High 3 Easy Bananas to Grow & Residential Micro Farm Tour

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ visits Seaview Farm on the Mountainous Island of Hawaii who grows Bananas, Pineapples as properly as diverse fruits and greens in a old residential 7500 sq ft lot.

In this episode, you can also win a tour of the 7500 sq ft lot to be taught what low repairs crops are being grown including bananas, pineapple, peppers, beans, fruit trees and extra. You’re going to look for the plant spacing for planting bananas and pineapple as shut as that you just can imagine whereas unruffled getting superior yields.

Sooner or later, John will interview Desire, the farmer on the farm that started increasing meals 7 years ago when he moved to Hawaii from California and wished to grow a fraction of his occupy meals. You’re going to be taught the very best 3 bananas to grow. Desire will additionally half his common tasting banana kinds with you. Subsequent he’ll half the time it takes to grow pineapples and bananas from infant plant to harvest.

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Alright! Right here’s John Kohler with growingyourgreens.com.
On the present time now we have yet any other thrilling episode for
you. I’m unruffled on amble. Stunning Hawaii.
Absorbing the vivid sun, the rays. And
as a alternative of being on my seaside on the seaside
with my girlfriend, which I’m speculated to
be genuinely honest now, I’m here making one
extra video for you guys sooner than I win out to
the seaside and dangle spherical with my girlfriend.
Motive it is so main to me to generally
sigh you guys and present you with guys inspiration
and seemingly originate some wooh perspiration too
due to you’re genuinely gonna win to work
and grow your occupy meals. There’s many programs
to grow your occupy meals. The title of my channel
is called growingyourgreens due to to me
greens are considered one of many largest on the
planet and a number of the greens in Hawaii are
very straight forward and straight forward to grow referred to because the
perennial greens, but for many of the country
their are tons of of perennial
greens you can grow. Nonetheless one thing that’s
somewhat easy to grow that you just guys fully
also can merely unruffled grow ought to you originate not wanna grow your
greens and diverse greens that might perchance be extra
repairs and intensely labor intensive, are
things love fruiting trees and diverse crops.
So the assign I’m at today is the fashioned lot
here. It’s about 7,500 sq ft. So even on
a tiny tiny lot with a apartment there’s
diverse assign and you can plant a reasonably
low repairs property with heaps
of fruit trees that’s gonna feed you and
additionally the neighborhood and community at tremendous.
So I discovered a internet plan on-line and Seaview Farms,
and here’s a microfarm. So even on a 7,500
sq ft lot the residential proprietor has
ample extra manufacture to sell to native
markets and eat himself. So that’s what
I’m surely gonna half with you guys
today. You know among the diverse crops
and I receive into story them a banana special. He has
over 50 banana crops and a total bunch of
diverse banana kinds queer and queer,
rare kinds. He’s love a banana collector.
Moreover he has over love 100 pineapple
crops and over almost 2 dozen diverse diverse
originate of fruit trees that he’s increasing that’s
very easy to grow with minute care
once it’s location up properly. So at least let’s
fade forward over all over the road and I’ll
present you with guys a tour of his sigh.
Alright so for today I belief I’d give
you guys a POV or point of conception tour to leer
what I’m seeing cause I mean here’s factual
so large. It’s exhausting to love factual assign it
on the tripod and indicate it. I’d reasonably factual
stroll you by it to indicate you guys the very best device it’s
all location up. I’ll additionally assign a link down below
to Desire’s internet plan the assign you can genuinely
inquire photos. Right here’s what originate of drew me
to make a video today here at his his sigh,
is the total photos he has. How his sigh
over the years has changed and the very best device he’s
planted an increasing selection of and extra to win to the assign
the sigh the assign he is today and I do know many
of you guys also can merely not have one iota of a tree
or vegetable plant for your non-public dwelling, and but
you I wanna enable you to guys know that you just can
beginning today honest. Tomorrow is a brand novel day today
is the day that you just can act on and swap
and plant that fruit tree out for your yard
and for years and years yet to achieve they’ll
manufacture and present you with the fruit of life. So
let’s fade forward and stroll spherical this magnificent
minute mini orchard in it’s front yard as
you guys might perchance well perchance inquire. I mean factual greens all
spherical. You know he’s mulching with mulch.
I mean all any other time in this dwelling he’s
generally increasing over rock so he’s bringing
in diverse mulch so he’s making
his occupy to actually originate soil. I mean there’s
a correct mammoth coconut palm and as you guys might perchance well perchance
inquire here’s factual wall to wall of bananas.
And ought to you guys are banana consultants staring at
this you’re gonna be love oh my God those
are too shut honest. Successfully Desire doesn’t care
that they’re too shut crops you
know optimally would potentially wanna have a
minute bit extra respiration room but guess what?
All these crops grow. They’d perchance grow a minute bit
bit slower cause it’s not sizable optimum
and ought to you don’t have diverse assign you’ve
gotta originate what you can. So he’s
planted these reckoning on the crops you
know. Perchance 4 foot 6 foot spacing and he has
all diverse kinds of things jumbled in. It’s
entirely gentle factual walking thru here.
I mean diverse banana crops and I wanna
enable you to guys know bananas of us they’re
not trees. Folk call them banana trees,
they’re not trees. Right here’s a tree honest
there. If truth be told a sour sop tree and it produces
the sour sop fruit. Let me inquire let me indicate
you guys here. They’re up there. I’m not
a astronomical fan of sour sop fruit. It’s love eating
a sweet and sour candy fruit. And here’s
a tree due to ought to you lower it it genuinely has
wooden but the banana if we inquire at it it genuinely
factual has a cushty stem here and here’s not
wooden. And so why technically bananas are extra
generally a shrub and in order that they make these optimistic
gentle leaves that I love so unprecedented. I mean
to boot he has so many completely different diverse
fruiting trees spherical the yard. Right here’s some
mangoes honest there and I feel over within the good thing about
me this might perchance occasionally be some avocado and extra avocados.
I mean let me indicate you guys these minute infant
eenie weenie avocados. They’re so adorable.
K wait they’re hiding from me. Wait there’s
one. Oh, there’s a infant avocado honest there.
Alright and going spherical he has things love
the jaboticaba and the citrus and bananas
oh and check this out. We’ve stumbled upon,
we’ve stumbled upon the pineapple patch.
So these pineapples are on the origin planted
out at 4 ft spacing. They send out kind
of affection novel crops love autumn love
honest there. I’m sure he’s increasing many
white sugar pines or low acid and reasonably scrumptious
and in point of truth reasonably costly to buy but he
stated that these are a extremely easy
to grow plant. So ought to you live in Hawaii, doggonit
grow some pineapples . As prolonged as
they win ample water they’re gonna grow
very without drawback. On the diverse hand he says that
the banana are a minute bit bit extra require a
minute bit extra attention and ought to you wanna
grow a vegetable that does not require loads
of attention, it’s honest here. Right here’s the
perennial lima bean that you just guys saw. Also
he has the christmas bean and this grows for
years and years. They love to factual cook these
beans with a minute bit salt and in order that they’re unparalleled.
Motive he stated that he hasn’t been
genuinely specializing in it too unprecedented as properly as
that tree within the background. As you guys might perchance well perchance
inquire that has diverse fruit on it. That’s
a mammy sapote. And that’s considered one of my common
fruits. I to find it irresistible loads. And likewise you guys also can merely unruffled
additionally grow a form of cause it genuinely is
reasonably abundant in fruit. He collects his occupy
water here. So he makes exhaust of the water to water
his garden when it’s not raining ample
and all any other time extra bananas and here’s
so papayas. Oh and I needed to indicate you this
one. As soon as extra I mean he genuinely loves his
bananas. Test this out I looked on the bottom
love oh my God what are all these cotton balls
doing on the bottom? Bask in is somebody factual
placing cotton here? Successfully lest we
overlook that cotton grows on trees or shrubs
and that’s what these items is it’s love
cotton increasing and that’s the very best device it grows man.
It’s non GMO cotton so here’s some non
GMO cotton and it’s reasonably unhappy cotton is
a frequently GMO gash I wanna attend you
guys to buy natural cotton everytime you can.
I’ve invested in cotton bed sheets and cotton
towels and that originate of stuff but yeah. Cotton
is de facto frigid. One thing very easy to grow.
You’re going to need your occupy free your occupy cotton
balls without drawback and ought to you’d like you can fade
it and have your occupy story. Alright so let’s
fade forward and appropriate down to the aspect of the dwelling
and inquire what else we are in a position to search out.
Alright so going on the aspect shall we inquire
some gentle papayas. So all any other time papayas
you can divulge it’s a papaya tree, and
whereas they inquire love a tree extra love than
a banana these are not trees both. And that’s
one thing similar. Bananas and papayas they
manufacture twelve months spherical in disagreement to many fruit trees
manufacture once a twelve months. Bananas and papayas you
know manufacture the total time and not in a single particular
season. Let’s inquire here. K going spherical
over here they purchased dogs in order that they purchased a minute bit
dog dwelling but they additionally purchased fences. So that you just
know you can also merely assign fences for your borders of
your non-public dwelling and regarded one of many things they love
to originate is make the becoming exhaust of their fence
by increasing extra meals up the fence. They generally
purchased things love the fervour fruit vine here
which makes passion fruits and in order that they purchased some
diverse originate of beans increasing up the fence as
Over to this aspect of the fence they even have
yet any other vining gash that genuinely I love extra
than the old two in some cases but
I feel all americans also can merely unruffled grow a differ. They
purchased one called a chayote squash. So the chayote
squash makes these optimistic chayote fruits. I
don’t know if I’ll be ready to search out one
today. There’s one honest the assign you guys
might perchance well perchance inquire it. Accurate there and likewise
you buy the minute pointers. So these minute pointers
the assign gonna be popping out you factual snap them
off and eat these love in salads and what
not. And I mean factual extra of the yard
now with diverse diverse fit to be eaten fruiting crops
including there’s a minute bit adorable minute avocado
and I’ll indicate you here’s a correct shot honest
here. The bananas honest up there
on the banana plant. You know this total property
is lined with factual bananas in each and each minute
nook and cranny and for sure he has additionally
this pepper plant that’s doing unparalleled.
This thing ought to you inquire carefully. Seek for carefully.
So many completely different peppers man. Limited tiny
peppers increasing accurate without drawback and this grows
as a perennial shrub. I mean this thing is
love perchance love one plant and it appears to
be love about 6 ft in width. It’s entirely
insane and for sure here’s a papaya
increasing up. He has citrus as properly. Right here’s
the citrus. I feel here’s love a Tahitian
lime and there’s limes on there.
And sure he has a extremely large form of fruits
he’s increasing. Right here’s yet some extra mangoes
increasing and here’s yet any other pepper plant
and you buy some guava merit there and extra
papayas. Oh and I wanna indicate you guys this
man. Right here’s yet any other one you positively also can merely unruffled
grow ought to you is at possibility of be in Hawaii. It grows genuinely
easy. The smallest amount of care and ought to you
guys inquire this cactus plant has diverse fruits
on it. There’s love two there. Let’s inquire
there’s one over there. There’s one there.
Right here’s one there. And here’s what it looks
love ought to you’re grow them and these fruits
are fully scrumptious. It’s honest there.
Right here’s a pitayoo a yellow pitayo or the yellow
dragonfruits. These guys are considered one of my common
dragonfruits. It’s sizable sweet and sizable
scrumptious and as you guys might perchance well perchance inquire it’s
factual increasing accurate optimistic. This plant is mammoth
and additionally here’s a decent one due to
what? Cactuses don’t need diverse water.
Nonetheless yeah you’ve purchased even extra bananas increasing
everywhere as properly as factual
separate patches of pineapple outcroppings
wherever he might perchance well perchance fit those in to
grow extra meals.
Alright so as that’s magnificent unprecedented the tour that
I purchased to half with you guys which capacity that
is all any other time factual an accurate tiny 7500 sq ft
lot. Accurate originate of walked spherical. Assuredly
it has diverse fruit trees bananas papayas
and for sure the pineapple. And what I’d
like to originate know for you guys now is de facto
factual sit down and discuss with Desire about
perchance among the more straightforward bananas to grow cause
generally what I are trying to originate is I are trying
to be taught with those that have extra trip
than me. And I mean I’m sure in many cases
I genuinely have diverse trip increasing diverse
things but I’m novel to corresponding to increasing
within the tropics. So I’m originate of learning
my stuff cause in some unspecified time in the future I might perchance well perchance turn out and
even knowing to be within the tropics. And that’s
why I’m here and this additionally will mean you can
guys ought to you guys don’t have as unprecedented trip
as Desire increasing bananas or pineapples or some
of the diverse things that he’s experimented
with and dabbled in due to I mean I feel
genuinely genuinely that’s how we be taught is by the
trip of others. Judge about it. Any
textbook that you just’ve be taught in fundamental
school is all written there by somebody and
optimistically that data develop into once honest. There’s
diverse things perchance you’re being taught
at school that perchance isn’t honest. You
know but by visiting farms and traveling spherical
I’m ready to half with you guys
data and myself be taught data at
the the same time that can merit
you guys and society as a total to develop into
a larger sigh and develop into better
ready to without drawback grow our meals. And I feel
considered one of many questions I’m gonna ensure to
inquire Desire is what’s the very best kinds
of bananas cause I’ve seen so many banana
crops that you just’ve got gotten here. Seek for genuinely lush
and vivid increasing genuinely properly. I’m sure
they yield properly and a few of them don’t inquire
love they’re doing so just appropriate . Some
are extra attacked by bugs, pests, and illness
and all this originate of stuff. So let’s fade
forward and sit down with Desire the farmer and
be taught what’s among the becoming crops to
plant in Hawaii love between bananas and pineapples
and all these items.
So now I’m here with Desire Guzman of Seaview
Farms and here’s a minute bit microfarm that
you guys factual purchased a tour of. So don’t divulge
that you just can’t have a farm ought to you factual have
a tiny residential lot cause you can. So
Desire how prolonged ago did you positively beginning your
farm and beginning increasing the banana and the
pineapples and the total stuff you originate?
Desire Guzman: Successfully I started about 7 years ago.
I moved to Hawaii from California and began
building my dwelling but even sooner than I had the relaxation
built I started placing in bananas, started
placing in pineapples. Things that I knew
would receive a couple years and magnificent effortless
to grow. So that’s what I started with.
John: Yeah so I wanna attend you guys if
you guys have an empty lot or whatever you
know plant things that are sizable easy even
sooner than you assemble your apartment so as that ought to you
indirectly win your apartment built you’re gonna
be having fruit for your land that you just can
eat off of and these originate of things
receive some time. So Desire what develop into once your motivation
to grow the total meals that you just’re increasing?
Accurate cause you can factual fade down in some
native bananas. They’re genuinely much less expensive
locally and now the white sugar pines they
might perchance well perchance genuinely win reasonably costly, but why
did you resolve to grow your occupy meals?
Desire Guzman: I’ve continuously had an interest
in crops evidently but considered one of my targets in
transferring to Hawaii develop into once to basically are trying to feed
myself as unprecedented as that you just can imagine. I’ve been a
vegan for 25 years so I eat diverse fruit.
I eat greens so as that I knew by doing that
that can receive up a tremendous half of
my diet. Meals is costly in Hawaii in particular
and so I positively red meat up the total
locally grown motion and I needed to be
half of that. I needed to live that but I
additionally wished to know that drawback myself
to grow as unprecedented as that you just can imagine and optimistically
have ample to present to chums and seemingly in the end
sell or attend duvet the costs of fertilizing
and affords and all that originate of things.
So that develop into once, that develop into once originate of the inducement
for it.
John: Yeah I mean I wanna drawback all of
you guys available to beginning increasing a fraction
of your meals unprecedented love Desire does and much love
I originate honest. I mean Desire and I, in particular in
a tiny assign that we live, cause I live in
a old American tract dwelling . Perchance
genuinely much less sq. photos than what Desire
has but I grow largely all o f my greens.
He grows diverse his fruits. I do know you guys
might perchance well perchance originate it too. I mean it’s not love our
lives are not about all or nothing. You know
it’s about doing the becoming you can and by
even factual beginning one fruit tree or
one banana plant or one pineapple
top that you just assign for your yard if
you live in Hawaii. You might perchance beginning increasing
some meals very merely and intensely without drawback. Now
greens they’ll also merely receive a minute bit bit extra
work except ought to you’re in Hawaii and you’re
increasing perennial greens, that are almost
as easy as increasing any of the fruit trees.
So Desire considered one of many things I do know you did develop into once
you tracked your costs about fertilizers
and inputs to your farm final twelve months. You know
articulate my viewers about this trip and
love originate you generate profits or did it model you
money to grow your meals or what? Motive I do know
many participants are all about the dollars. I’m
love extra about love I wanna grow the very best
effective meals and be extra sustainable within the
planet and eat genuinely just appropriate meals .
And if it costs me a minute bit bit I
mean I’m alright with that but some of us
available are genuinely smitten by about
Desire Guzman: Yeah. You know within the total costs
and what I develop into once getting from selling plus eating
myself it ended up costing me several
hundred dollars over the path of the twelve months
but that’s placing diverse work in it and
that develop into once things love booth costs and farmers
market and diverse things love that that
ought to you’re genuinely factual increasing a
fruit yourself it wouldn’t be an costly
that you just’ve got gotten. I additionally I’m additionally
acquiring loads too that and I proceed to
originate so. I feel so over time some of those
costs that extend with the gardening extra
crops and planting extra things tends to stabilize
over time. And that can fade down so as to me
it’s value it to basically be ready to feed
myself and my accomplice and diverse of us for
genuinely not up to I’m in a position to be spending on meals
each and each month at a grocery store or someplace.
John: Yeah I mean within the prolonged lag I mean you
will invest for your farm or for your non-public dwelling
for your soil. You know to win novel crops but
once he buys bananas crops, it makes
bananas for him after which to boot it shoots
off novel minute infant crops and he might perchance well perchance pot
it up and sell to others to recoup some of
the model but additionally attend others to win
of us to grow extra meals and ought to you wanna
win among the crops we’ll half with
you guys within the tip how to win a resolve of him
or how to win a resolve of some of you guys extra
bananas and what not. Desire considered one of
the astronomical questions I genuinely have for you due to you’ve
been increasing bananas and the diverse crops increasing
now for the final seven years, I wanna know
love the tip 3 perfect bananas to grow cause
I do know some of your bananas are doing unparalleled
and a few of them will have a minute of challenges
factual due to a couple bugs or pests. I mean all the pieces
grows astronomical in Hawaii but there’s additionally bugs
and pests cause they grow astronomical here too.
Desire Guzman: Relating to the very best most fool proof
banana and the particular particular person that’s most universally
loved in what in Hawaii is called an apple
banana. It’s technically called Brazilian
or dwarf Brazilian. There’s a astronomical Brazilian
and a dwarf Brazilian banana. Apparently
I develop into once in Brazil final twelve months and the Brazilians
are unprecedented tastier here than they are in Brazil
but they’re they they’re pest
tolerant. They don’t need diverse work
they win a magnificent just appropriate size bunches and in order that they’re
factual a extremely flavorful scrumptious banana. Quantity
2 is de facto not one i grow factual due to
I don’t get it that attention-grabbing but it surely’s
the Williams. So ought to you buy a Dole banana
it’s originate of that. It’s better
when it ’s dwelling grown but it surely does assign out
a mammoth rack and for things love smoothies
it does genuinely properly so I receive most of my banana
consumption genuinely in smoothies. So it’s
just appropriate for that and it’s magnificent illness resistant
general fool proof. The subsequent one is the mysore
banana which perchance will not be so productive, but
it’s factual scrumptious and it’s the foremost
banana that they grow in India and it’s
for just appropriate intention. It’s factual fully scrumptious.
It’s purchased a minute bit originate of a special tropical
tangy flavors to it. It’s purchased a attention-grabbing
texture and it’s a minute love the apple banana
but that’s considered one of those that I feel
up to now as what I sell to diverse of us, they
love genuinely push. So to find it irresistible’s one thing
that of us also can merely unruffled be increasing extra of due to
it’s magnificent easy to grow it’s illness
resistant, and it’s genuinely scrumptious.
John: And what would or not or not it is love ought to you had
a 4th one and a fifth one cause I genuinely, apples
I love the Williams .
Desire Guzman: The one it’s originate of
it’s exhausting to recommend it or not the gros
michel is aged to be the foremost industrial banana
sooner than things love the William and the huge
nain develop into which is are a cavendish form
grew to develop into the particular particular person that you just look for within the grocery
store and the plantations spherical
Central and South The United States in the end purchased wiped
out buy one thing called Panama illness due to
the gros michel banana is terribly inclined
to things love that. It’s a scrumptious banana
though and so although we originate have Panama
illness here in Hawaii I articulate of us
that grow some of those they’re
scrumptious but you wouldn’t wanna
beginning a farm of gros michel bananas. You’d
originate of be doomed in the end. And it’s one
of those illness that ought to you win it you
gotta factual rip all of it out and you can’t
plant diverse bananas for reasonably a whereas. So
gros michel might perchance be yet any other one I like to recommend.
After which the following one is magnificent universally
loved. It’s called the namwah banana. So
it’s an accurate thick meaty banana. To me it
genuinely has a extra of a an apple taste than
what we call apple banana here. Almost a minute bit
bit love a red scrumptious apple. It’s genuinely
chewy love one almost love a meal. So it’s
yet any other one its additionally magnificent illness resistant,
magnificent easy to grow. It doesn’t win too
prolonged in particular within the dwarf namwah selection
and it’s a extremely gentle plant. So that’s
considered one of them
John: Pleasant. I mean you guys gotta are trying these
bananas here in Hawaii cause I mean ought to you
guys offered bananas love on the shop and
your grocery store within the US or Europe if
you don’t grow your occupy bananas you haven’t
tasted what appropriate bananas might perchance well perchance taste love.
I mean those within the shop they’re a minute
inexperienced, they’re shipped over, they’re
gassed and chambered. I personal not divulge
we’d continue to exist gas and chambers but the bananas
originate after which they ripen genuinely rapid after which
the corpulent flavors don’t originate so the bananas
listed below are love at least 10 cases better than
those you’re gonna win on the mainland
and even ought to you abominate bananas now, I do know you’re
gonna love bananas loads extra ought to you
win some from Desire or a native market
here on the islands that had been locally grown
not imported. It’s reasonably unhappy that although
you fade to the supermarket some supermarkets
here in Hawaii will import bananas from diverse
worldwide locations which I factual divulge in my notion is
factual straight forward insane. So Desire so what’s your
common tasting banana that you just’ve ever
Desire Guzman: That’s a tricky one.
John: He’s tasted so many.
Desire Guzman: You know I genuinely originate that and
I originate taste reviews and there’s this internet plan
called bananas.org that I’m active on so
I originate these prolonged taste reviews but it surely genuinely
comes merit to what we’d call that the
dwarf apple banana. It’s factual scrumptious
general it’s gotta be unruffled my common
and the one I eat day after day but there’s
a couple that I genuinely have just not too prolonged ago that are you
know originate of shut seconds and I’m hoping
to beginning to leer extra of. They’re there’s
some that conventionally had been those called
FHIA and so there’s FHIA 1 and a pair of. One is
goldfinger which is de facto 50% the dwarf
Brazilian. So the apple banana it’s scrumptious
very attention-grabbing tasting but yet diverse
texture the apple banana is terribly illness resistant.
And the FHIA 2 is called is called mona lisa
and it’s additionally factual very very attention-grabbing.
Very tangy it has originate of a jelly love interior
core to it which is factual a consistency that
I haven’t had in a yet any other banana so each and each
those kinds are the categories I are trying to win my
fingers on extra of and I need extra of those.
John: Wow that’s genuinely frigid. I mean there’s
so many completely different genetic kinds of banana
and apples and tomatoes and all these items.
I wanna attend you guys to grow in diversity
which capacity that Desire genuinely makes a speciality of bananas
and has diverse kinds of bananas and
diversity and that ensures towards
gash failure but additionally or not or not it is sure him that he’s
gonna have many completely different taste sensations
and I’m sure he’s love me when
I might diverse things in my garden I factual
fade that’s a brand novel form of kale that I taste,
properly kale potentially doesn’t taste as just appropriate
as bananas, but I genuinely win furious
about the total diverse uniqueness in diverse
crops and bananas are factual yet any other
considered one of them and I genuinely trip it after I attain
to the islands and trip some bananas. So
Desire let’s swap gears for a 2nd. Let’s
discuss pineapples. So what originate of pineapples
are you increasing and originate you recommend increasing
pineapples over bananas cause they’re more straightforward?
Desire Guzman: I divulge it is miles dependent on what you
love but I feel they are general more straightforward.
Weeding is extra of a drawback with them but
there’s programs I feel spherical that. It is dependent
on what you want. I mean it is miles dependent on what
you conception what you’re attempting to originate along with your
property. So I originate each and each and between the two
it affords me diverse fruit all twelve months prolonged in particular
in summer in particular when the total pineapples
attain in cause they originate attain in at present over
a 3 month length. I might perchance well perchance dehydrate them I
freeze them I sell them. I develop into once doing
dehydrated chocolate pineapple at one point.
You know there’s diverse things that you just
might perchance well perchance originate with them which I’ve to cook the
pineapple extra. So yeah as you almost surely
saw on the tour I crowd things in. You know
the originate of heartiest ones continue to exist and I’m in a position to
are inclined to be a minute slothful about my gardening or
getting overwhelmed at cases so with
bananas and pineapples you can originate of ignore
them many of the time so that you just’re unruffled gonna
win just appropriate fruit out of them.
John: Wow so let’s discuss this
some of us love factual they fade to the shop
and buy the pineapple and in order that they buy the bananas
and in order that they don’t genuinely know how prolonged it took
to make our to make fade from love
a plant that’s not fruiting, a brand novel infant
plant, to love the fruit. You know I mean
we know for tomatoes we originate that in a season
ought to you plant them but most of us haven’t
planted pineapples so how prolonged does pineapples
and bananas receive to grow from minute
infant plant to corpulent fruit?
Desire Guzman: About two years. I mean some kinds
of bananas in gracious conditions with loads
of fertilizer and loads of water without a
lot of competition can fruit in a
twelve months but pineapples are in general gonna be
about two years. I feel I’ve gotten some
perchance in a minute bit bit faster than that but
additionally reckoning on the time of the twelve months too
they’ve an inclination love I stated they’ve an inclination to fruit in
the summer so generally the tops you’re gonna
plant that summer from those you ate two
years later you’re gonna win fruit off of
that one. They additionally divide and originate of double
each and each twelve months for several years. So
subsequent twelve months you’re gonna have 2 the twelve months after
that you just’re gonna have 4 then etc off the
similar plant with very minute effort.
John: Yeah wow so that you just gotta plant forward if
you wish these originate of fruits. That’s why
I love diverse greens you plant
them and as shortly as you inquire among the greens
greens you factual buy them and
eat them and you’re done. I mean microgreens
are done in as minute as 10 to 14 days which
is unparalleled. So Robert is there anywhere somebody
might perchance well perchance win a resolve of in order that they’ll also merely buy some
of your banana crops your kakis or the bananas
or among the things that you just provide how can
they win to you and get you?
Desire Guzman: My internet plan is seaviewfarmshi Seaview
Farms hawaii.com.
John: Pleasant awesome. So yeah I mean positively
wanna attend you guys to set up Desire out.
As soon as you happen to’re here on the astronomical island win some
plant starts from him and win some extra bananas
if he has any extra hanging out. It positively
looks genuinely astronomical and most of all I hope
you guys and would attend you guys to you
know fade out and beginning planting one thing.
Plant some fit to be eaten fruit trees plant some fit to be eaten
greens for your non-public dwelling cause
I feel it’s so unhappy that so many participants
have such optimistic property but there’s
nothing fit to be eaten. And we all have to eat and
unprecedented love Desire is a vegan
and eats a plant essentially essentially based diet it’s
unprecedented more straightforward to grow crops than to grow animals
and it’s loads much less work. And it’s loads
better for you and the planet as properly. I wanna
attend you guys to eat extra crops. Vegetation
are frigid too. Alright so at least hope you
guys loved this episode. As soon as you happen to did hello
please give me a thumbs up let me know. Also
ensure to subscribe to my movies for upcoming
episodes. I feel I genuinely have a few extra coming
up from Hawaii. Make certain to leer my previous movies.
I genuinely have over 1,050 uploads now on all choices
of gardening in particular after I talk about with frigid
locations love Hawaii and traveling spherical the
continent of the USA to indicate you
guys diverse farming and gardening merchandise
at diverse locations. As soon as extra my title is
John Kohler with growingyourgreens.com. We’ll
inquire you subsequent time and keep in mind resolve on increasing.

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