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Prepper Water / Easy straightforward recommendations to Purify and Disinfect Your Water:
Here is easy step-by-step directions on straightforward recommendations to:
Exercise pool shock to disinfect water for the length of SHTF.
Exercise bleach to disinfect water.

I even drink dirty lake water that I treated.

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[Music] of us in this day’s video I’m going to dispute you very straightforward step-by-step directions on the model it is seemingly you’ll per chance per chance instruct pool shock to disinfect water have to SH TS happen and I will also drink dirty lake water that’s been treated ethical after the channel intro undergo in thoughts it is seemingly you’ll per chance per chance likely likely be alternately accountable for preserving yourself and for offering for yourself are residing your life with honor and integrity and sometimes be the wolf owner don’t be the sheet and never be the wolf welcome to this community I’m a police officer and a keeper and an avid prepper and a mussel certified to educate firearms and the instruct of deadly power thru my train’s police but again once it is predominant to be taught factual prepping skills and not actual search for one more channel attempting to promote you the most modern jump prepping gear and once it is predominant to be taught straightforward recommendations to present yourself with protection and uncomplicated recommendations to retain yourself out of detention center have to it is a must to present yourself with protection then please subscribe to this channel ok so in my prepping gallop I needed extra than one ways so as to uncover water proper to drink have to shtf happen so I’ve acquired completely different water filters and purifiers love the Berkey and the Sawyer and I also offered some fashioned pool shock in account for so as to uncover bleach aka chlorine to you to disinfect water with now I even have seen a lot of YouTube videos talking about being ready to make instruct of pool shock to disinfect water but I don’t ponder I’ve ever truly seen a video the build they truly instruct it in this day’s video we’re going to create that now some of us could well per chance likely dispute that the usage of pool shock to disinfect water is not a ideal conception but even the Heart for Illness Defend watch over talks about the usage of unscented bleach to disinfect dirty water now to create this I acquired fashioned pool shock because it’s my conception that bleach aka chlorine because it’s in liquid invent has a shelf lifetime of about one three hundred and sixty five days sooner than it loses its effectiveness whereas the dry granulated pool shock has a extraordinarily long shelf life if saved accurately but I needed an replacement option of being ready to make instruct of home made bleach to disinfect my water because chlorine will abolish a lot of corrupt stuff such as algae and a lot of viruses and other issues that can uncover you unwell now with the usage of pull shock you wish the fashioned pull shock and that’s the giant pool shock giant pool shock will in general have algaecide in it and likewise you don’t desire any other active substances on your pool shock besides fashioned pool shocks predominant ingredient which is calcium hypochlorite and the the same goes for bleach once you’re not making your bleach out of toll shock but the usage of store-offered bleach to disinfect water you then need the unscented bleach you’re merely wanting the bleach to create its job and not putting perfumes within the water that you just’re attempting to disinfect and for the directions that I’m going to be the usage of for myself on this video you’ll desire your fashioned pool shock to be spherical 70 p.c calcium hypochlorite now on this video I’m going to be the usage of a 73 p.c calcium hypochlorite that I acquired from a local pool offer store on this Ultima tag TKO fashioned pool shock charges shut to $6 a earn but my personal belief is that actual science doesn’t truly subject right here once you save actual a slight too out of the ordinary on your water you then merely let it sit longer sooner than you drink it and maybe pour the water between two containers to support the extra chlorine rupture out your water even in my faucet water from my sink I’m capable of truly fluctuate a slight scent the chlorine that the native municipality makes instruct of to treat the water so I actual create mine within the kind of capability that I don’t scent the chlorine or the bleach at all I make a selection that if I’m capable of’t scent the water that I disinfected then it’s potentially extra free of chlorine than what my faucet water affords but it absolutely’s my conception that a single one-pound earn will disinfect 10,000 gallons of water which implies that an traditional field of 5 one-pound bags of outrage will disinfect fifty thousand gallons of water so once you’re love me then uncover yourself a pair of containers and that ought to offer you with ample to disinfect water for a family of three for shut to twenty years if my math is ethical and valid speedily sooner than bright on be distinct to test out my video on for the length of this pool shock for long-term these issues is de facto caustic and dreadful to store and likewise you actual can’t throw a field of it in along with your preps so rob into tale yourself warned ok so now since all of us know what pool shock is and what it would create for your water and storage points let’s uncover on to the directions of easy recommendations to flip the shock into bleach so that it is seemingly you’ll per chance per chance instruct it to disinfect water have to shtf happen first mix two level tablespoons of pull shock to a pair cups of water [Music] [Music] [Music] and now what it is seemingly you’ll per chance per chance have is even handed your not contemporary family bleach which is ready to even be broken-down for disinfecting and cleansing besides actual water medicine now once you’re going to be disinfecting actual one quart of water you’re actual going to desire so as to add two drops of the bleach that you just’ve made and once you’re going to be disinfecting one half of gallon of water then add four drops of this bleach and then once you’re going to be disinfecting one gallon of water you then add eight drops of your bleach and then once you’re going to be disinfecting 5 gallons of water you’re going to make instruct of a half of a teaspoon now for this video I went to a shut-by lake that’s on your fashioned subdivision the water of this lake is nearly frequently in general Green has a lot of algae in it it in general smells love a fish tank so since I quiet 5 gallons of this water from the sturdy lake I will likely be including 1/2 a teaspoon of the chlorine that I’ve made to it now sooner than I even add the chlorine to the dirty lake water I’m going to pour it thru a towel to support filter out not lower than one of the crucial crucial upper particulates as I’m capable of already search for not lower than one malicious program swimming spherical within the water [Music] it [Music] now I want to level the Thursday weeks time lapse between me getting this Lake water and taking pictures is that this portion of the video with my work agenda I was once not ready to complete the taking pictures of this video multi function day so there’s lake water truly discipline on my support deck for the previous week except I could well per chance likely uncover to it this day now what I’ll be doing is including this 1/2 teaspoon of bleach to the water and letting it sit for a half of hour in an military manual that I be taught stated so as to add a 2d half of teaspoon of it if the water was once quiet cloudy but I’m actual including actual one half of teaspoon for the reason that water isn’t cloudy per se actual discolored from energy and if I even have this ethical bleach will evaporate itself out of your water with a slight time but for the length of that time that it is miles on your water it would abolish most of the corrupt stuff that is inside your water and now because it’s been about a half of hour to support aerate the bleach out of the water I’m going to pour it between the two buckets [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] now though I treated my water with the bleach that I made I’m quiet going to jog it thru my Berkey now some of it is seemingly you’ll per chance per chance have even handed attempting to give me ache about not sorting out the water when it’s most effective been treated with the pull shock but right here’s a pair of the reason why I’m quiet going to make instruct of the Berkey along with the pool shock first tool shock quiet in general has spherical 28% in active substances in it and I don’t know what these slothful substances are so I desire my Berkey to filter these out and 2d I ponder it’s neat if doable to treat your water each with the bleach within the Berkey because it’s my conception that no water air purifier within the marketplace at the present can rob all viruses so the reason for the usage of each the Berkey and the bleach to treat this water is to make instruct of the bleach to abolish as many viruses as doable and then instruct the Berkey to rob the slothful substances from the pool shock and to also rob the particles that was once quiet inside the water in general I desire nothing but shimmering thirst-quenching water to in a roundabout procedure cease up in my drinking glass now I will actual pour this lake water that’s been treated with the pool shock into my Berkey and now I’ll count on numerous hours as the barfi slowly does its job and I’ll be doing a video rapidly displaying how effectively this Berkey purifies this green colored lake water which invent of will get performed on this video but I quiet ponder it deserves its maintain video ok ample water has handed down into the backside bucket of the Berkey for me to uncover a pitcher of water so let’s give it a test [Music] ok right here’s the water ethical out of the Berkey looks determined I scent fully I scent nothing I scent fully nothing after I first poured that link water into the bucket it is seemingly you’ll per chance per chance likely likely surely disclose it with lake water it invent of smelt love fish and algae mixed collectively now I scent fully nothing so let’s give it a strive to search for the model ideal it did [Music] it’s truly beautiful ideal [Music] very ideal I scent nothing I tasted nothing it was once actual fully crisp and determined thirst-quenching water though I actual draped the berkey water and it tasted elegant and smelt elegant I’m not going to complete the video ethical right here I’m going to rob the video support up later on tonight a pair hours from now and actual document to be distinct that that there’s not been any abdominal points or any sickness or anything love that couple hours later anyways search for you later all ethical it’s been about 24 hours since I drank that water I had fully no points in anyway that water was once nothing but crisp thirst-quenching water I’ve very joyful now with the usage of the coal shot to sterilize the water and especially within the usage of at conjunction along with the berkey water purifying I love to make stronger this channel please rob into tale becoming a member of my patreon video channel for most effective $1 a month to uncover uncover entry to to videos sooner than the liberate to YouTube and other upcoming tantalizing rewards accessible most effective to patreon contributors doing this is capable of per chance per chance support me uncover this a bigger community for you all and likewise hit the love button and instruct below along with your thoughts and hit the slight bell notification button and please also share this video and once it is seemingly you’ll per chance per chance have already performed so please subscribe to this channel it’s love fun I’m making many extra videos about prepping and self-protection anyways of us once you made it this a ways a thanks very out of the ordinary for staring at and I pray that it is seemingly you’ll per chance per chance have a ideal night time [Music] you

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