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Hiya, we’re Jeremy & Ashley. We’re a broken-down navy family who face a medical initiating and needed to initiate over. We now live in an off gird cabin that we built (are peaceable building) by ourselves in backwoods Canada. Join us as we share our story transitioning and building our home from the ground up.

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let’s real imprint the grey cat hi there all those guys but huh how’s that serve then that’s odd that’s hideous wasn’t purported to be on yeah let’s imprint if here is admittedly plot effectively no she’s so cute you’re Becca Stanley properly I delight in it’s gonna kind itself out in a second huh hi there Sean Alaska thumbs up how’s every person doing candy real evening Cindy Cindy real evening from Arkansas hi there Hilde hi there every person hi there Jessie thumbs thumbs up gorgeous Pam hi there from Ohio your mouth Nancy real evening real evening hi there how changed into every person’s day set up you possess hundreds snow where you are we set up yeah is pie gorgeous attempting to rating the video esteem plot up effectively endure with me but I delight in it sorry Bonnie hi there every person Linda hi there from Missouri like your whole snow you’re getting by no approach a day you don’t must know you’re coming into yeah I don’t iciness sooner or later esteem roughly hear you here lately we bought extra coming the following day Sean Alaska hi there you guys hi there Anton hi there from war in Missouri hi there Ridge life hi there from Ridge life where’s Ridge life Rock safaris what department of the military possess been you in military mm-hmm I changed into thinking Mike Witt aunt Minn I didn’t mean man esteem that I believed when he stated that yeah I changed into thinking what department of the navy the Air Pressure Navy signals that changed into a sig up Rachel Rumbo hi there from Arlington Texas Texas hi there Cindy it’s all real laughs fine you would possibly possibly presumably imprint me partially extra importantly the grey cat and it’s all real okay now here is what I even prefer to advise of us I’m gonna rating at the serve of and take a are expecting at to withhold yeah feedback coming in so of us that are recent to our live streams you’d take hold of to learn thru hi there it’s all real Andrew shiny 87a from Texas hi there West Texas hi there fine with any luck I’m asserting this gorgeous Corinne cor-ai in any terrain terrain yeah Carine doubtless possibly that there’s two ends gorgeous hmm let us know and then whenever you happen to mumble it we presumably neglect yeah Ellen woohoo I finally made alive hi there from Alberta hi there overjoyed you made it Anthony hi there hi there Manuel ah hi there from Berlin Germany hi there oh I purchased a cousin residing in Germany yeah and I now we possess got family in Alberta yeah we live no Burton lived you know yeah we don’t live there now Donelle hi there from upstate Fresh York no home Court how the heck set up you possess a thumb down already what did I leave out I delight in now we possess got some of us who real don’t esteem us gorgeous Yeah gorgeous away it’s doubtless somebody that’s been canned yeah yeah oh properly so that they are going to peaceable glimpse it they real can’t utter yeah yeah yeah I purchased some extent to up yeah I rating Jack all better my life to set up Ridge life West Tennessee Darrell hi there from Nova Scotia extra snow coming the following day y’all big job in the ceilin thanks I know you’re real asserting that extra snow the following day real bought plowed out and then it snowed all final evening and once more the following day yeah Rachel no snow and tantum some thumbs up Hill Johnson shapely cat I know alright stumble on at her yeah and the shaded ones gorgeous but roughly at the serve of me now she changed into born gorgeous on Canadian Forces Deplorable Shiloh in Manitoba yeah she changed into the supreme one that did form it out of the box so she came home and I rating a feeling that she changed into esteem six weeks she doubtless shouldn’t even chemo and she changed into so miniature eight years later buddy no snow gotta be ninety yeah bunny no snow here Cindy hundreds rain no snow here Riley hi there every person hi there Jesse what is your subsequent project inner those box in the water lines in the kitchens yeah doing the tidy on the partitions that we set up possess done and then that being doubtless yeah possibly at least this half esteem that half of it yeah and possibly this phase and then leave the backside phase yeah attributable to they might possibly possibly in actuality imprint for the cable a terribly imprint what you’re asserting they don’t in actuality yeah I know yeah sorry yeah but tidy in there and then and then possibly this ceiling yeah gorgeous attributable to you’re rolling with ceilings gorgeous now possibly we’ll set up the cathedral thanks yeah we gotta rating a gradual for the kitchen to effect that up dan hi there hi there James what’s up mbf you’re taking a look at it what’s up with you Melinda we don’t rating worthy snow anymore in Missouri where I live so I’m jealous of the snow you’re getting yeah it’s fine it’s shapely anyway ROC SAS retired here radon thanks for your provider yeah Rebecca hit the small keyboard in the decrease gorgeous hand corner the he needed to esteem button it helps their channel that’s a real advice mm-hmm hi there Aggie real evening every person from Perth Australia hi there how are you I set up that’s esteem easy daeun properly thank you Dan yeah that is terribly worthy favored thanks for supporting Mabel very firm and YouTube Lake for real thanks loads we drastically admire it for real it’s at all times stress-free seeing that yeah um no it’s not no it’s no hear me out here hi there Monica hi there from Seattle hi there Ron hi there from pootie act Fresh Brunswick hi there Gary no quantity I delight in I delight in it’s alright on our end yeah Kenny every person else hear us hmm and Gary whenever you happen to imprint that they are going to flip up your quantity Dan Phoenix Arizona all gorgeous on so it’s doubtless shapely fine there Ridge life hi there James Harry Jake real evening from Spano wha Washington I don’t instruct I’ve ever heard of that no Rachel Rambo set up y’all rating bored with all that snow um each so regularly but this 300 and sixty five days’s been a terribly real 300 and sixty five days esteem I haven’t had a form of snow it changed into a sinister 300 and sixty five days with positively I’d positively rating bored with it um welcome every person from every person therefore in each single space Riley oh no excuse me Cyndi I admire like like yah no thank you properly we admire like like you all certain we set up I will rating every person so if I’m esteem at the serve of in the chat anybody recent here there’s nothing historical to how we bustle our coast I’ll rating to every person so we rating roughly at the serve of but sorry about that but at least every person will get a Hey um sad hi there Lloyd hi there hi there hi there extra family in each effect Missouri hi there Emanuela no snow here since final iciness 2019 but we had a form of rain all gorgeous gorgeous now we’re yet whenever you happen to already stated it I’m sorry Riley she’s cute kitty Dan overjoyed you didn’t advise I know we’re overjoyed to I don’t know what we’re thinking now esteem it real feels roughly I don’t understand it feels crazy Keith Detroit in house what’s going down up there kids it made Minnesota under zero the following day here in Minnesota cease warmth Rebecca where we’ve handiest been getting rain rain extra rain in southwest Indiana surprisingly enough we bought some rain not lengthy after the massive snowstorm on that took made the snow so sinister your cats are so candy I know gorgeous the assorted cats whenever you happen to imprint your head real in the corner ya can imprint the piece of her head yeah real on the assorted facet Ashley she’s esteem are you gonna touch her I’m gonna leave are you guys going to web at a guardian cattle canines in the lengthy bustle we’ve been researching donkeys and llamas attempting to head that route but there isn’t worthy around that yeah I know gorgeous and there’s some assorted things that we presumably prefer to handle with that so I don’t know doubtless gonna learn it it’s gonna be at a time when it’s far shiny it’s gonna be researched effectively this time and all of us possess it it’ll be the real deal after we set up it yeah yeah Christian is this Christian high from Argentina guys hi there o’donnell’s Aussie home plot how cold is it there in the intervening time I delight in it’s minus 3 that’s in actuality shapely warmth – 4 Celsius which is the coldest goes to rating tonight – it’s going down at minus 24 mati yeah it’s 25 Fahrenheit and let’s imprint where’s it out here no it doesn’t teach that here even supposing minus 13 and listen yeah so it’s not sinister it’s not too sinister Rachel where’s your candy small girl she’s in mattress Ellen hi there chums hi there Dan once more thank you Dan very worthy admire it Rebecca the Susan hi there it’s far snowing here in Indiana it’s odd it snowed we didn’t even understand it changed into gonna snow extra final evening after we bought that cleared up this morning yeah one more 4 inches or so mm-hmm which wasn’t too worthy but after we had bought where’d we rating one more foot of snow sooner than that yeah but then to salvage there no we bought extra than that didn’t we they possess been purported to be a pair toes that’s it’s purported to be cosy but it changed into it being esteem a foot and assist on rain and sleet rain here let me snow lloyd says Rebecca moorefamily O’Donnell’s Aussie home teach what’s a darryl crazy tropical music at the end of all of your vids prefer it yeah no we admire it real esteem it’s roughly a part now yeah it’s esteem you you real leave on a high display yeah that’s yeah that’s what esteem it’s esteem 30 seconds mm-hmm everyday is a celebration here at maple berry yeah it’s esteem where we must be it’s esteem you glimpse all this snow snow then Ellen we bought hundreds snow at the present time oh did you possess been you out once more Ellen did you advise Jeff Shane evening of us evening Nancy oh I’d like to imprint the cathedrals done and I even possess snot to share yeah I understand it’s me awesome yeah that will possibly form sense to be the subsequent one attributable to we bought the gentle already up there too so we might possibly possibly work around that shapely with out teach hmm I’m getting quite far at the serve of sorry about that nation-advise Akers hi there from Northern hi there O’Donnell’s I’ve long gone yep James loud and determined awesome certain I hear y’all fight quantity beautiful Ellen I delight in it changed into your final video posted while browsing at Dwelling Depot you made me possess a terribly real chortle yeah ship up your spirits your inexperienced navy underclothes you had on to Darrell so I’m overjoyed you made up our minds to cease gorgeous there sorry so so overjoyed you made up our minds to cease attach aside on your space stated you would possibly possibly rating it guys you’re frozen must all ought to peaceable be your whole snow is he’s cold your whole time um Thomas hi there every person the core goes hi there guys hi there Derek East oh no I skip saddle tramps sorry salutary cold Montana now if I skip you at John a cause real so if anybody will get skipped I fully am NOT doing residences real recom in it I won’t skip me change into involved subsequent time in present for you don’t set up bone cuz they’ll be bald in each single space oh yeah guard the bald current cold Monday to Neffe you mentioned a kataka weeks previously can you rating a concert all gorgeous let’s imprint point to your guitar he’s real very ultimate it sounds esteem an angel here you wanna hear it real quickly and then you definately can advise me you’re going to listen to extra of this [Music] possibly they’ll welcome to mapleberry livestream rating the guitar performed for you hmm serve to this now jumpy extra of our at the serve of you Derek East Alabama 30 degrees at the present time obvious take hold of to imprint some snow properly ship you some yeah extra family the core goes real imprint massive tree massive dreams hi there RJ I loved your final video while getting your stealing plod in actuality I esteem the one alongside with your wife better you doubtless failed to Nancy home Virginia hi there Bruno in depressed health are you going to rating a rooster no play isn’t getting a rooster no but possibly possibly in a pair months yeah gorgeous now yeah I’m not getting any extra animals gorgeous now to this no Rebecca you know each assorted you would possibly possibly presumably real pass thru faster yeah you know we had some snow the day previous to this in El Paso Texas is that same previous that sounds take hold of to me it wouldn’t be locally Dan – oh no oh there you accelerate Dan channels esteem yours has inspired my wife and I to switch forward on her accelerate so thank you withhold it up we admire your channel awesome feedback esteem that your whole easiest bye over here withhold us posted on how things are going alongside with your traipse certain Darryl Jeremy possess you ever figured out the approach you’ll form your doctor’s appointment now that you just made up our minds to cease attach aside I in actuality mentioned sooner than there changed into quite to drive whenever for you guys yeah it’s it’s a 200 mile round day commute in actuality we’re enraged to head at the present time cuz I had a specialist appointment at the sanatorium and st. John which is 2 hours each approach so we real you know fundamentally throat the atomize day traipse day yeah so what we’re gonna set up commerce that inquire is the halfway factor doubtless esteem now we possess got our camper in the summertime so now we possess got esteem four and a half months of the camper on that predicament but we’ll doubtless rating the piece of small piece of land that approach cuz I wanna hunt deer that approach anyway I’m gonna adhere here doubtless small bezel and attach aside camber on it that’s roughly the short one gorgeous now yeah Wendy – hi there I know excuse me James evening Jamie no thank me evening very in depressed health it changed into – 24th windshield at the present time in Edmonton driving the T labs around no windshield so fine axe that’s esteem Shiloh I historical to I at all times drove a bison no windshield so I real I in actuality a form of guys esteem the balaclava and stuff I at all times esteem real add the headband and then the Gago scarf goggles helmet it wasn’t too sinister hi there from Turner Oregon hi there Rebecca possess you ever made a prefer listing on Amazon for kitchen items you would possibly possibly presumably like to possess I don’t know how one can set up it yet so no we haven’t unfortunately we don’t in actuality know what to set up in Amazon yeah we’re entirely lacking out on you yeah James y’all hit that gentle real belief James our but one more James hmm does James elevate this James carrot hope I teach alright our subsequent blast of snow begins tonight massive dreams your kitchen ceiling changed into out big thanks John hi there there y’all hi there Sammy this YouTube channel goes big I am hoping y’all are big blessings from Tara thank you yeah John hi there guys Jemile Texas hi there spikes hi there guys any gold on your Robert E nothing – no if I am hoping yeah that’d be frigid if that is the case I’ll hook you up with a pair of of my processing prospecting gear come summer season not that I know of but I’m not precisely I’d prefer to imprint esteem him massive piece of gold to possess any clue what I’m doing gorgeous yeah but that’d be frigid yeah um John off grid hi there there hi there hi there IRA Kenneth 45-ish windchill in Winnipeg oh fine – Abby five-ish that’s shapely the core targets every person’s nationally real belief the busy lion stated hi there 99 glimpse and let’s preserve up on the likes Ridge life hi there country I’m in a position to hi there you funky and frigid off critters I finally made it yeah I gotta accelerate hit the esteem button big on cheers hi there from Ukraine yeah I am sorry but enough ot is all I know is it caught sorry if I stated that one but hi there the automobile goes esteem this message hi there Dan comes up Sean you ought to peaceable file that and exercise it on your movies I esteem it yeah I historical it a riff in certainly one of them sooner than cod thanks for joining Nancy hi there David greetings from the massive advise of Missouri so in here possibly five inches to this point oh wow enough fine – in time for Michigan hi there the busy small busy small house I’m in a position to’t play the guitar I set up you play the bagpipes oh oh dude we might possibly possibly set up a duet yeah I real gotta set up it Sammy possess you ever heard the recent Pearl Jam song big – no not that I know I don’t instruct so savage amp that changed into big thanks I play a a Seagal sword I’ve withhold the real work thanks John hi there there hi there there I am from Michigan oh gorgeous on extra David hi there from a fellow who’s there opens Thank You crane that’s awesome mm-hmm Preserve conclude be real evening we in Decrease Michigan aren’t getting worthy snow here this 300 and sixty five days thanks for the live point to Yeah gorgeous Rebecca here is a big belief to effect your camera Saenuri yeah it’s far nearer now it’s real esteem getting it into space esteem we can handiest exercise that so worthy is where it’s at gorgeous now yeah shapely cat no gorgeous shapely fine um what roughly horse piss you drinking the evening Stacie here is from grim Ross it’s in actuality a neighborhood one in Fredericton Fresh Brunswick it’s a German model up hills there it’s shapely real James gonna bustle y’all NBF just like the channel kitchen is calling big withhold the real work real evening god bless thanks Ridge lagers hi there I’m in me too Ricky hi there y’all hope y’all are doing real from Sanford North Carolina we are thanks core targets I delight in that’s a clap cat is main yeah yeah ante thumbs up rustic haven recent villain like you to tears Gordon Angela hi there thanks for stopping by we’re esteem neighbors yeah Melinda I live reach Springfield Missouri no snow real rained Thomas when y’all getting a canines not in the intervening time possibly real esteem after we in actuality must prefer it gorgeous James how did the Jen fix final return accelerate will most certainly be time to commerce producers God you know what that the champion the massive one I’m in a position to’t leave it might possibly presumably be any climate it might possibly presumably initiate gorgeous up gorgeous isn’t the massive one but that that’s an inverter model it’s a definite form gorgeous so as that inverter one it’s it’s in there down the road anybody’s now he’s take a look at-in even supposing I did so worthy in here we can handiest set up so worthy you would possibly possibly presumably’t drain and gas in here set up you mean the assorted one set up that I real returned in essentially the most contemporary video I know no cat doesn’t even real I’m real and the assorted one changed into not a champion so as that is real a definite label altogether but I mean a champion I honestly haven’t had no issues it that inverter smells a small bit assorted possibly that plot but but I’d like that Honda’s real times four times the money if not extra gorgeous mm-hmm real predicament to face all gorgeous um commerce ranch Rebecca I will learn the Amazon listing and rating it to you furthermore mght add Kanak of it I even possess I if truth be told possess a form of it I’ll give to you but all the intention thru it thru Amazon will most certainly be less expensive than transport enough yeah yeah alright I it’s it’s odd cuz there’s a form of things I’m in a position to’t now we possess got a MacBook and the assorted the laptop we historical where we had done a pair of things Amazon some time previously I handiest know how one can set up it thru the laptop cuz you make exercise of observe and stuff hmm but with Mac I don’t know how one can invent the hyperlinks in or anything so as that’s esteem where I’m at ache Firehawk how set up you from caller I don’t possess yeah form my kids and Sam will you’re taking us to the campground summer season obvious yeah why not we point to the a pair of of the of us in peh-chu yeah the camp cattle you’re observing The Lion King that evening yeah yeah yeah give a small bit glimpse of it yeah ROM one and B hi there from north of the province hi there hi there moorefamily Molino of John hi there where can I rating the DZ ceiling in actuality feel esteem you possess an amazing fan that’s in actuality from Amazon mm-hmm that’s uh so it’s a DC ceiling fan we’re gonna present our assorted lights from there too yeah I’m in a position to’t in actuality share the link under that video when they attach aside it in but you would possibly possibly presumably be in a region to web it there but whenever you happen to form in DC photograph voltaic our DC fan 12 volt DC ceiling fan you know in actuality feel web it there’s no there’s gonna be a pair of small point to up Ken alibongo Park interior withhold the massive work and trip that off real freedom Thank You Raven real evening guys real Melinda I’ll rating to anybody from sorry I’m slack you understand it’s esteem it real as a form of of us where are you positioned recent bronze oak das Carol your kitty is giving some Lovins he or she is in actuality shapely real to imprint you guys Vidia she is she’s such a cutie pie yeah it sounds it better than the cats a lady yeah Robbie that will possibly be very ultimate whenever you happen to might possibly possibly web gold on your possess home I know gorgeous yeah Matt uh Noah medigun Claus real where you are at ah it’s far dependent who’s asking in actuality I mean they’re not they’re not too sinister esteem a small bit bit too many restrictions in the jibby mm-hmm on the esteem I’m not asserting there’s I am sayin there’s approach too many restrictions on handguns that’s all esteem you possess to be all that elevate handgun while you’re fishing or some gorgeous which is real big that stuff’s a small bit bit over the head but as far as esteem whenever you happen to’ve a you what it’s far you would possibly possibly rating a gun license here so I’m in a position to raise no topic non-restricted weapons esteem you rating a non-restrictive license and a restricted license but you would possibly possibly presumably elevate any and armour obvious weapons to withhold them on your private home you know set up no topic with them on this property I’m in a position to head and shoot my weapons and every person but the restricted the limitations for ownit handguns is real going to over the head here but it’s quite educated for of us who don’t in actuality know what to discuss gorgeous that’s where they come into play Morris family Melinda spikes Jeremy possess you ever learnt that nearly about all cane has some gold no I don’t know I in actuality don’t know worthy about that I’m in actuality it’s roughly tantalizing to listen to about it even supposing mm-hmm Stacey thumbs up Jeff hi there Barbara trip observing you thanks for your provider my son is a ragged and properly oh big I’m properly thanks for you and his [Music] Rebecca hi there Jennifer cat hi there from Ohio hi there hi there ex-royal canadian how y’all doing real asserting hi there from pet ontario imprint you’re an ex-drug Canadian and you’re peaceable residing in mattress yeah I changed into thinking what’s real outdoor there Pembroke yeah I delight in so it’s Pembroke I delight in it’s yeah locations Pembrook selling its NBC we stayed there sooner than yeah I real spent any time military why’s that I spent that changed into real esteem fundamentally in the arena yeah yeah Nome is home surroundings what you expected we didn’t in actuality possess too many expectations yeah I don’t even know what my expectations possess been yeah our cabin in the woods hi there Frew evening from Oklahoma hi there yeah getting any recent pics on your chair video games lately real the movies of the of the moose I gotta accelerate take a look at them once more Rebecca guarantee to hit the esteem button how does a real advice Dan did you rating monetized once more we by no approach weren’t we owe for the reason that know that video oh gorgeous no not that it didn’t take my stout monetization it canceled that video that I talked about in that if that’s you Tom oh I’m obvious that’s what it’s far you are pears I write pear you are pears I write realize hi there obvious I don’t realize what which approach yeah Sammy please be conscious of the recent Pearl Jam song dance of the Clara for you alright stumble on it up after Sammy definite definite definite mm-hmm Kevin the woods is that a Russian Blue cat no that’s real a grey cat he and every person thinks she’s shapely yeah she’s real esteem a random grey cat mm-hmm who runs around the house scales the curtains hi there she’s crazy yeah but she’s trim gracious in actuality fine customarily after she takes a poop and doesn’t bury it and then bolts thru the house and climbs to perceive what set up you guys instruct the coronavirus I delight in it’s not real I am hoping that folks don’t rating it gorgeous okay I am hoping you rating sorted out Laurie second live chat I’ve been in a region to glimpse awesome from Alaska that’s frigid massive dreams Jeff I Josephine hi there Ashley Jeremy how is your snow piling yeah yeah now we possess got been lucky to this point not to rating hammer this 300 and sixty five days but here in Pocono Mountains of PA that’s Pennsylvania rate um Ridge I guess y’all don’t prefer to misfortune about pandemic dread up there huh no in actuality not not where we’re at gorgeous esteem I mean I guess whenever you happen to possess been going into the town or one thing gorgeous we are in David we are in Northeast Missouri then Dahlia tube to be real I know some Moors in southwest Missouri went to Kenya Africa with a Chad extra apostolic s– i’m instruct you’re doubtless talking Samantha yeah amber hi there from bill and amber in Ontario hi there spikes we regarded at 15 acres here in South Carolina at the present time to plot a burned owe me burn domain II am on accelerate uh big on Jesse haven’t seen your whole movies but possess you ever ever done one exhibiting what roughly layout of electric machine you possess for your space properly I confirmed the photograph voltaic video gorgeous yeah and then assorted than that I’m gonna attach aside a gradual there and stuff no there’s real roughly no topic in actuality the photograph voltaic one will most certainly be the certainly one of essentially the most in tap college yeah um massive dreams of sizzling waters doesn’t possess propane to salvage a propane tank yeah Josephine I watched you entire you entire your kitchen ceiling are you going to leave it natural stain or paint properly it’s stained with esteem rust to present it esteem a country stumble on big leave it esteem that doubtless leave it esteem that yeah at least for now yeah after we became bored with it then we real paint it hi there guys tumbleweed hi there no excuse me Sean now we possess got big gun prison guidelines here in Alaska heck in the summertime every person originate carries in each single space I’d like to possess that that’s how it ought to be Melinda possess you ever been in a region to work on the no now we possess got it you’re doubtless doubtless gonna attach aside a assist on that gorgeous now at least till the spring there’s approach too worthy snow now we can’t initiate building barns or anything till the spring and the snow is long gone so as that’s positively on assist for a pair of months CG riders in the house hi there Jamie Nelson hi there Henry you would possibly possibly presumably shoot at 3: 06 for your possess home but not a small bit 22 Cal handgun chortle out loud even whenever you happen to had a thousand acres and that’s I understand it’s insane it’s far unnecessary I’m going out and shoot a 50 Cal muzzle loader or 308 no topic but yeah handgun oh no it’s real of us uneducated o’donnell’s gotta accelerate bye every person yeah massive JJ there SEC X ro I’m Pam Brooke knew your pet yeah yeah ex-royal but peaceable in pet in a single more commerce and selling navy enough enough what’s that mean Oh esteem a esteem RC a RC esteem your broken-down artillery or RCR real threw me off all gorgeous radon what are you doing now in the navy at the present time vit fine talking to you or RCC James any mice around the kitchen feed is at all times a nuisance nope mm-hmm rooster feed no yep PA yeah I prayed after I stated it I changed into esteem yeah it’s deaf attributable to I be conscious Philadelphia PA mmm which somewhere I must accelerate real rocky tan yeah yeah Preserve conclude possess you ever guys tried a photograph voltaic generator no I real stumble on into that why possess you ever’ve been observing you attributable to you first began curly oh okay she real ran up the curtains now and younger Tom you’re crazy you’re – oh yeah yeah I rating her up here Kalama head off oh yeah by project of the lead of a shiny learn on my header stand so she comes and jumps at me watches in the intervening time observing you from San Juan Puerto Rico oh no I’m set up you possess any possess you ever learnt any Persians no I don’t instruct so not gorgeous now top bro I uh no possess you ever been to Fresh Zealand no now I’ve been Australia but I didn’t form it over to Fresh Zealand Gary Biello burgers are hi there Preserve conclude very ultimate job placing in the wood and the kitchen oh thank you she’d be Hollow Gary hi there records out Preserve conclude very ultimate job hi there from Bert’s corner hi there Tyler hi there guys kitchens wanting real – hope you having fun with the snow yeah it’s all gorgeous massive properly off oh my goodness I’ve caught up in actuality massive here it’s a real evening from Wyoming hi there hi there Alan where are you both on board to head off possess been you both on board to head off grid or did certainly one of you would possibly possibly presumably like convincing ah [Music] yeah it changed into thanks to the initiating yeah you gave the impact esteem it made essentially the most sense attributable to everything changed into roughly going downhill yeah we wanted so that you just would possibly possess a house and stuff with out being entirely screwed over yeah we didn’t leave a form of time to instruct it or thought it and possibly that’s a real factor cuz possibly we wouldn’t possess chose to whenever you happen to if truth be told considered it I don’t know I real don’t know no set up you accelerate to the cinema or is that so past decade what we’ve been to Santa teach that frozen film in actuality not too approach serve when it came out possibly esteem on the navy unfriendly here engaged town attributable to they possess been playing it so I took her there and she loved it changed into her first time ever going to the theater yeah we stated we don’t accelerate worthy no but now we possess got now we possess got our campground how one can drive in oh you’re gorgeous that’s not the cinema esteem it’s not can I set up uh Carol – Virginia Sam – BC X RC in from Slager so radon are you of us getting any extra snow certain the following day Darrell yep yeah bunch or even not a ton possibly no there’s six inches yeah I don’t instruct it’s crazy hmm six inches peaceable enough especially if it’s windy then it real roughly banks and stuff gorgeous there I had an uncle in Bathurst who had all many 22 bits and he carried with him rabbit wanting even while riding his ATV in the summertime attributable to you real by no approach know yeah oh yeah I mean not asserting it wouldn’t set up anything dan are you going to be alongside side extra photograph voltaic panels oh yeah bought a enormous up at massive-time vwn many buses you guys I’m serene for the purpose to yeah Susan hi there Vermeil it’s that we real retracted it too slow reg is ready hi there it’s leading here hope you’re all okay doing properly hidden at the serve of Johnson you guys are doing big withhold the real work oh thank you very worthy thank you for the donation worthy favored Doug hi there from Lakeville Minnesota hi there nation-advise acres fine feeling Thanks we did that witness fine Rebecca thank you uh you didn’t invite you welcome Tyler I ought to peaceable qualify that I am from Amherst Nova Scotia and I’m a dairy farmer and I am done with the snow tumbleweeds it’s raining down here in Birmingham at 72 Dan ever considered you I don’t even know what they are burn Dominions possess you ever learnt I don’t know we’d prefer to web it up belief Rebecca everything goes uphill for you kids now free uphill now for you kids I understand it appears to be like to me yeah we’re shapely overjoyed laundries from Boston greetings BW many buses you guys I thought on being serene for the coast okay David real evening of us take care all gorgeous later know set up you instruct the subsequent world recession will be bigger than the final one I even don’t possess any belief if that is the case what would you imply of us ought to peaceable set up to put together as far as a recession recession goes positively not a educated but honestly esteem whenever you happen to rating for your space yeah esteem whenever you happen to rating for your space and then possess a local where you would possibly possibly take care of yourself real on some scale esteem esteem some massive dread tactic but real be in a region to yeah I’m not gonna sit in my porch and advise you that freaking apocalypse coming each week that if truth be told did be considerably ready I delight in it’s real and wit to possess your private home and so that you just would possibly esteem present present around worthy you would possibly possibly presumably every person teach but gorgeous and esteem that’s roughly how we ended up here too is esteem entirely out when after we thought properly after we realized he changed into losing this profession and we’re esteem you know we real needed to form a short substitute and we’re esteem properly what is shiny whenever you happen to don’t possess any money coming in to live so I guess I’d be esteem a recession gorgeous you possess your private home and you’ve got enough land that you just possess water and animals you would possibly possibly presumably hunt so you possess stuff to respect and we knew there might possibly be blueberries on the land I mean maple trees we real assumed so we might possibly possibly form syrup and stuff esteem that so and then we built this entirely we made obvious it might possibly presumably warmth attributable to we ought to peaceable be in a region to respect yeah so and now we possess got 78 rivers freeze so we won’t bustle out of trees and then we’ll at all times possess warmth which approach we might possibly possibly cook even on that gorgeous if we needed to frying up one thing some food so we’ll at all times possess warmth and food and water and that’s roughly what you would possibly possibly presumably like mm-hmm and then building our house esteem now we possess got in actuality slowly ended ain’t nothing admire and it’s not big and we’re doing it as we can present you with the money for to so as that no-one might possibly possibly take it esteem it’s ours mortgage Rebecca I customarily set up too but this family so particular no thanks yeah possess you ever ever instruct you’ve by no approach seen fudge family YouTube certain you guys strike a wire in me of the photos already don’t yeah now we possess got them very lengthy time no I delight in they real sooner or later built the gap and must roughly I delight in real trip the piece of it yeah you’d be my guess it appears to be like esteem it might possibly presumably form sense oh yeah we felt esteem that for yeah Jesse properly gotta accelerate it’s AK we’ll imprint how the snow how worthy lets rating the following day over here on the facet on this facet of the Bay of Fundy withhold the massive work and movies gorgeous on by Ellen what roughly plans for the add-on for your private home real one mattress room or properly there’s no anxious plans on that yet but it it might possibly presumably be doubtless one but we don’t possess any plans on it gorgeous now but we’d mentioned it yeah we’re talking about doing extension for a small bit one or settlement yeah gorgeous now no but that is what we possess been doubtless doing yeah one day if we end up with despite the indisputable truth that we don’t be in actuality gonna rating the storage yeah and then the porch out here and stuff esteem VW thumbs up even supposing massive props thanks mark how set up you all from Deep South Alabama hi there tumbleweed how many eggs per day are you getting for the heads appears to be like esteem we’re getting five yeah most days we’ll rating four but yeah so I guess five but it’s been in actuality cold esteem it goes up and down so that they’re producing shapely real we bought what it doesn’t in half in the fridge and that’s esteem with us spirited eggs each day mhm so that they handiest possess six oh six doing real ya know set up you esteem the metropolis I did I purchased no nothing shocking I rating nothing in opposition to Metropolis yeah Ramon – if I live there all time I’d initiate having some things yeah yeah high from Tijuana the ceiling appears big teach won’t teach weren’t thanks VW orderly substitute eradicating their okay alright that’s real yeah um Rebecca you made a real decision for your life-style this coming from a financial adviser oh thank you Alan would favor to live the approach you guys set up but husband isn’t into it he’s in actuality in actuality in actuality busy with his work hi there but it absolutely works gorgeous you would possibly possibly you would possibly possibly set up your factor on the substitute hand you would possibly possibly presumably set up it on your space that your we began doing esteem I mean things are matching up for what we possess been doing but even years previously we possess been doing esteem sooner than we ever moved here we possess been making syrup real random things esteem no topic you would possibly possibly presumably from a you would possibly possibly can for an home whenever you happen to main to set up that roughly factor but every person Gore redo one thing I don’t know precisely obvious what job is at all times a bunch of assorted things yeah yeah shovel is small yeah Nancy hi there I delight in your space is shapely thank you thanks I delight in it’ll stumble on shapely decent we’re done properly esteem the ceiling and here’s real and stuff oh yeah Carol real evening Ashley Jeremy and Sam possess an shapely evening imprint you guys later BW you both stumble on smashing by the approach thank you yeah mm-hmm you stumble on real too the blue skyline it appears esteem yeah and your fixer yeah no I’m what’s your stumble on on island life residing on an island has assorted dynamics and such I don’t understand it sounds real but I also listing esteem a traipse price oh yeah James any substitute on the automobile wheel is it a runner I’d like couple of bearings in the rear already I already knew that gorgeous so I delight in it’s real sooner or later catching up yeah nation-advise real plans that’s why we moved where we did so that you just would possibly be self-enough is terribly major not working real for us yet but we’ve bought some massive changes coming that’s all it’s real esteem one factor at a time yeah my recent acres real exhibiting up under huh extra family our cabin in the woods hi there uh Murray yeah exhale exhale exhale excluding thank you brainstorm excuse me hi there guys appears esteem you’ve had a small bit song oh yeah you live in Maine and stated and stated decades we had loads some years nothing by fortunately at all times we at all times end up esteem with esteem we possess been in uh we’ve been thru Candida in esteem assorted provinces and even on it down here we rating extra here than where we’ve been at least yeah I’d teach yeah in the region’s we’re at at least it’s not as cold here because it’s far now burner Manitoba except you esteem Morris you esteem Saint John Fresh Brunswick working on the wing all my goodness certain it’s a Piercy esteem wine is 20 there it’s esteem guaranteed wind and it’s esteem rip thru your garments attributable to it’s real so dance but even ice being a pair hours in there we’re extra inland it’s a small bit better that but we rating hammered at the snow you but even a down here’s a tight drugs anyway moderate is 15 to 17 toes or one thing it’s odd cuz then you definately’ll possess esteem one month in the summertime and it feels esteem you’re in Africa esteem he doesn’t even seem esteem you’re in the identical country it so ha so irregular Josephine possess you ever heard about giving rooster oyster shell certain already take a look at into it feed sir yeah yeah properly you know what after we first introduced them here their shells possess been in actuality in actuality soft and I don’t know if it changed into from the touring or what but of us possess been asserting about the oyster shells and feeding them serve their very possess shells yeah and I started feeding them serve their very possess shells overwhelmed up in actuality in actuality finely and now they form very ultimate anxious shells esteem real esteem a same previous egg so I don’t know if it changed into real cuz they possess been wired or attributable to they main that and so I’ve been feeding it to them and I’ve been giving them apple cider vinegar most mornings not each morning but most mornings and their shell is in actuality real they’re producing in actuality big so that they’re real Birds yeah they’re gracious they’re talkative yeah yeah wants aggression snow tires once more what are your favorites lately uh I at all times esteem BFGS IVF g/km Three’s possibly now those are the massive ones even supposing the thirty-sevens are P F cheese shoot I’m in a position to’t be conscious what those are on it there now we possess got jeez – are they I don’t wanna advise I’m in a position to’t be conscious Timo Wayne wasn’t here yeah he’d be conscious what we placed on Josephine I watched lawmakers and he mentioned it about ourselves news chicks yeah no we’ve heard that in actuality from a pair of of us yeah Nancy bought a bit so goodnight like y’all thanks John by mind hurt okay yeah I I did one thing the assorted day and I’m every person’s esteem real a bunch of lol’s and chortle and we can’t road it changed into over and then esteem Frank sinister esteem I’m typing you know I mean here is friggin math teacher English teacher [Music] that two minutes ya know set up you possess any improvements for your group over are you say material say material alongside with your group not you taking any real esteem ut-oh communities real yeah we’re beautiful Rebecca goodnight rating Nancy rip Merc how did you present you with me a extraordinarily firm attributable to there’s maple trees maple syrup and blueberries on the land mm-hmm and then we originally main to initiate a farm so it’s esteem maple very far yeah whether or not we’re real farming blueberries and maple syrup I don’t know we bought chickens in I delight in we’re real farmers now we possess got chickens cats and a fish gorgeous we’ve infirm cats for esteem a decade oh yeah we don’t farm had cat farm gate Josephine I’d like to possess chickens but here in this affiliation I’d also be handbook maple trees blueberries on the property certain that’s it ma’am I know possess you ever heard of faith Goldie no ken you would possibly possibly be real beautiful we spent eight point five years off grid in the center of the bush and I’ll accelerate on kapag house in a 12 by 15 foot cabin with a sound asleep loft nor any must real photograph voltaic wind power Oh bwn big job Ashley for giving them defective shells it helps yeah it appears to be like to yeah real yeah I don’t set up it each day there cuz their shells are in actuality stable now so I don’t at all times give it to them I don’t prefer them at all times gettin historical to it I guess but I changed into real gonna load you know teach hi there hi there James the ceiling appears terrific big Chad gotta accelerate evening all okay gorgeous off later James PS extra guitar yeah yeah possibly I’ll add it in the video coming up Preserve conclude set up you guys rating enough wind around a windmill yeah there’s in actuality customarily quite quite wind above the trees gorgeous so we are in a position to we are in a position to we desire a windmill moorefamily gotta accelerate off of here four o’clock comes early fine seeing every person yeah extra guitar okay gorgeous on possess a real one Sean possess you ever guys made maple syrup yet that appears to be like shapely frigid to set up yeah we made it obviously not this 300 and sixty five days attributable to it’s not time yet but man a pair extra weeks we’d be in a region to initiate doing it here but we’ve made it it’s been six years now since we made it but we made it that changed into final time we made it so but now we possess got made it for we’re waiting for making once more it’s far stress-free to form VW thank you guys for observing your whole feedback it’s fine to listen to from you in person man it’s here is here is how we take hold of to set up that dream we real take hold of to real seek the recommendation of alongside with your buddy if not I’d possess identified the canines would I couldn’t real sit here and discuss candles or one thing I’m Rebecca gorgeous now uh massive dreams possess a huge evening and be off I must log in withhold the real work gorgeous on thanks loads bye Rebecca whenever you happen to kids must come to the States now we possess got heaps of room and shapely worthy the center of the u.s. stuff gorgeous on gonna withhold that suggestions imprint you subsequent week Ellen how far is your garments your retailer it’s not that sinister it’s esteem 15 2015 kilometers 20 kilometers somewhere around there it’s not that sinister 15 20 minutes real a small town and it has girth retailer gas attach small space that sells rooster that’s about it I went to home home improvements esteem home improvements on it with serve lumberyard big brainstorms a kathy thank you for your provider and you deserve your whole real things depend properly thank you Darrell set up you ever possess issues with trespassers know some off-grid of us set up from time tight set up you signal a signal it’s real wondering yeah now we possess got signage up no trespassing in diverse locations but as a real issues passers there assorted than animals if somebody’s trespassing out here I mean you live in the woods yeah it’s real the chance of that going down here so saloon yeah BW bf G’s possess been soft in my trip how many miles possess you ever gotten I set up esteem the tread I in actuality what I loved about B of G’s is that they they we’re real is that they’re real I at all times thought they’re real steadiness they’re real steadiness between road where and off road attributable to I esteem a mixture gorgeous I esteem a real off-road and Boulevard where so I’ve at all times loved the bf G’s for that motive but those I even possess on the truck gorgeous now I know they’re not bf G’s they dread me gorgeous there but I also rating rating real pricing I if truth be told possess a buddy that owns a tire store so he’ll advise me assorted pricing assorted tires and you know I’ll accelerate from there a form of times Shawn Alaska now we possess got birch up here and of us set up birch syrup I could possibly possibly give it a collection up that 300 and sixty five days all gorgeous on yeah I’ve seen I haven’t done preserve but I’ve seen it done yeah can rating up in tidy air about 30 foot above the treetops and you’ll be beautiful for wadies any questions requested I seen leave out your whole off-grid programs all gorgeous learn on yeah you possess been asserting we must take hold of male yeah he requested about if we take hold of oh yeah is so real here yeah no I’ve met somebody who has a canines makes his canines possess a vegan diet the canines is a literal walking skeleton I delight in there ought to be prison guidelines in opposition to that form that form of vegans yeah yeah I don’t know that’s the mean I don’t sound real he’s positively not respect enough yeah Dan by no approach come to me I mean I personally esteem will most certainly be a by no approach be a vegan but no topic so we absolutely wouldn’t form our pets either but not a pair of canines loss of life off yeah dan ever come to Phoenix my wife and I’m in a position to be overjoyed to point to you around gorgeous on withhold that mine too yeah Phoenix ends talk gorgeous now yeah imprint you subsequent week and week after that PW Unlit Bears our security cats real don’t quit ground stage uh thanks for your understanding on Bo cheese yeah the that’s out the Zacks I in actuality feel the identical approach with libraries they real they real sterling shapely real around here nation-advise acres evening all evening Ukraine is once more with you to web at you yeah I mean Dustin big job on doing kitchen ceiling I trip observing your movies thanks for observing them mm-hmm Susan hi there guys accelerate forward to imprint you once more can you tap any roughly maple trees and rating the SAP to form syrup sorry if my questions are small slow no you would possibly possibly presumably’t you would possibly possibly presumably tap maple trees any of them any of them possess been shapely excluding a pair of of them real possess the next sugar say material yeah which approach he needed to boil yeah yet to boil lasya vegan is an all native observe for depressed hunter yeah precisely esteem I’ve seen a meme esteem that did you stated that yeah what set up you instruct yeah properly that’s my bedtime yeah thank learn her down they’ve in actuality officially caught up to every person the final small bit takes me an hour to set up but a min this the Wednesday live coast seen change into a part so you know possibly we won’t ever set up it once more that’s what we stated asserting we’re gonna yeah can’t schedule them but we’ll by no approach be here once more on Wednesday yeah which approach we yeah but thanks for one thing by Dan Rebecca Shawn Susanne Dustin mind caught nation-advise BW Rebecca I’m repeating of us now anybody else every person who’s here there’s 91 of us peaceable here I delight in thanks for stopping by Dan Phoenix is 54 degrees I’d take that gorgeous now yeah possess a real evening thanks abba name we’ll swap spots with dan you come cease here we’ll accelerate there we’ll imprint you the following day bye bye goodbye

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