Inviting From California To Oregon To Reside Off The Grid Video Day out 3 Day 2/3

This video sequence modified into once created to be a video journal of my experiences transitioning from a 40+ hour every week job to dwelling with no job Off The Grid. I in actual fact gain survived deep depression and suicidal tips and gain been via every share of the Psychological health machine. This is my stride of claiming no to the machine and finding happiness and label in my gain existence. I no longer too long ago sold raw land in Southern Oregon and gain been inspired by the mathematics and straightforwardness of the GeoDesic Dome. The brand new region of my stride is being recorded one high-tail and one day at a time with 100% authenticity.

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high-tail three-day – I’m on highway 140 directly going abet to my camp from Medford and 140 is maybe the most sharp force I’ve ever pushed there’s one like sharp Hills bushes cliff sides clouds the total lot is nice supreme I in actual fact gain the window down it’s fun to force it’s fair accurate the most sharp force I’ve ever been on so it’s a upright originate on the novel time – I’m gonna secure abet to camp meet up with my mother and we’re gonna secure the dome going I’ve attain to take care of on this high-tail already that the most foremost most fun moments are of us that don’t gain cell reception where you’re fair accurate in actual fact within the second seeing what’s there to be viewed and fair accurate focusing on no topic it is and fair accurate experiencing pleasure yo Siri fall that be [Music] my [Music] [Music] one grand [Music] mother and I bought the cowl on the dome that is the bay window right here at the same time as you happen to glance via possibilities are you’ll presumably study the doorway on the bottom I in actual fact gain my skylight up there so I’ll be in a region to build down and study the stars and things like that after which I also bought the lavatory region up so I in actual fact gain a tent over right here and it has my limited lavatory that I made in it so I fair accurate gain my limited lavatory in there lavatory paper and composting so as that might gain a composting lavatory the dome has dwelling windows on it right here’s the doorway and it folds up there’s my greenhouse dome and that’s handsome grand it for day 2

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