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Rev Dr John Joseph
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Jesus told his disciples:
“Win nothing for your bound, neither staves, nor scrip, neither bread, NEITHER MONEY; neither comprise two coats apiece” Luke 9:3 (KJV)  

And after, practically three and half of years of ministry, He again asks His disciples:
“When I sent you without purse (money pockets), and scrip, and sneakers, lacked ye any thing? And so that they said, Nothing”. Luke 22: 35 (KJV) 

One in all the directions of following Jesus was to “KEEP YOUR MONEY PURSE AT HOME.”. This could per chance presumably also unbiased comprise sounded so strange for the disciples.

Uncover you ever ever long gone out of your individual house alongside with your money pockets or without your debit / credit card or Paytm or Google Pay with you ? I would snort NO!

But Jesus gave the disciples an valid existence lesson when He told them now not to carry their purse. I comprise this was all a phase of their practicing. Sure they vital the energy and authority in Jesus name. They vital to be stuffed with the Holy Spirit. They were taught to lead a neat, pure and holy existence. But one more major direct which Jesus was teaching them was NOT TO DEPEND UPON MONEY but on the One who known as them into ministry.

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