Residing in Transport Container Dwelling Off-The-Grid in Puerto Rico

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I hope you are having a lovely day. I’m Pedro Martinez and that is my Camborico video blog post. It is an intro to my wife Rosemarry and I. We moved to Puerto Rico, built our dwelling out of shipping containers and are dwelling off-the-grid. We will fragment what now we delight in learned and out upcoming initiatives. I explore forward to your feedback.

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– okay perchance Santa [Music] [Music] hi there I hope you delight in a lovely day better worthiness ample rosemary and we are at are dwelling from Puerto Rico on the total are starting this blog this our first video what we’re gonna be talking about how construct we transfer to Puerto Rico the things that are details related to a circulate from the u.s. to to the island now we had been dwelling on the off the grid for the past seven years and our properties made our containers so loads of our chums delight in requested us how we’ve accomplished it all these assorted questions and so we decided to officially narrative it and presumably expend this as a building block for for others or a studying instrument to perchance as a handbook to transfer forward on their initiatives in their lives so I’m in the meantime a mom of twins and in disclose that’s a project in itself so with the entire lot that’s been going around right here heather has been extra in the forefront with you realize heading up a entire lot of the initiatives that are going around right here and likewise we’re in the starting phases of our unusual restaurant which also can additionally be named combo Rico which also emphasizes my background is Cambodian and his background is Puerto Rican it’s very attention-grabbing because after we pushed first moved to the island we couldn’t assemble a Cambodian to in this time restrict we don’t know any light residents however oh Rico that are of Cambodia and ethnicity so we’re having a explore forward to search out those in the island confidently thru this block to the restaurant or some of the crucial initiatives that we’re doing our block the united so on the total step one looking to obtain data available on the same time fragment data regards dwelling off the grid and confidently study plenty from you guys in the feedback allotment you realize fragment data that that you just can maybe well witness that we also can presumably be precious to us and we explore forward to to this bolt so thanks so considerable for becoming a member of us this day and I’m gonna provide you with a transient tour of our property advantageous an outline to the assign we are the positioning the things that now we delight in accomplished and disclose you around the farm so hope you obtain pleasure from we’re having a explore on the dwelling from the west side so our dwelling is created from three shipping containers they’re 40 by 8 by 9 toes big the two on the bottom are created from steel the one on prime aged to be a freezer container and those fingers for every wall so installation on the bottom between the containers the closing entry I’d for one other dwelling we beginning two halls four expansive doorways my wife no doubt one of many Olsen twins model Spanish door so we created those out of two by sixes after which stained them for climate prerequisites and the tapas it’s also possible to witness now we delight in a concrete slab it begins of five itself three and a half of inches so the water can advantageous bolt fluctuate because it does rates I became around right here we even delight in metal roof on prime ways that man survived now we delight in the bridge to the 2d ground now we must always always construct that the tulip terrain it became straightforward actually that created steps to the back of the dwelling we’re gonna construct a actually speedily the suited bathroom with a minute office the door exterior to the balcony bathroom delight in the sliding doorways gets room so every of our room on the kids room in the 2d ground has those French doorways we construct delight in the look of the rainforest and the Atlantic Ocean is terribly windy it’s advanced windy an life like now we delight in 15 to 20 miles across weights the total time however the guideline is merely we weld them to the side of the container that has to topic [Music] that is the back of the dwelling we construct delight in the water tank bet 1600 gallon water tank water pump propane it goes to the dryer as it’s also possible to witness one other propane tank it goes for the variety there’s the 10 toes in between the aspects had been wisely that dimension that work minimize off from the container we actually aged it to quilt the entrance and the back of the dwelling the total dimension of the dwelling relying how you’re having a explore at it there are four rooms on the bottom ground which is de facto now we delight in the laundry now we delight in some Peters position now we delight in the bathroom this door true right here and at closing a room is for company or true now we’re the expend of it for loads of storage advantageous to couple freezers chest freezers back there and at closing TV the couch so we construct delight in topped ourselves excuse the mess we’re making ready to transfer to the bathroom there the bathroom downstairs shower and loo some rags closet with thanks who’s the right wisely that’s it for the speedily tour this day don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and seriously the minute bell icon so that you just obtain notified the next videos as quickly as I as I upload them I’m gonna be talking regarding the upcoming videos regarding the off the grid programs the assign there’s water austria city web designate of dwelling in Puerto Rico as wisely the total initiatives that we’re working up around the farm and I dawdle the island so I explore forward to the next video please bolt away some feedback in the observation allotment below whether or now now not is sharing data or shipping containers your opinions about off-the-grid are dwelling in some pointers so any data shall be vastly good to us that is my first video I actually don’t delight in any clue the system to construct video making improvements to I’m actually practicing confidently this advance out okay with the sound with the assorted effects and I explore forward to the next video with you so thanks so considerable for becoming a member of me it’s also possible to originate doing what became that actually is that large what’s that it’s a limiteless dwelling oddly Grave

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