Copperhead Boulevard Space house – A Field For Homesteaders, Preppers, Nature-Fans, & EVERYONE – JOIN US!

COPPERHEAD ROAD HOMESTEAD: A plight for preppers, homesteaders, nature-fans, other folks that like their households, and EVERYONE!

We are seeking to maintain a study sustainable agriculture in Western Kentucky with my wife, four formative years, fogeys, accomplice’s father, and a official pal. We maintain now pigs, goats, chickens, cattle, ducks, geese, peafowl, and more! We maintain now a protracted approach to head and would must maintain you ever on our plug with us!

Song: YouTube Audio Library, Arkansas Traveler by Nat Keefe & Sizzling Buttered Rum
hello and welcome to Copperhead Boulevard homestead we are so happy that you simply’re here must favor true a minute and direct you what we’re about on this channel we take care of vegetation we take care of animals and we take care of our family now we maintain cows now we maintain pigs now we maintain chickens now we maintain peafowl now we maintain all kinds of assorted critters and now we maintain quite lots of family here my mother and pa continue to exist this property with us and so does my accomplice’s father now we maintain four formative years we’re in Western Kentucky and we’d like to piece the things that we are studying and that we’ve learned and we favor you along on this plug with us so at any time after we present these videos we’re no longer presenting them as specialists we’re presenting them as participants who are studying alongside you and are looking out you to piece within the plug with us so as soon as you’re a homesteader or a prepper or any individual who loves their family or any individual who loves nature any individual who loves being delivery air and like seeing the sustainable agriculture the things that we’re seeking to attain here then this is at chance of be the channel for you and we invite you to come abet along with us we invite you to glimpse one of the significant things that we’re doing and we invite you to comment under on any of our videos we strive to reply to each comment so as soon as you’ll comment under as soon as you’ll apply us you ought to positively hit that notification bell and subscribe take care of these videos that’ll salvage more swear out to you and likewise you’ll be alerted to each time that something comes up [Music]

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