Constructing a Transport Container Dwelling | EP05 Connecting to Electricity and Water

On this episode of Constructing a Transport Container Dwelling I will birth by going over to join a transport container to water and electrical energy. I may well maybe also describe how I added mechanical programs to warmth and frigid the transport containers with mini destroy up ductless warmth pumps.

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Right here’s going to be a technical episode covering some dumb however genuinely well-known matters:

The suitable blueprint to transform raw land to dwelling with utilities
I looked at a lot of various properties on Zillow and received frustrated however the lack of blueprint equipped about utility hook ups. I came all the blueprint in which via that getting the APN# and reaching out straight to the suppliers was as soon as the quickest methodology to get stable answers.

An outline of the electrical programs
I went all electrical for the entire lot at the side of cooking, heating, cooling, and hot water. Gas programs will even be genuinely ambiance friendly however that entails putting in various infrastructure and I enjoy having the total ability one system.

How I connected the transport containers to the electrical grid
We connected the dwelling to electrical pole that was as soon as about 70 toes far off from the dwelling.

Why I went grid tied in area of off grid
I outdated a battery backup system from Goal Zero. They’re not a sponsor, however I esteem how easy and versatile their merchandise are.

An outline of plumbing programs
We outdated an Electrical Tankless Water Heater by Rheem and it has been gargantuan!

Rheem Efficiency 27 kw Self-Modulating 5.3 GPM Electrical Tankless Water Heater

Heating and air con installation
I outdated the Dwelling Companies and products workers from Dwelling Depot to get and install Mitsubishi mini destroy up ductless warmth pumps. Right here’s a hyperlink to their area however I indicate calling 1-800 HOME DEPOT to get a free in dwelling session. and products/
In some unspecified time in the future of the free in-dwelling session, their experts will present just a few alternate choices in step with your consolation and effectivity priorities in addition to your finances. Minisplit fashions can birth as low as $3,000-6,000 for a single head, which is ready to usually warmth and frigid a little dwelling the scale of a transport container.

Listed below are the parts of the system we installed:

1ea. MSZ-GL09NA & 1ea. MSZ-GLO6NA


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Link to my electric motorbike / motorbike

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hi I’m Ben and right here is the dwelling I constructed out of transport containers now I’ve been attracted to pass container structure for rather some time however I had a terribly laborious time finding correct files about the friendly blueprint to get constructing permits or how a lot would it fee successfully we did the examine we documented the entire lot that we did and now we’re so excited to share with you what we learned so are attempting it out all correct so this episode is gonna be pretty bit on the technical facet we’re gonna duvet the total form of utilities plumbing HVAC concerns that scramble into atmosphere up a container dwelling so we’re gonna birth with the friendly blueprint to pass from raw land to a house with utilities from there we enact an outline of the electrical system I’m going to squawk you methods I connected this container dwelling to the utility grid I’ll give pretty little bit of perception into my thinking for why I chose to be connected to the grid with a battery backup in desire to going the total methodology off the grid I’ll scramble over the plumbing programs and the blueprint in which we connected the dwelling to water and describe you the heating and cooling programs that we installed on this dwelling all correct to begin the friendly blueprint to pass from raw land to a house with utilities now one of the advanced aspects of shopping raw land is figuring out whether or not or not it’s going to maintain get correct of entry to to municipal electrical energy and water I looked at a entire bunch of various plenty at zeroes I talked to the many real property brokers and I by no blueprint genuinely received clear answers from the actual property of us they unquestionably don’t know and then ones accurate the element oh yeah you would drill a successfully or that that you may well well maybe maybe also enact solar it’s loads extra refined than that these items are legitimate alternate choices however genuinely costly they generally’re not guaranteed so for instance that that you may well well maybe maybe also hear oh that that you may well well maybe maybe also drill a successfully however there may well maybe well maybe not genuinely be water below your bid fragment of land that was as soon as a challenge I without be aware met with the septic is that oh you would enact this however if that is the case that bid fragment of land proved to maintain a lot of concerns and it wasn’t as easy because the actual property brokers were telling me so the good element that I came all the blueprint in which via is to pass correct to the local utility suppliers and my model is Joshua Basin Water District they’ve a terribly gargantuan blueprint on their online web squawk this presentations you the total areas that they duvet so you would genuinely set in your APN number for your bid fragment of property that you’re taking a note at they generally’ll repeat you whether or not or not it will even be connected to their water so don’t deem the observe from somebody is de facto attempting to sell the land and makes their money off of that deal scramble correct to the suppliers uncover for them you scramble past gap it’s roughly a anguish however accurate get that done and also you’ll maintain better files so the land that I purchased the actual property agent said they didn’t learn about electrical energy of water however I looked at genuinely the satellite views of that lot on Google Maps and I’m able to notice that there may well be electrical poles running correct alongside and that gave me a correct price did that maintain get correct of entry to to electrical energy and them from there I called Southern California Edison which is our utility supplier they generally confirmed that they’d be ready to get service though I’d maintain to pay for a brand new transformer to be installed on the pole advance me now connecting to utilities isn’t free I needed to pay a price to the Joshua basement Water District for a brand new water meter I needed to pay for excavation to essentially lumber the pipes from their meter to the dwelling and then to pay for various security facets enjoy a backflow protection instrument and things enjoy that they’re going to genuinely be particular that my house is working successfully with their system so these were all charges because the homeowner that I needed to pick out on for the electrical energy needed to pay for a transformer to be installed on the pole now due to that transformer added weight I also needed to pay for excavation and for them to add an additional crimson meat up cable to comprise the pole extra sturdy and to pay for the excavation from the pole to the dwelling and the wire and conduit that goes into there and naturally for the installation of electrical panel and the total things that scramble at the side of that so though I spent nearly as a lot money accurate connecting the dwelling to electrical energy and water as I paid for the land itself all correct so now let’s scramble to an outline of the electrical programs and the blueprint in which we connected the container dwelling to the utility grid we located the dwelling about 70 toes from the nearest utility pole the meter and considerable breaker panel will doubtless be located on the facet closest to the pole the total wiring for the interiors will reach off of that considerable breaker panel and the many containers will doubtless be connected via underground conduit we installed a battery backup system that may well maybe well present electrical energy if the flexibility goes out this vogue may well maybe also attend as storage for the solar panels so now let’s scramble over the strategy of how we connected the dwelling to the electrical grid connecting to the electrical grid is done by running a wire underground via some conduit from the pole to the electrical Mead and considerable breaker panel the utility company wanted a straight lumber between the electrical meter and the pole right here is for the reason that wire they’re gonna pull via the conduit is de facto thick and having a entire bunch turns within the conduit can comprise it refined the conduit desires to be about four toes underground and we need accurate a single correct perspective flip to flip up from this trench and into the bottom of the electrical meter now the challenge with right here is is that the concrete foundation sticks out past the sting of a transport container so we’re going to dig down into the dirt and then lower a cleave into the concrete so as that we’re going to have the option to get this correct perspective flip that’s flush up in opposition to the facet of the container Marko outdated a huge concrete saw to comprise some slices correct into the muse and then from there he switched to a jackhammer to change into independent from the objects now he may well maybe well maybe also maintain cast the conduit correct into the sting of the muse slab however we hadn’t had of mission to substantiate but with the utility company precisely where they wanted electrical panel however cutting this notch into concrete went faster than I anticipated so it all labored out the electrical panel within reason heavy so Tony lower some objects of 2×4 that may well maybe well maybe allow the box to leisure at the friendly high whereas he drove in self tapping screws [Music] with the electrical panel in area it was as soon as now time to dig the ditch the electric company gave us genuinely bid specifications about the depth of the ditch the very fact that it wanted to be lined with sand and that the conduit Speed wanted to be straight excluding for the friendly perspective flip up into the electrical panel all this took about two days however not at as soon as we were ready to get the conduit flip correct up cushty in opposition to the container we filled within the dwelling all the blueprint in which via the conduit with quikrete snappy-atmosphere cement right here’s a pre-blended cement that comes in 10-pound tubs later we had two additional conduit runs one is for the battery backup system and the opposite one is to energy the septic pump the comfort of the electrical installation went without concerns installed stores lights and ran wires in step with the electrical blueprint an electrical blueprint is an architectural story that is outdated to repeat the constructing workers where to area the total electrical parts at the same time as you happen to’re the exercise of an architect to set out a constructing mission right here’s a well-known web squawk to review at the same time as you happen to’re genuinely bid about where you take care of to maintain to fee all of your electrical devices we also ran wires via underground conduit to join the containers to 1 another I welded up some objects of steel sq. tube to comprise covers to present protection to those objects of conduit connecting to the electrical grid was as soon as a lot of labor and it fee a beautiful amount of cash so a lot of of us maintain requested why didn’t I accurate scramble off the grid with solar so now I’m gonna scramble over why I went grid-tied in area of off the grid photovoltaic panels or solar panels are genuinely gargantuan there’s no transferring aspects they final a terribly long time and rather than accurate preserving mud off of them they’re nearly about repairs-free storing to energy they get for a totally off-grid house is the challenge now there’s a lot of battery alternate choices on the market in actuality I’m going to squawk you a possibility from goal zero that we exercise is a puny backup system in case the grid does scramble down however to unquestionably be fat day without work the grid it be well-known to depend upon that battery monetary institution for the entire lot and which blueprint it be a must to size it tall enough so it should address the worst climate that that that you may well well maybe maybe expect of every 10 to 20 years and so as that’s the inherent inefficiency is that it be a must to size the entire lot for the worst-case suppose however you’re paying for that infrastructure on a conventional basis so at the same time as you happen to’re going totally off the grid with all of your energy coming from solar you genuinely maintain to take care of shut in mind these anomalous climate actions and not accurate that you furthermore mght maintain to deem of when your set a question to or your utilization will doubtless be increased than fashioned at the same time as you happen to maintain houseguests over for the lope at the same time as you happen to size your system for the frequent day where it’s accurate you that that you may well well maybe maybe not maintain enough capacity to maintain a lot of site visitors in area and then at the same time as you happen to size your system for these abnormal scenarios over again you get this genuinely tall system then on an life like day you’re not genuinely the exercise of it to its fat capacity and all of this infrastructure both the solar panels and the batteries are costly so at the same time as you’re designing an off-the-grid dwelling you form of within the sticky suppose of enact by get in opposition to the frequent and be fee ambiance friendly or enact a get in opposition to the exception however then use some huge cash a grid-tied dwelling enables you to exercise the utility grid as a free battery so at the same time as you over get you sell assist to the grid and at the same time as you below get you draw from the grid so this permits you to take care of shut your energy storage extra minimal and accurate for emergencies and it genuinely enables you to get to the most well-liked eventualities that you’re genuinely dwelling in now at the same time as you happen to’re attracted to grid tight dwelling with net metering investigate cross-test the work of my structure company zero energy get grid-tied is what we recommend in most cases now what I did for this container house is pretty bit various I’m connected to the grid for all my electrical wants however I installed a puny goal zero backup battery system on this methodology if we maintain a energy outage I’m able to nonetheless energy just a few key circuits within the dwelling namely the refrigerator the Wi-Fi and lights and stuff enjoy that now one of the considerable explanations I went with this vogue is that it was as soon as big easy to put in which is what I’m going to squawk you already know so we’re right here this day and we’re putting in a brand new gold zero product right here’s a house energy system and what’s genuinely frigid about right here is that it should present a battery backup in case the grid goes down so there’s just a few considerable parts of the system we maintain the Yeti which is the brains of the problem and that’s a lithium battery then we maintain the the massive amount of storage that we’re going to have the option to get within the lead acid battery and then the final fragment is that transfer switch so if a anxiousness occurs we’re accurate a fashioned energy outage we’ll be ready to pass available let the transfer switch and be running off of that system however the cause I enjoy the goal 0 merchandise loads isn’t that they’re correct in an emergency is that they’re correct day after day you note your entire system is transportable and modular so I genuinely exercise this vogue for powering the huge majority of my constructing instruments at some stage on this construct nothing desires to be wired along with an electrician it’s all accurate creep and play and I genuinely maintain outdated it to fee the entire lot from my energy instruments to an electrical motorbike and we’ve friendly had one energy outage within the final 18 months so I’m not getting a lot of sign out of that so what I’ve been thinking of the friendly blueprint to pick out profit of this vogue on a extra traditional basis is I’m gonna exercise it to fee my electric motorbike and the huge majority of my energy instruments that are battery-powered this methodology I’m able to put in three puny 100 watt solar panels on the roof creep that correct into the goal zero and that methodology I genuinely maintain pretty self-contained system that I’m able to exercise for these additional electrical wants and that methodology I’m getting sign each outing of the goal zero system in addition to to having a B they’re advantageous and willing if the utility grid goes down so right here’s a in point of fact high level clarification you would scramble a lot deeper into this subject and there’s all kinds of frigid methods you would mannequin out programs and genuinely settle whether or not work specs for you however I’m hoping my transient clarification was as soon as pretty bit clarifying hooking the dwelling as a lot as water was as soon as loads much less refined than electrical energy as soon as the water meter was as soon as installed we accurate needed to lumber pipes underground and then enter the container at two various facets we’re gonna maintain a single on-set a question to electric hot water heater service your entire property so then we needed to lumber hot water traces assist from the heater to the opposite container from there it’s accurate about running cool and warm water traces to the total correct plumbing fixtures for the underground pipes that are bringing water to the dwelling we exercise PVC I’m genuinely not certain what my excavator and plumbers were thinking and why they didn’t scramble in a straight line however it unquestionably nonetheless labored after we received shut to the surface we switched to copper installed a shutoff valve and then the pipe goes up correct into a tee that goes to a hose bib on one facet and into the containers on the opposite I’ve soldered copper sooner than and it’s pretty bit worthy and due to right here is all going to be interior the partitions and I don’t need any leaks I left the total pipes sweating to the experts the plumbers genuinely started on the Ruffins sooner than we even started unto framing and then they got right here assist periodically as we framed out the partitions that may well maybe well maybe crimson meat up the showerheads the offers for the laundry machines and the brand new water heater the assist quit of this 20-foot container goes to be outdated as a laundry and mechanical dwelling after putting up sheetrock we installed a Rheem on-set a question to hot water heater and it’s been impossible I used to be as soon as pretty alive to initially because of the distance however it unquestionably all works genuinely successfully and we received a lot of hot water and now let’s discuss Heating and Cooling we’re gonna exercise mini destroy up ductless warmth pumps to both warmth and frigid the dwelling there are two valuable parts to the system the inaugurate air fragment is named a condenser it is miles a fan and condenser coils that both extract warmth from the constructing or add it assist into it right here is done via tubes stuffed with working fluid and no air is de facto blown into or out of the constructing the interior unit is named the air handler and that uses the working fluid to both blow hot or frigid air just a few air handlers will even be connected to a single condenser within the dear unit I genuinely maintain two air handlers one within the lounge one within the bedroom they generally’re connected to a single condenser the visitor room has a single ceiling mounted air handler and the much less usually outdated office and storage dwelling has two wall-mounted air handlers and all three of these air handlers are connected to a single condenser having two containers on a single condenser and comprise digging a trench and running the traces with the working fluid underground the get of the system and the installation was as soon as all handled by Dwelling Depot’s Dwelling Companies and products workers they ship the workers out first to measure the spaces and obtain a correct area to put in them and also to investigate cross-test the amount of insulation that we’re the exercise of so they may well maybe also wisely pick out parts that may well maybe well maybe work for this dwelling the installation workers labored genuinely snappy and was as soon as ready to put in your entire setup for your entire property in accurate in the end the good element that has to pass via the wall from the interior to the inaugurate air are some electrical wires a hose to do away with condensation and some thin copper tubes that are insulated for the working fluid mini splits haven’t any ducts so they steer far off from energy losses linked to the duct works that central forced air programs maintain duct losses can account for bigger than 30% of energy consumption for dwelling conditioning especially at the ducts are in an unconditioned dwelling akin to an attic I desired to exercise them for the container dwelling though due to they don’t take in a lot of dwelling they generally give you a expedient different of get flexibility I didn’t must lower via extra steel joist or lower the ceiling so as that I’d comprise room for the ducts then Staller hit the total traces and cables interior this advantageous housing we exercise the channel at the bottom of the container to tuck away the dwelling of traces that lumber to the 2nd air handler these mini splits reach with a far flung take care of shut an eye on that enables you to raise and lower the temperature they generally’ve a diversity of different settings as successfully however we genuinely desired to pick out this up a notch so we installed these eco be neat thermostats which give us all kinds of gargantuan take care of shut an eye on alternate choices I’ll set a hyperlink to those and the opposite programs that we outdated within the outline box below I esteem the efficiency of the mini splits and the wall-mounted fashions don’t genuinely pains me however some of us obtain them pretty bit visually obvious so what we idea would be frigid is that for the smaller 20-foot container if we test it out this mark-new offering from Mitsubishi and that is a ceiling mounted air handler now that entails dropping down the ceiling then we accurate did that with some two by fours and plywood and I wouldn’t must enact this for your entire 40-foot container due to that’s genuinely gonna be dwelling dwelling however right here the good dwelling that I’m genuinely gonna must lower the ceiling is correct over the bed and that’s gonna comprise it this genuinely advantageous cozy nook so I took the disadvantages of this vogue and then turned them into an architectural feature I highly indicate mini-destroy up ductless programs for reworking or for puny homes that you’re constructing from scratch not friendly did I exercise them right here in Joshua Tree I outdated a identical Mitsubishi system in my Boston loft as successfully you would request a free session by calling 1-800 Dwelling Depot and their experts will present just a few alternate choices that are correct for your house and that local climate that you’re in now you wouldn’t desire a frigid or warm air coming correct down on high of the bed however don’t difficulty this air hammer genuinely shoots the air out at an perspective so it’s genuinely going past it so at the same time as you happen to’re into bed you gained’t get hit straight by the airflow so I know that was as soon as a lot of technical files within the following couple of episodes we’re gonna get assist to form of ending the inaugurate air of the dwelling painting it and begin entering into the interior get as successfully sorry about the prolong on this video I’ve been genuinely busy with the opposite selfmade well-liked stuff and some other projects that I received going on however I desires to be wrapping up the comfort of this series all via the next two to 3 months at the same time as you happen to’re into architectural drawings for this mission I’ll maintain a hyperlink to where you would get these within the outline box below and I’m starting up to set together an inventory of the total incessantly requested questions and one of the considerable final videos that I’ll enact for this series is accurate a Q&A session where I battle via and answer all these incessantly requested questions so take care of shut them coming within the observation share alright that’s it for this episode thanks for staring at be travel you subscribe and flip on notifications I don’t maintain a conventional posting agenda so at the same time as you happen to take care of to maintain to know when a video goes dwell click on that notification button so you get a get notified I’m by no blueprint going to be spamming out this account the videos are going to reach whew far between so it’s pretty net to hit that Bell alright bye

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