this intention water that lands on it will drain gorgeous off the threshold I prepped the tube metal frame and then welded on a share of attitude metal that can attend as a ledge to strengthen this suited super share I weak magnets to assist the share of attitude metal stage and then welded it to the tube metal frame the complete welding that I did on this mission became carried out with my Forney three-in-one welder I will’t recommend this machine highly enough it’s cheaply priced highly fantastic and extremely versatile we lifted the super share into purpose and then welded it to the tube metal we still didn’t procure energy to the positioning at this level so all this welding needed to be carried out with a generator we use this Rio B generator energy the complete heavy-responsibility instruments and the welding and then we weak our purpose zero machine to assist all of the batteries charged for all of our handheld energy instruments it became an efficient combination attributable to it allowed us to assist the noise down when all we wanted to prevent became charge batteries but then still procure the energy once we wanted it shipping containers procure holes so as that they’ll even be picked up with forklifts so I carve again some pieces of eighth lag plate metal Prime the again of them and then welded them into purpose the plumbers carve again some notches into this backside beam in disclose to suit in one of the dear elbow pieces for his or her drain pipes so I salubrious took one of the dear extra corrugated metal and carve again patches for those there are some surely suited openings at the ends of the 40-foot container so again I carve again long strips of eighth lag plate metal and I welded on two small pieces of attitude metal so it procure something to clip my welding floor on to the structural engineer required half of-lag drinking on the complete inside walls so while I became patching up the metal the comfort of the guys started slicing and nailing in the complete plywood now this does appear admire overkill to me but I’m not an engineer and I couldn’t earn an engineer that can signal off on it with out specifying this model of sheathing the gorgeous news is is that it’ll be surely straightforward to dangle photos in this home since there’ll likely be plywood gorgeous beneath the drywall in most cases this model of sheathing is applied on the initiating air edge of the complete two by fours but attributable to we started with a total container that will were somewhat bit tough in our teach all unusual homes will deserve to procure sprinkler programs in them for fire suppression so we needed to attend for a specialty installer to reach and install all these pipes before including extra insulation spherical them we installed one other layer of insulation over those pipes with salubrious the sprinkler heads sticking through now there are fairly just a few projects you’d stop yourself to do cash but I highly recommend hiring experts to follow gypsum board an skilled crew is so instant at it and they also’re gonna stop a substantial better job at muddying taping and sanding than I would possibly perchance not handiest would I be struggling bodily with the dexterity for every one in every of these steps I’d be overthinking each course of as nicely this crew became ready to prevent the complete home in salubrious two days they screwed on the panel’s mudded and taped the seams place super on the complete corners and then did a stout soar coat over the extinguish the soar coat is undoubtedly something I wouldn’t procure attempted as a DIY mission attributable to whenever you aren’t ready to follow it perfectly flat you’re gonna exhaust many of of time sanding howdy in this version of originate those we’re gonna scoot over what I learned about reinforcing openings in shipping containers we’re gonna take a look at out the insulation particulars and we’re gonna focus on somewhat bit about passive photo voltaic overhangs let’s originate with why I articulate attitude metal is a bigger possibility for reinforcing openings than tube metal the width of the corrugation on a shipping container is spirited large and that makes it somewhat bit tough to safe supreme cutouts even after I went fine and unhurried I once presently had gaps ranging between an eighth of an lag and a quarter of an lag it’s additionally very tough to assist them in the gorgeous contrivance whilst you’re making ready to weld them attributable to there’s nothing for the tube metal frame to leisure against the corners of tube metal procure a radius to them so even whenever you carve again the openings supreme that radius will slope faraway from the corrugated metal that you’re attempting to weld it to 1 other enviornment that’s totally fair for this climate but isn’t very supreme over all there isn’t any overlap and that methodology we’re relying lots salubrious on the sealant with the attitude metal we procure three inches of overlap so although the seal and failed it is some distance also laborious for wind-driven rain to safe up past that flange that flange additionally makes the installation course of lots more straightforward attributable to it supplies you a determined stop where you’d push the frame the complete formulation up against the corrugation and even whenever you carve again the gap somewhat bit too suited you’re still gonna procure these styles of determined stop components to weld to metal together the gaps between the corrugation and the flange on the frame would possibly even be stuffed with closed cell spray foam I additionally articulate the attitude metal salubrious creates a bigger searching frame from the exterior all gorgeous let’s switch on to insulation for the walls we were ready to safe between three and three and a half of inches of insulation which will get us to about our 19 to 21 for the floor we hit our 46 but consider the broad majority of that has metal going through it so it’s not going to be as fantastic as the continual insulation for the roof we hit a total of our 48 and 26 of that is continuous the floor of the container got right here with this surely thick plywood there our metal beams beneath it and in there we salubrious filled in with fairly just a few rigid insulation mice and diverse critters veritably admire to burrow rigid insulation so we made definite to seal along the backside side metal rail with some quikrete precision grout above the plywood is where we safe our fine continuous insulation using the OSB insulated panels the sill plate finally ends up beneath this panels so we added some quick pieces of 2×4 in between the studs salubrious to provide us somewhat bit more enviornment subject to nail and screw the plywood and gypsum board to for the roof insulation it’s all about working spherical the structural connections the first continuous layer of two-lag insulation sits on top of the double 2×4 top plate and will get pushed gorgeous up against a two-lag tube metal we use two by fours on joist hangers for the ceiling and became ready to safe one other continuous layer of two-lag insulation gorgeous above them we shoved an extra insulation in between the 2 by 4 ceiling joists but some of this needed to be carve again out to kind room for fire sprinklers and the ceiling lights passive photo voltaic originate is all about working out how Solar angles work and designing a building so as that you let more Solar in when it’s too cold and have the Solar out when it’s too warmth right here is in most cases carried out with overhangs above any dwelling windows or doorways on the south side of a building the Solar will likely be at a steeper attitude all the intention during the summer and then it’ll drop to somewhat bit decrease in the winter so you’d size overhangs to assist the Solar out all the intention during the unusual summer months but still let it in to warmth up the home in the winter in most cases I would resolve out the length for these overhangs from a chart of most fantastic practices or if we wanted to safe surely real admire I did with my structure company we’d surely fabricate a stout energy mannequin to if truth be told simulate how the building goes to work but in each instances you’re taking in fairly just a few assumptions and with this mission since I’m surely going so as to live in it and measure it I superb to switch somewhat bit more conservative onto overhangs to initiating with and then surely and measure and conception how nicely they’re working and handiest add somewhat bit more as wanted it’s a extremely cold different to originate in precise time and constantly toughen the building and I’m natty focused on measuring these items and tweaking and adjusting them now clearly the Solar angles are going to be diverse in diverse parts of the enviornment right here is a handy chart that I created with one in every of my outdated designed firms they more or less separates it precise into just a few frequent groups and then supplies you surely gorgeous solutions of thumb for sizing your procure passive photo voltaic overhangs I’ll put up this chart on the stylish dwelling mission net page thanks for searching at episode 3 we’re still working on episode 4 we’ll deserve to procure it for you presently I do know you’ve been you’ve all been ready and we indulge in that in episode 4 we’re going to cowl the HVAC programs and one of the dear more than just a few technical components of the dwelling so extinguish tuned and be definite you hit that subscribe button whenever you haven’t already thanks bye

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