Financial Planning for Preppers – An Introduction by Patriot Prepper

Here’s part one in a assortment of Financial Planning for Preppers. Fragment one is an introduction and contains pretty of insight into Patriot Prepper’s background and journey.

Patriot Prepper is a retired CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and a retired CFP (Certified Financial Planner). He still manages the portfolios of rich people and affords them with monetary planning advice. Patriot Prepper is furthermore occupied with helping and instructing others how to manage their money.

Along with his CPA and CFP, Patriot Prepper has held a security license, actual property license, insurance license, and was as soon as a registered investment adviser.

His accounting and tax firm added monetary planning in 1985. He is furthermore a industrial advisor, and turnaround knowledgeable.

On this assortment, Patriot Prepper will narrate the Federal Reserve to boot to present you how to idea your value range each and each for this day to boot to a TEOTWAWKI danger. The assortment will discover fashioned money administration and investing, to boot to land acquisition for preppers.

Patriot Prepper has journey in various areas alongside side monetary planning, martial arts, weapons, natural health, govt security, to boot to prepping.

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