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I’m gonna walk forward and strive to construct the canvas on and fingers crossed that it fits because if it doesn’t it’s gonna be a laborious one with this rain of stuff coming factual morning all americans as you guys know I’ve been constructing this itsy-bitsy home and nowadays I purchased to know a fracture from it for this reason unsuitable weather is coming this weekend I mediate savor Thursday Friday Saturday or Friday Saturday Sunday presupposed to be rain and presumably snow so I must work on the next refuge and a small bit tent that I genuinely maintain just isn’t gonna lower it I genuinely drove into town this morning and I purchased one thing test it out wood what am I gonna pause with this draw a deck and sleep on it kinda and what’s that it’s a get with a canvas tent in it guys focus on about game changer it’s an 8 by 10 and my buddies I do know they don’t desire recognition they normally told me I don’t must build this accessible nonetheless I I genuinely feel the must build it accessible because some folks genuinely pause not understand maintaining it Dutch and hands family homestead how fabulous they honestly are off digicam and pretty a couple of folks just catch to explore a couple of minutes of their day and video and I wished to succor you guys know that they are high notch folks numerous the things that we pause and all that is off digicam I could well enlighten 99% of the things we pause is off digicam talking to them and stuff of that nature they went in collectively and sold me a canvas tent it doesn’t maintain the poles to it it’s just the hide itself so I’m gonna draw my dangle out of wood and that draw I will draw some cupboards and presumably a platform to handle the bed up higher and build some stuff below and all that I’ll catch into that later they normally stated dude unsuitable weather is coming it’s iciness I desire you to attain success at what you’re doing and constructing this itsy-bitsy home I desire you in pronounce to continue to exist and handle there because in case you’re having to pass away and catch out of the weather just can’t catch stuff completed so savor I stated they pitched in they normally sold this tint canvas for me and Dutch had a platform II old to maintain savor a quill pen on or one thing so I purchased that and I just can’t enlighten enough good things about them it’s just totally unreal I’ll must catch in that later I wager because I purchased pretty a couple of labor to full appropriate now so it’s going to explore savor a full fracture appropriate now nonetheless I purchased all the pieces out of the tent successfully for essentially the most share and I purchased all these items right here so I mediate I’m going to construct totally different tent appropriate right here the place that is or perhaps even encourage right here I’m not a hundred p.c definite yeah I just thought about appropriate now we’ll build it appropriate right here it’s 8 by 10 it’d be more or much less chilly just a small bit bit further off appropriate there it’s it’s already definite it’s completely appropriate-wanting we’ll pause it appropriate right here so I will walk away the tent and stuff the formulation it is nonetheless that’s going to discontinuance up being my storage and be ready to veil stuff and trim all this up because it’s just it’s a fracture it’s wearisome the formulation it looks appropriate now and there’s nothing I could presumably also pause about it cuz I genuinely maintain nowhere to construct anything so I’m gonna pass this elevate that deck over right here and build it up and open constructing a right tent alright guys I just clutch my jacket off is sizzling home nice looking these are neatly-behaved heavy so I’m going to strive to catch a factual stage situation so I mediate I’m gonna more or much less pass it this draw a small bit bit that draw I will just maintain a route coming straight to it and it’s neatly-behaved stage so I’m gonna pass this one over to right here I more or much less bud them up and then strive to stage them out build some rocks or logs or one thing below it so I’m gonna pause that right swiftly and then I’ll command you alright guys in represent potentialities are you’ll presumably also peek I purchased the platform right here that’s loads larger than my historical tent and factual-historical-boy geese let me borrow this a ladder he stated clutch that one in case you tumble oh successfully you ain’t taking my factual ladder so Dutch I purchased one thing to suppose to you thanks buddy I didn’t maintain a ladder within the predominant location so I genuinely like it nonetheless right here’s the tent if I don’t tumble down it’s 8 by 10 and the draw’d you catch toe canvas so I’m gonna pull it out roll it out on right here and more or much less peek how immense the partitions are the pitch and all that stuff if I will confidently I will and then I must walk choose some to buffers draw a frame savor I stated it doesn’t maintain poles so I purchased to attract a frame build the sucker on it the storms are coming and I need this contemporary refuge I wager that is a get to construct it in I’m not definite I genuinely have not any thought how they’re presupposed to pass it’s been loads more easy if there turned into the poles I just build the poles and build this on high nonetheless I’m assumed that that is the door and then the wall is too appropriate right here nonetheless it looks savor the wall is handiest that immense presumably 5 feet immense and then it goes up I’m not 100% definite so I more or much less gotta lay this out nonetheless it does explore savor there is a door on either aspect so that’s chilly I wager I dunno there presupposed to be a wood-burning stove that you simply fit in this and I’m assuming that’s what explore I’m assuming that’s what that is it’s flat nonetheless I’m not a hundred p.c definite I’m just assuming that that’s what that is and then it looks savor there’s a bunch of tie-downs and whatnot right here and there I decide I just inside out I mediate it’s inside out that could presumably also will be it I mediate because it looks savor there’s a pocket right here oh I mediate it’s flipped inside out so I’m gonna flip around totally different draw I don’t maintain a clue I’m just bought to soar it I wager savor all the pieces else I pause so I’m just gonna measure up the perimeters and open constructing the frame up that draw and then presumably walk the total draw around and then I’ll must work out the pitch of it I figure that out confidently I will I’m attempting to zip it up and lay it out and peek if I will’t measure I just don’t know if I’ll be ready to nonetheless I’ll figure it out oh yay so I laid this out and from right here to there the sidewall is virtually 5 foot immense I mediate it’s presupposed to be 5 even as you stretch it and all the pieces and then it’s 8 feet broad and then I mediate it’s 10 feet prolonged nonetheless from the backside of the door to the head of the roof I do know I want a haircut or I build my hat on or whatever I catch it nonetheless from the backside of the head is 7 foot so you bought 5 foot partitions 7 foot on the head and 8 feet broad so now all that math encourage in excessive college is gonna come in to hand and I’ll uncover precisely the place to full my pitch and all the pieces so I’m gonna trail as a lot as a neighborhood lumberyard up right here never been I’m gonna test it out more or much less focus on over with them peek the costs are if that’s the case I’m gonna catch all my lunge from them because it’s loads nearer than going to Lowe’s closes an hour draw this would perhaps also potentially be 15 minutes away which goes to be awesome so I’m gonna trail and catch some lunge open inserting this tent collectively all appropriate bought the wood let’s catch constructing [Applause] [Music] [Music] the sun’s going down and I’m not carried out sadly I serene must full the head share and all that I just don’t mediate I’m gonna maintain enough time so I’m just going to beat this up for now I’ll must fabricate this the following day more or much less is what it is nonetheless I’m very very thankful that I genuinely maintain a contemporary refuge let me flip this generator off right swiftly nonetheless I’m very very thankful to maintain this I just didn’t maintain enough time to fabricate nonetheless to know that I’m going from a small bit tent to this I mean explore at this guys 8 by 10 that is awesome for sure it’ll walk up and over I could presumably even maintain avoided this I don’t genuinely care i will without concerns duck below it to catch in a tent that just isn’t a anxiousness in relation to me appropriate now i am upgrading beefy time and then I mediate the wood-burning stove will be up appropriate there which I’d walk catch tonight or the following day very very fortunate for sure the backside I’m gonna build some plywood over the head and more or much less handle it collectively better nonetheless I’m gonna walk forward and manufacture this and then work on it within the morning all appropriate guys day two of the draw let’s catch this manufacture because storm is coming [Music] [Music] all appropriate as potentialities are you’ll presumably also peek I purchased the head up and then I started constructing these they normally’re not screwed on or anything nonetheless as potentialities are you’ll presumably also command it goes right here for sure they’ll be brought down some and then I needed to notch this share out to construct it fit it’s bought to be flush on the encourage since the tent has to be completely that high if I could well maintain thought about it I could well maintain made it to the place it comes out and then it has a fragment right here so I could presumably also build a 2×4 within the encourage screw it all into and I’d simply drop this a small bit bit nonetheless I didn’t mediate that nonetheless it’s a tent on the identical time and numerous the weight anyways goes to be up right here within the head and then the veil or whatever the canvas will hook onto right here and pull right tight so this could occasionally just be rain and snow and confidently don’t catch tons of of snow while I’m in this tent nonetheless no I my appropriate fortune this could occasionally and I’m not gonna build the ones appropriate right here but because that’s the place the wood-burning stove I’m neatly-behaved definite it’s more in the direction of the center and I don’t desire to construct them up but and be within the unsuitable situation so I’m gonna build the canvas on high and all that sooner than inserting from now on braces appropriate right here within the center nonetheless I’m gonna walk forward and screw all these on connect them on for sure I serene need another on that aspect nonetheless just wished to give you all swiftly small change on it sooner than I throw the canvas on so I purchased it all up now for sure savor I stated the center ones I didn’t build in because I must work out the place the stove vents gonna be nonetheless I couldn’t genuinely command standing beneath the canvas after I first bought it so I’m gonna walk forward and strive to construct the canvas on and fingers crossed that it fits because if it doesn’t it’s gonna be a laborious one with this rain it’s annoying coming snoozing in a small bit tin again so come on guys fingers crossed that uh it’ll fit it’s inside-out [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] guys that is the closest thing I’ve needed to a home in two weeks unreal alright so I purchased the tent neatly-behaved tight I must more or much less tighten this aspect a small bit bit more there’s a small bit strap on the backside on either aspect nonetheless as potentialities are you’ll presumably also command I purchased it crooked to a tree I purchased a hook to the tree encourage there tree over right here and that’s neatly-behaved tight so I’m genuinely mad I purchased it up the bang for the stove is appropriate up there on this aspect so confidently it’s not appropriate the place the beam goes on high to know that one off and pass it over nonetheless I’ll command you how I tighten it on the backside for every so often what I’m gonna pause then I’ll command the within so I had all these prolonged nails so I pulled it down as factual as I could presumably also and I drove it in and it stored it right tight so this isn’t going any place and then I did this identical thing appropriate right here and then I must full this one nonetheless there’s no brace beneath it to hook into then for sure appropriate right here by the door and on that aspect and then the total draw around so I mediate it’s gonna be neatly-behaved tight and gentle-weight as potentialities are you’ll presumably also peek bought rope to the bushes I did I made definite to hook it to a tree on each and every nook that draw I knew for definite this thing’s not going any place and then I’m gonna perhaps choose some rebar power goes within the ground nearer to the tent and then it’s bought its bought these clips appropriate right here on either aspect that I’ll build appropriate down to the ground and pause that as tight as I will and handle this thing down that’s normally you bought your wood constructing to follow it and then you definately’ve bought all these to handle it down so it’s going inside and command you a my contemporary crib as potentialities are you’ll presumably also command on the entrance of this it’s bought small snaps and also potentialities are you’ll presumably also undo the snaps it’s neatly-behaved easy then you definately bought your zipper maintain already bought it unzipped nonetheless potentialities are you’ll presumably even maintain a zipper the total draw up and then walk inside I do know this isn’t gonna be one of the best wanting in right here on story of the sunshine and stuff nonetheless it’s neatly-behaved shiny in right here with the Solar and then as potentialities are you’ll presumably also command it’s pretty tight there nonetheless it came with some stuff right here so I’m gonna strive to uh I mediate that presupposed to be on the exterior keeping down nonetheless I mediate I’m gonna strap it around right here to handle it down or presumably it is presupposed to be on the within yeah I mediate it is some distance so I’m gonna strap these around the poles and I’m assuming there could presumably also very successfully be some more nonetheless I’m not definite it can presumably also just be on the on the entrance and encourage because there’s some right here so I’m gonna hook these on so it holds it right tight and just my appropriate fortune guys explore at this the outlet is appropriate the place that is so I’m must pass it over and then I could presumably also build totally different braces appropriate right here within the center and hook it on the head nonetheless up to now that is neatly-behaved awesome I will in point of fact get up in it which is a game changer and then savor I stated I pause maintain the wood stove that’ll come right here and be in there I mediate I’ll command that on the next video I turned into going to command you in this video nonetheless I desire to full a bulky unboxing and build them collectively and then test it out and stuff nonetheless I desire to provide an mountainous enlighten out to hands family homestead and keepin it Dutch for this they actually crooked me up with this I needed to attract the frame and all that which it turned into in a beefy deal nonetheless this canvas high on it is just potentialities are you’ll presumably also have not any thought for me potentialities are you’ll presumably even maintain this and genuinely genuinely feel savor I genuinely maintain instruct in right here it’s just unreal and I could presumably also without concerns build my vehicle maintain some room I will also build my small porta potti toilet thing in right here it’s just a full game changer and I’m just forever grateful for this that is an mountainous thing my morale it’s more or much less been a peculiar day for me nonetheless that is an mountainous morale enhance and so I’m immense mad that is just immense and then the wood-burning stove my buddy over at a Hidden Heights farm he crooked me up with that so I mean these three guys maintain just helped and helped and helped so mighty since I’ve been right here and it’s just unreal simply to know that I genuinely maintain savor this community right here is just it’s game-altering I never expected it and it’s just totally awesome I never expected this mighty of a community to come encourage collectively and succor me I’m just a usual dude just attempting to live a off-grid loopy lifestyles that I’ve been desirous to full for a prolonged time so having that is just loopy it’s unreal and I’m talking about the friendships that I’ve made and that’s just a bonus so I’m gonna name it a day on this video I’m gonna trim up a small bit bit around right here and then open nice looking a couple of of my stuff in there I pause desire to catch some plywood to placed on the ground and draw some cupboards and all that there’ll be another video nonetheless I just wished in pronounce to catch this up in case it started raining or snow the weather’s presupposed to be getting neatly-behaved wicked this weekend so guys thank you so mighty for all y’all make stronger that is frequently fabulous and hands family homestead maintaining it Dutch and hidden Heights farms they told me you don’t must claim anything about any of these things that we’re doing for you savor this it can presumably also all be on the encourage of the scenes don’t enlighten anything no one desires to know nonetheless I mediate folks must know because there are folks accessible that just detest maintaining it Dutch folks detest hands family homestead and then folks maintain talked trash about hidden Heights farm which I just mediate is loopy these three guys did all this for no recognition the least bit nonetheless I’m gonna give it to them because they deserve it so guys just you guys know how mighty I’m very very grateful and thankful for this nonetheless I desire the arena to know since you guys deserve it and folks just don’t catch to explore the on the encourage of the scenes stuff and all this would maintain been on the encourage of the scenes and no-one had recognized anything nonetheless I desire you guys to know they’re awesome awesome folks and I’m very grateful and genuinely blessed to maintain them in my lifestyles so guys in case you savor this video please genuinely be at liberty to subscribe nonetheless walk hit these totally different channels I’d pretty you subscribe to them to me because they’ve helped me so mighty nonetheless I’m gonna name it a day for this video feature the stove up and then open including cupboards and ground and all that and pass my stuff in there since the storms coming and it’s gonna be loopy confidently not nonetheless it’s Oklahoma so I’ll perhaps be loopy

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    Maintain not know you brother. Good came all over you tonight Nonetheless sudded. Been following the Daniel and Dutch for an extraordinarily long time. Correct men. Happy to maintain came all over you sir. Maintain the laborious work. God Bless. PS through photo voltaic if I’m in a position to wait on let me know. Been in the renewable energy industry for the past two decades.

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    Don't omit to bewitch seam glue to spray or roll on the seams or they may be able to leak

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    You’re doing estimable!! I agree all these guys are fair of us! I be pleased every channel and your complete totally different stammer material that you simply all save out for the world to witness. God Bless You and fair success!

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    That definatly seems soft. Any chance you would get a have interaction of some titillating coloured pool noodes? (Red, yellow, inexperienced ext. Blue dont stamp up as fair in low mild) In that case develop a slit from one damage to the opposite and push them for your handbook rops which are preserving the corners down. That method in darker mild they are going to seemingly be seen better. Even supposing only one on every rope or a half of length particular person who youll be not lower than abke to net online page the anker damage of the rope so that you simply dont rush back and forth in the occasion you may per chance capture to rush piss at night time ext. Tripping on a handbook rope sucks.

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    Huge video Jason, the tent seems good. Daniel, Dutch, and Kevin are 3 gargantuan men to maintain as visitors. I be pleased all of them and their households. Maintain a Blessed Week *HUGS & PRAYERS* from Kelly and critters at Piney Haven Dwelling.

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    You presumably did estimable dang all by your self


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