Off Grid Log Dwelling Addition | Tiny Dwelling Renovation utilizing Hand Tools

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It be time to add on to the off grid log cabin to construct it extra delighted for yr round, cramped rental living, especially within the summer season when or now not it’s hot within the loft of the cabin and the bugs are atrocious outdoors.
I am working on my own within the woodland as soon as more, mountaineering on the roof of the cabin, carrying logs on my shoulders and utilizing hand tools to construct an addition for ingesting, snoozing when or now not it’s hot and storing wood and other gives – it feels admire 2017 as soon as more after I built the first cabin right here on the homestead.

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(guitar playing) (digging) – No no, care for this away. (bugs buzzing) (Cali panting) (digging) (mumbling) (digging) (Cali panting) All gracious, come right here pup. You might perchance perhaps perhaps aloof lunge for a swim, gracious? Wanna lunge for a swim? Maybe shall we aloof each and every lunge for a swim, you wanna lunge to the lake? Yeah? All gracious, a pair extra
hours then we’ll lunge, okay? Gather a long way from the bugs. Maybe shall we aloof lunge out
within the canoe in actuality. Will remember to aloof we lunge out within the canoe? Hello? Fully a long way from
the bugs, uncover a flow? All gracious. (Cali panting) (fire popping) (Cali panting) You digging a hole or a bed? (digging) Bustle to derive a long way from the mosquito! (laughing) (digging) Come right here first, come right here. Gather the mosquitoes off you. (sawing) (leaves rustling) (bird tweeting) (Cali panting) (hammering) (hammering) (Cali panting) (hammering) (hammering) (hammering) (sawing) (hammering) Come right here, there’s a corpulent
one for your brow. (hammering) (sawing) (hammering) (sawing) (hammering) (fire popping) Okay, take a look at your dish, take a look at your dish. (sizzling) (sizzling) What are you doing, Cali? Aren’t you ready for bed? (hammering) (hammering) End, cease. (sawing) (sawing) (hammering) 72. (sawing) (hammering) (hammering) Nicely that’s it for this
video, thanks for searching at it. And please don’t omit
to hit the thumbs up and likewise subscribe and
hit the notification bell must you would bewitch to proceed
to gaze the movies. The motive I’m gonna flip
the video off gracious now’s, first of all, I desire a whereas to edit it. But additionally, it’s starting up to
rain and I am out of wood that I want to proceed
doing what I’m doing this present day. So what I’ll be doing is
milling all these pine timber, so I want the trot in account for
to enact of that porch. Nicely cease tuned I guess
for the next episode of that exact porch
construct, I’ll present you what I’m gonna enact on the outdoors of it. Now that is gonna be screened in as nicely, so at closing getting that screened in situation that we are in a position to derive out of the bugs. As you are going to gawk, they’re
totally brutal gracious now. It’s mid June and right here is fairly conventional, but I’d name this the high cease of conventional as a long way as quantity of bugs. And the climate has been slightly frigid so presumably that’s half of the motive. And we factual had a in actuality moist spring and moist frosty climate with a formulation of snow, so there’s a formulation of, lot of standing water
for them to breed in. Lawful gonna plug slightly bit right here. If I care for engaging the
bugs resolve a cramped while to resolve as a lot as me, though they appear to remember caught me already. So I desired to discuss rapid a pair of few issues going on in my lifestyles. So two days ago, nicely
the day prior to this, I became presupposed to be down in Toronto
in court with my partner and a few lawyers who had been interviewing
us, discovery it’s called. And we weren’t the defendants, but we had been extra or less
wrapped up at some stage in a court case between
an outdated skool customer of mine and a provider who equipped it. My partner did some work for them and my company held a
contract between the 2, so we ended up form of
being an intermediary. And we had been incurring a formulation of charges, it ended up costing us,
nicely factual the last few days factual because the lawyers kind
of talked imprint us about 4,500 greenbacks,
so doubtlessly 15,000 greenbacks over the closing four or 5 years, factual literally defending
ourselves in reveal that shall we convince every person that
we had nothing to enact with the litigation and
that we had been factual caught within the center and please
care for us from this assignment. Improbable intention, it in actuality
became very discouraging for us. It became the closing prominent
court case from the alternate failure and all that extra or less stuff, so it wasn’t the of that straight, however the corporations that
adopted up on the again of that alternate failure that I
had in 2011 and in 2010, starting of 11, this became form of the closing holdout from that. We had been, so anyway we had been talking to our lawyer on the level of lunge, I
became right here Monday night time and concept okay, now
I in actuality must derive up early and pressure four hours down to Toronto to satisfy up with my partner and the lawyers and battle thru this assignment. Nicely Monday night time the
lawyers worked something out to where they at closing
got us out of the case, gave us a corpulent and
closing open in reveal that we didn’t must enact it. So the motive I desired to half with that is factual as a reminder, first
of all to you and likewise to me, that there’s a motive I’m
doing what I’m doing now. And that is one amongst the main issues. I factual didn’t admire the
corruption and the stress associated with running within a tool that’s now not totally magnificent. Like I stated, imprint is presumably
15,000 greenbacks in appropriate funds over four or 5 years
for something that we had nothing to enact with, and we
ended up having to lag a long way from it for the reason that probability became
that this drags on for one other two or three years, and doubtlessly will between the plaintiff and the defendant, where they’re persevering with
to fight it out in court. And if we had been aloof
caught in that assignment, we’d be incurring appropriate funds admire loopy, doubtlessly one other 10 or 15,000
greenbacks without a recourse on the cease of it. So we walked away with out imprint,
which became mighty to enact, but it completely became admire I stated,
the closing and closing open of the entirety to enact with the outdated skool alternate and my corporate lifestyles. So what it did remind
me is that it became about two years ago that I in actuality
grew to changed into down the alternatives to work within the corporate world and dealing for a public company
in a do of authority. And I’m so glad I grew to changed into that down. My lifestyles is awesome, unbelievable, I in actuality admire what I’m doing right here. There’s so mighty less
stress and it’s factual where I’m intended to be and where
I naturally are seeking to be. And I factual desired to half that with you, how delighted I am to be in this do, how delighted I am to remember now not adopted that and now not got caught up within the
acquisition of extra enviornment matter possessions and extra wealth
and all that extra or less stuff. Now there’s other issues. Tiny injuries, admire I
mentioned on that canoe time out, I buried an ax within the
again of my hand after I became splitting some firewood. It became in actuality the closing
day that the fellows had been right here, the first episode of the longhouse. And early within the morning,
wasn’t totally wide awake, splitting up slightly bit
of kindling to derive the fire going for breakfast,
hit the again of my hand. Didn’t judge too mighty of
it, will deserve to remember got stitches but I factual taped it again
together and extra or less held my finger immobile for a week
and the outdoors did heal. But the within is in actuality painful, aloof, it’s admire a month and a half now. And I became factual thinking
that I cut again the muscle or nicked a tendon in that finger, so it’s in actuality causing me some disaster and presumably it continually will. And dealing with all
these bugs on high of that. Lawful one of the hardships of
seeking to reside this lifestyle and getting an increasing form of
into it as I proceed to kind this do and the lifestyles. So I’m at closing in that, there’s days that I state
nicely, might perchance aloof I factual be again within the corporate world and
factual derive an do of labor job as soon as more or changed into a tradesman
as soon as more and work within the enviornment down in Toronto or down shut to Toronto where the cash is
better, however the fact is I wouldn’t alternate this for the enviornment. I will’t return to that lifestyle, and we’ll gawk where this goes. We’ll gawk if I’m in a situation to have interaction it up and whether I pays
what cramped funds I in actuality remember with the earnings that I construct
doing this extra or less factor. So I fancy every person
persevering with to regulate to along and gives a boost to me in this race. It manner loads to me and
I’m hoping I will proceed to half it with you. But I’m gonna return in
the cabin and commence editing that video and await the, nicely the bugs aren’t gonna lunge down, but I will fire that chainsaw
up quickly as soon as the rain stops and commence getting some
of that wood milled. But if now not or it doesn’t pause raining or I’m aloof editing, I’ll
factual cease within the cabin and optimistically the solar the next day will pressure these bugs down slightly bit. So thanks for searching at and I stay wide awake for seeing you on the cabin next time. Buy care. (gentle guitar track)

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  • February 21, 2020 at 06:42

    Congratulations on your open from the litigation, and congratulations moreover on your happiness and lifestyles choices. You stay an enviously simplistic lifestyle, and I’m in a position to handiest imagine how much different the total lot would be if you had been in a swimsuit and tie, company ambiance straight away in deserve to on your horny hand built cabin within the woods. So, upright for you.

  • February 25, 2020 at 13:44

    Mr. Shawn thanks for making this compose of videos, it’s terribly keen for me because there would possibly be so many lessons i've be taught whereas looking at this video of yours nature is the correct lifestyles of the folk not within the metropolis or within the social media it's all within the nature thanks Mr. Shawn.

  • March 2, 2020 at 06:18

    agradeceria que pongan los videos en español. el ingles no lo entiendo muy bien . gracias 🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒❤

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    Revel on your videos. Irregular, I noticed you started with a Eswing framing hammer, now a wooden handle , then but some other framing hammer. Bothering you elbow?

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    How can I in actuality relish notification. I’m in a position to’t obtain the positioning.

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    Luxuriate in looking at your awesome videos! So tickled you’re free of the honest matters. God bless you and your family.

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    you might perhaps well presumably presumably also relish gotten no belief how lucky you in actuality are a man love me handiest desires of doing what you effect. defend making videos i will imagine them all day.

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    Hi I m from morroco. In fact I love your videos that makes me tickled…. Thank united states much


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