Provocative From California To Oregon To Are living Off The Grid Video Outing 3 Day 1

This video sequence was as soon as created to be a video journal of my experiences transitioning from a 40+ hour a week job to living without a job Off The Grid. I score survived deep depression and suicidal solutions and were thru each allotment of the Psychological health system. Right here’s my hasten of asserting no to the system and discovering happiness and worth in my have life. I fair recently equipped raw land in Southern Oregon and were impressed by the arithmetic and ease of the GeoDesic Dome. The hot net page of my hasten is being recorded one time out and finally at a time with 100% authenticity.

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[Music] so that is time out three day one add the truck I’ll load it up and now I’m making an strive to capture these gigantic panels off so that you would possibly possibly well position onto my foundation here to resupport it so it’s plenty stronger the panels are mammoth heavy even supposing and so I’m making an strive to utilize these four by fours here to say the panels on and then with any luck I will hump it over since I’m the compatible one out here appropriate now so I’m hoping to derive this all say up and then connect all of them together and then I’ll score my fleshy frame ready to head I in fact can’t imagine that is working appropriate now after I bought the first one down the next allotment appropriate slid appropriate on to the first one and then slid appropriate over into space the place was as soon as supposed to head so the 2nd one was as soon as very much less complicated than the first one and it appropriate looks be pleased it’s all coming together and it’s in fact gonna work so I’m gonna pull the truck ahead and gaze if I will hump on these final two pieces I score this gigantic colour material that you would possibly possibly well maybe maybe maybe gaze over there and I equipped some extra of these concrete pillar blocks here and build in them within the ground so there’s one here and one over there when you would possibly possibly well maybe maybe maybe gaze that and I’m gonna score this gigantic 18-foot colour material that will uncover water for me to boot so it’ll provide colour appropriate next to my dome it won’t block out the Solar from my photo voltaic I will build vegetation below there if it’s too hot and it’ll furthermore uncover rain for me when it rains I picked up the Geo dome and now I’m at a resort and I already drove seven hours this present day so I appropriate bought a resort and it’s been beautiful frigid they upgraded me to a king bed as an replacement of a queen bed so that was as soon as beautiful well-kept but I had dinner went swimming and what roughly tremendous this e-book is be pleased it has sections it’s all color and I mean it’s appropriate for striking a dome together but it’s so detailed and has so worthy stuff in here so day one is kind of over I didn’t construct tons of moreover the deck and then picking up the dome but form advantageous you guys be pleased the video try the playlist and prevent tuned for day two because tomorrow goes to be mammoth eventful

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