Most Luxurious Farm Life in An Industrial Off-Grid Shipping Container Residence

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Most Luxurious Farm Life in An Industrial Off-Grid Shipping Container Residence
on July 23, 2020
Jennifer purchased 42 acres on the Fleurieu Peninsula in Australia wait on in 2016. At the time it turned into as soon as a entire clean slate, and he or she’s added paddocks, a rainwater catchment device, a record voltaic array, a vegetable garden, trees and her unbelievable industrial shipping container dwelling!

She even went to this point as to get her dwelling and loads of systems totally “council-authorised,” which system they meet the native building regulations and he or she shouldn’t comprise any headaches referring to her property. She owns each and every form of animals alongside side horses, sheep, goats and alpacas.

On her weblog, Slight Residence Sustainable Living, she’s writing weekly updates about her bound: From dealing with the council to selecting her create to stewarding her property and animals. There’s so powerful we are in a position to learn from her, nonetheless first, expertise the tour of her little dwelling!

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