Grow Your Have Food With The Vivigrow Hydroponic Planter

To your largest ever crops ditch the soil and procure a Vivigrow!

What’s a Vivigrow?
A artful no-soil planter that produces big crops by keeping vegetation robotically watered. And it is made in England.

How does it work?
It has a hidden reservoir and a pump which trickles oxygen properly off water round the roots all day. What the plant doesn’t need drains into the reservoir to be pumped round the roots generally.

The Vivigrow comes with Nutrigrow Plant Food, which you combine with water to feed absorb your tank. You stock up this monthly to withhold the nutrients balanced. That you just can then verify the tanks pH (acidity of the water) weekly.

Mmm, a pump, is that costly?
Nope, we’re energy atmosphere kindly. The daily worth is lower than boiling the kettle as soon as. The Vivigrow itself is made to final not lower than 10 years!

So, why are crops larger in a Vivigrow?
For the explanation that Vivigrow provides a constant provide of oxygen-properly off water and nutrients round the roots unrestricted by soil. It be like having constant buffet win entry to.

Why is oxygen major?
Roots need oxygen in repeat to absorb water and nutrients.

What’s that got to realize with soil?
When we water pots or grow baggage the oxygen within the soil is modified with water, lowering the oxygen the roots can win entry to.

Decreased oxygen = slower nutrient and water absorption and restricted advise.

Low oxygen can lead to blossom cease rot, blossom-drop, splitting or leaf deficiencies and loads others. because vegetation can not absorb nutrients effectively. If we overwater plenty the roots rot and die!

The Vivigrow doesn’t rating soil, roots frequently rating win entry to to a oxygen properly off mix of water and nutrients – so the vegetation are frequently effecient at enthralling nutrients.

So if there isn’t any soil how attain I plant-up?
Without misfortune! Start up your vegetation in 3 race pots of compost or rockwool cubes and when the plant is set 4 inches mountainous tip it out of its pot and region it within the planter. You do not desire to wash the soil off however don’t add from now on soil.

If you’ve began in rockwool staunch region the rockwool block straight onto the tray must you’re in a position to transplant. We propose you birth up vegetation in 3” or 4” rockwool cubes.

Once your vegetation are established you need to rating grand white roots on the skin of your rockwool cube earlier than transplanting to your Vivigrow Planter.

Step by step capture the Rockwool’s plastic duvet earlier than planting into your Vivigrow and region the younger plant by the pre-carve holes to rest on the tray.

How attain the vegetation in a Vivigrow win nutrients?
Correct assign a question to! We encompass our big-concentrated award-pleasurable Nutrigrow plant meals which contains the entire nutrients and label formulation vegetation need. It handiest contains moral, healthy formulation and is kind of like us taking a nutrition pill. You are going to add the feed to the reservoir. The feed makes up 800 litres!

You defend announcing ‘larger crops’, how big?
Customarily 3-4x larger than in a pot or grow rating. Customarily 1.5-2x larger than in a Quadgrow.
– Chillies which also can very properly be 8ft mountainous
– Tomatoes with 50 fruiting trusses
– Cucumbers reaching greenhouse roofs in 8 weeks

Noble for growers who want to:
– Spend much less soil/compost.
– Grow mountainous vegetation in a low space – so desire a low-stage system.
– Obtain unprecedented to 1 system and scale as much as larger systems over time – accessible for as much as 120 vegetation.

What are the decisions?
a) Traditional 3 plant or 5 plant Vivigrow which contains the total lot you want.
b) Deluxe 3 plant or 5 plant Vivigrow which also choices a reservoir heater so it is in all probability you’ll well grow all yr and Cube Caps to duvet the atrocious of the vegetation.

Order your Vivigrow Planter right here:

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