NEW FARM BUILDING! What Are We DOING With It?! 😮 Transport Container Mission #5

Is It DONE YET?! In this video we slay share 1 of our container make.

What’s the highest manner so as to add structures to a farm? You drop a shipping container onto it!

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Be a half of “What The Farm Girl” on her many CRAZY adventures working their NEWLY BUILT, FIRST GENERATION household farm on 87 acres in Western Michigan. Born and raised a city-lady, she’s checking out day to day what’s she’s fabricated from as she struggles to determine planting, harvesting and equipment repair. With a great deal of tongue-in-cheek humor and heaps of mischief, you by no arrive know what you’ll glimpse subsequent!

Women folks-lumber farms are so very scarce, but Farm Girl shows that women don’t correct hold a dilemma “helping” on the farm, they are able to RUN the SHOW!

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properly this present day is inviting day bet what’s inviting besides me [Music] what you’re doing pass over chunky I will blueprint out it’s nice out cumin cumin cumin taters there you rush Ponte there you rush doggie shrimp hole there you rush how are you doing it is wanted to face up and get to transfer in rush in there lady yeah you end yeah ha Banta says hey buddy yeah he stand up and get inviting yeah they rush for a stroll so we in truth end more walks than this but that is correct the generalized stroll when I’m going on to feed the chickens she walks with me now end the fence line so that is one of a lot of forms of walks that she’ll get at some level of the day yes yeah I note it so nice out this present day yes you’re gonna rush potty properly will chorus from exhibiting everyone that hey guys and welcome help to the WT farm lady Channel whoa I know that seems handsome this present day it in actuality does but it completely’s don’t more or less frigid let’s rush note how the chicks are doing how lengthy hold I had these guys now oh I don’t hear any chirping mm how lengthy has it been as I’ve been per week it’s handsome aloof in right here oh yeah what can we hold everyone’s passed out everywhere holy Pete they ate through their whole food you guys wishes to be rising appreciate crazy this present day is the most indispensable time that they ate through it in 12 hours that’s on my own poop let’s get him stress-free [Music] hey you guys I’m hungry I need water properly apparently there might perchance be a mouse living interior my water container which is now chunky of mouse turds so let’s be gleaming help and get some contemporary water to those guys all gleaming so compare this out note that they flicked that shrimp part on occasion they are trying to drink out of the hole on the side but I doesn’t rush too valid for them hmm yes he says he would appreciate a nugget gleaming now you wouldn’t end it though is you wouldn’t bask in a nugget now until it used to be a snake you appreciate snake nuggets don’t you yes so the quite a lot of day I I was outdoors and I note sassy lumber by into the barn I need a sizable lengthy tail putting from his mouth and it wasn’t a mouse tail Larrick you greater be careful on into the barn later hmm [Music] this at one level used to be extremely organized when it used to be over there but then Eric determined that he wished to retailer hay over there so he moved it over right here which meant that our anything that had been on a shelf and labeled bought save help on the shelf and not within the mark which you can well perchance presumably note some of my labels accessible I in actuality used to be making an attempt to be organized I promise you I was oh hey it’s a tractor Wow alright guys if he might perchance well perchance make this it is wanted to offer this video a thumbs up squawk valid job Eric whenever which you can well perchance presumably make this low dropping the weight so a long way mookee get the eyes RIANZ appreciate on over there yeah guys so these of you who placed your bath that it’s gonna fall he isn’t below yet but I feel the ratchet straps without a doubt saved his butt that is some valid it’s very best gonna give him credit that he didn’t loose um yeah I mean handsome mighty that killed squawk some falling over [Laughter] alright guys but you guys stated a great deal of fall over to needless to squawk it too you correct gonna save them on the wall other folks we don’t hold it seems in actuality dim in right here this present day end you want me up I’m all within the help okie-dokie yes guys which you can well perchance presumably transfer correct search files from Riley to correct a number of years on the keto diets and also you’ll be scampering up and down Cali rocking cupboards movies and snatch the strap there’s a strap gleaming right here I’m now valid at throwing [Music] [Music] so now right here’s the search files from these of you guys who’re patrons over on my patron web page there’s a link within the outline and a link gleaming right here you’re aware of this files whenever you’re all for changing genuine into a patreon and helping to toughen this channel immediately head on over the pledges are dilemma up wherever from $2 a month the overall manner up to $50 a month with each diploma getting various perks so which you can well perchance presumably head over there compare it out no topic you are trying to total however the patrons know exactly what’s going on with this so appreciate interior patrons are aware of all this files they’re also getting up-to-date files on what’s going down with the publishing side so anyway this shipping container which you can well perchance presumably tell that is all that we’re doing you are rotten which skill of that will not be all we’re doing that is share one of many phases so it’s so thrilling and appreciate oh I correct went to uh we as soon as a relatives dwelling very best week and additionally they had been making one thing over there that used to be more or less on par to what we hold deliberate for this identical but various that’s all I’m able to squawk and it in actuality bought me excited I was appreciate oh that is gonna be stress-free so mighty stress-free so yeah I tell that’s it [Music] we hold four four sections of rats there’s three right here one other thank goodness yeah we bought a Sugar Shack – gleaming no there’s one two three four there’s four and I hold a great deal of pellet rat yeah hey in truth why you want that used to be pellets shrimp one oh the overall public sale [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] that’s about 250 buckets give or accumulate no lower than 200 all gleaming I’d attack this on the very end of this video for Tuesday and that we’ve had I don’t know I’m gonna bet roughly four inches of rainfall I’m correct going to uncover you the design money that is that that’s the reason we save these millings down which skill of if I stroll through this this isn’t stress-free that is all stuff that’s getting stuck to my foot watch how dry the milling dwelling is Simmons determined to accumulate a drink out of the water this whole dwelling before Eric save the fillings in used to be all of this clay gleaming right here all of it takes a lengthy time for it to dry out and also you’re repeatedly having five kilos of mud stuck to your booths the substantial idea is to proceed the millings down this form when weighting funds dictate which skill of they’re in actuality getting costly so Wow wonder if I’m able to openness hmm I don’t know your formative years a laborious time greater than I feel I purchased it whoo I don’t know the design properly that is gonna work and the happiness within the door might perchance well perchance spoil a cherished one in right here but anyway so I are making an attempt to uncover you guys this potentially can’t even note my face all gleaming so I needed to uncover you more or less the put we’re at right here we didn’t somewhat get it finished thanks to the rain and the mud cuz we don’t are making an attempt to pressure through there and make most indispensable ruts and no you stroll through there the more cash carry in right here and yeah you get the premise so that is what we hold so a long way we hold the maple syrup dwelling there’s a maple buckets up there all of the quite a lot of maple stuff gleaming there not certain yet what’s going below there perchance there’s a shrimp bit of straggler maple syrup stuff to head below there we’re peaceful figuring that one out oh we’ve bought stuff up there that we don’t consume somewhat assuredly making an attempt offers in right here I feel the bikes are gonna rush below right here and one of the most targets or perchance the Mexican I’m going right here perchance the kid bikes there and the grownup bikes right here perchance that used to be the idea there’s seasonal decorations up there and appreciate seasonal dilemma stuff appreciate tents snow tubes water tubes water no topic stuff yeah and Irish shelf goes to be labeled so if any individual had been to impart accumulate this tent off the shelf right here’s one thing a mark right here that claims Ted leave we might perchance well perchance need two tents so it’s gonna be ten to a intense B so when the formative years you end it’s gonna rush gleaming help to the mark no excuses the highest part that’s not gonna get a mark on the bucket which skill of that’s handsome self-explanatory so all of that is then you get desirable up as properly I in actuality wished to uncover you this whole part appreciate great finished save away handsome immaculate but any other time the weather more or less took a turn so yeah you get the premise though thanks guys whenever you are not already subscribed hit that subscribe button and please match the belt which skill of YouTube will not whisper you when it released new movies whenever you end not hold your Bell on whenever you are subscribed guarantee your Bell is on essentially based on my statistics very best a shrimp percentage of you guys even hold your belt or not and an very just genuine smaller percentage of you guys are subscribes what are you looking forward to that will not be your fashionable farming channel in truth there’s there’s nothing fashionable about any of this whenever you’re looking out for fashionable you gotta rush elsewhere that will not be sorry sorry accumulate care guys appreciate you bye what if I’m able to shut this booth one hand oh my goodness hmm that is also inviting

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