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all people welcome to prepper junkie k so one among the requests I to find from loads of of us is to mediate about my delight in meals storage so doubtless you’d give them some solutions on what they ought to tranquil to find or what they per chance they don’t delight in etc so I don’t customarily have interaction to justify of us about my meals storage or masks them so I’m hoping you guys love this so yes we’re in beginning my quantity 10 room my quantity 10 can room that’s what the majority tournament right here is I attain lend a hand things esteem macaroni mac and cheese right here because my youngsters indulge in it so I have a tendency to lend a hand this field down right here and rotate one the one upstairs goes out moving down we’ve purchased powdered milk chocolate milks and then up right here and that’s a cat that gray field is a candy field the place I lend a hand various now not easy candies and things esteem that and then I lend a hand a bunch of espresso for glaring causes and I if truth be told delight in just a few cans of tins of this powdered Gatorade I wish I extremely counsel you respect in the occasion you’re going to to find dehydrated or ill all the way by any to find of emergency it’s gonna be now not easy to to find clinical attention and replenishing your fluids as all people knows is enjoyable significant so I extremely counsel you to find some of those powdered butter I’ve purchased some salt there and then down on the underside row right here I’m the very bottom road I to find of strive to lend a hand every little thing together so the underside rows esteem banana slices apple slices and things esteem that so it’s my fruits and then they’ve purchased a kindly chilly to deep so there’s my sips and there’s vegetable soups alphabet soup things esteem that vegetable stew you delight in gotten take a look at-in tacky broccoli or vegetable stew etc and then I lend a hand just a few packs of water down right here as well even supposing I if truth be told delight in loads of water and I’ll shut to that I’ll masks you but I have interaction to lend a hand these honest incase critters honest convenient and then I lend a hand there’s about eight of these surrounding the aid right here eight five gallon freshwater don’t trade my average six months until you place something in there bleach or every other to find of component to delight in interaction them and then I if truth be told delight in a field of honey down there and then these two shelves are meets these two shelves right here chicken and red meat and whatever else k in order that’s my quantity ten room and then we’ll pass on to our next one all pretty in this room I lend a hand to find of a vary of things high shelf is all my rolled oats and now these I to find these from Costco that about 17 to 18 greenbacks presently I purchased my delight in there had been about sixteen greenbacks I’ve looked as if it would other locations and they’re virtually twice as pricey so Costco is the place to head for these rolled oats they’re already sealed for 30 years or prolonged-term storage so they’re already sealed and willing to head you’d explore the date on this one per chance so till 2040 for they’re stored down right here lend a hand sanitary supplies toothpastes bleach and yep 95 shampoos and then it involves some clinical supplies the place I’ve purchased some hydrogen peroxide dental stuff rubbing alcohol on the aid this is a can delight in you easy this up a little bit bit nonetheless it’s esteem I per chance purchased 1500 mm I would proof ibuprofen and Tylenol band-aids ina biotic creams over this form s is my mountain house it goes the final manner down the aid it’s to find of now not easy to mediate about relief there I’m looking for to so I’ve purchased but every other one coming and then I’m storing my quantity 10 cans right here from mountain house the conception is I’m looking for to to find about as a minimal 30 days of mountain house attach together because I if truth be told have interaction to taste a mountain house it’s if truth be told correct tremendous and my youngsters esteem it so I’m looking for to if it’s esteem as I enlighten if it’s honest per chance honest a temporary emergency then I honest desire to make exercise of my mountain house is extra prolonged-term that’s when but every other stuff will near into play but I if truth be told esteem the mountain house mm-hmm came in too prolonged it’s my water purification place I if truth be told delight in the LifeStraw family filter this is a aquapod equipment this wasn’t a shower and likewise you fill it up in your tub to lend a hand the water easy this is a ceramic filter interior so it’s but every other five gallon diagram ceramic filter this is my account or level to 0.02 excuse me it’s a blinding fragment of equipment hmm I if truth be told delight in so I if truth be told delight in two indispensable ones honest in case one you respect goes out or whatever you respect what’s the historical asserting I mediate it’s a one is now not in two is one in order that’s why I if truth be told delight in loads of techniques of doing this and I if truth be told delight in some aqua tablets for iodine tablets yeah and then down below ahead this is solar panels and then clearly lavatory roll all people ought to tranquil delight in a correct lavatory roll and then these are only boxes of batteries some lights this is a volcano one right here with volcano grill and I lend a hand charcoal in the house in the garage for that and then tea lights and things down the underside right here there’s extra buckets and these are sugar rice beans pinto beans sad beans things esteem that they are a nickel is the final manner alongside under there there’s a complete bunch of these these are the if truth be told prolonged-term storage you respect in the occasion you’re the usage of these things man something if truth be told big has long gone down and and in order that’s what these things is is the if truth be told prolonged-term storage stuff so customarily what you attain is to find five gallon mylar bags fill it up with whatever rice again beans whatever add some oxygen absorbers honest you will would favor to to find the final air out and then seal them movie in two five-gallon buckets in the final a prolonged prolonged time k and then rubbish bags is but every other priceless component to lend a hand I lend a hand loads of them on contend with as you’d explore up there k so moving alongside to the next one k so right here’s but every other closet fleshy of meals as you’d explore these are mylar bags and they’ve Pinto sad beans rice again it’s to find of the stuff that used to be in the opposite one but these are a extra manageable the one gallon bags and for simpler exercise and then I if truth be told delight in extra containers this is powdered milk from the LDS cannery now these are my gold but these are esteem five gallon bucket I to find of mediate of the observe I was the usage of for them esteem gold buckets now these are you respect relying what the scenario is if it’s a future survival that proved you most likely wouldn’t give these away but if it’s a short term and I’m looking for to assist a family I could well give them this mmm so interior there’s a gallon of rice a gallon of pinto beans a gallon of kidney beans gallon of sad beans and a gal our gallon rep fleshy of oatmeal yes now not per chance the most exciting tantalizing you ever delight in in there salt and pepper honest esteem this in there now not per chance the most exciting seat in you’ll ever delight in nonetheless it would lend a hand you alive and so I if truth be told delight in two of those ready to head to offer to of us if mandatory so there you hump that’s my meals storage I if truth be told delight in other storage which I don’t if truth be told need to put up on-line but you respect honest be willing you respect per chance some of us feel this is a little bit overkill some of us mediate this is below waste and some of us are mediate this is barely pretty you respect whatever is pretty for you I do know I’m in a position to final in this match for a whereas with my family if something else ought to tranquil happen so though this has given you some inspiration or some solutions and what per chance to to find or what you’d attain and as repeatedly I if truth be told love all people plunge on the stroll and in the occasion you haven’t had that subscribe button please attain so I like it honest let me know you cherished in my videos and yeah we’ll explore you next time guys

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