Residing Off The Grid – 800 Watt Characterize voltaic Powered Trailer RV

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Hear to Podcast links below Pause Up up to now with my Podcast links below Strive my podcast, Off Grid Mr. Energy, on Anchor: Residing Off The Grid – 800 Watt Characterize voltaic Powered Trailer, So I needed to uncover you around my Aunite’s 800 Watt photo voltaic powered trailer.

Welcome to my channel: My channel is about How I consume renewable energy to are living off the Grid on the Immense Island of Hawaii. I consume renewable energy Wind Generators Characterize voltaic Panels and other ways to construct my manner of life. I started my channel because I needed to portion my abilities living the off grid. I started with a itsy-bitsy 12v off gird system and now I’m building a Impress New 48v Off Grid Home right here in Hawaii. Whenever you practice me it is possible you’ll survey the put i started and the put i’m going. I’m sharing the manner i relish accomplished this and are attempting to portion any pointers i will be succesful to to befriend others that shall be in the an identical teach or shall be obsessive about living off the grid. There may perhaps be kind of loads of precise recordsdata on my channel and hundreds extra to come. My VLog.

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howdy guys welcome help to my channel once extra uh so on the present time I are attempting to give you guys a inch-thru on my empties off grade trailer guys so as you guys can survey right here she’s received 5 monocrystalline 160 watt photo voltaic panels each correct so 160 160 and a lot others I gotta explain they in actuality checked out in actuality constructive-having a investigate cross-take a look at panels guys in actuality constructive so I suggested her I modified into gonna be correct extra or much less having a investigate cross-take a look at at issues because um we’re on the level of transfer her guys to a special field so that’s why quite loads of these items is most efficient quick-term correct now however we’re fundamentally going to be shifting her and whereas you guys can survey those two storage structures correct right here that’s hers and fundamentally we relish got our dozer it’s on the different facet of the building can’t survey correct now we preserve off a few of the land a miniature bit bit to extra or much less develop it a miniature bit bit level so that modified into going to be a more uncomplicated time to connect to a truck and fundamentally maneuver her the put we want to position it correct so uh let me correct give you guys a in point of fact quick rundown so we received our photo voltaic panels right here correct we also relish six six volt golf cart batteries now be aware guys you received I do know I’m going to rating the comments already cuz I received him on my dad system so my dad um he may perhaps when when we first made up our minds to befriend befriend her out and hook her up with stuff I modified into trim busy doing issues and I couldn’t come up right here staunch now to come befriend them out to rating them going so my dad pre-wired the battery financial institution the an identical manner he wired his okay and he’s using the the factor does he relish six gauge cabling for the battery and right here’s the factor guys I mean the six gauge is itsy-bitsy yes we construct must alternate these wires out however I’m no longer alternate any wires out but because we esteem I stated guys we construct relish to transfer her correct so there’s no sense of me coming in right here and spending your entire money on this heavy-duty cabling and connectors wiring it up and we’re going to transfer her and then I’m going to total up putting off all these batteries and redoing the system because right here’s the conception guys let me need you guys correct over right here so whereas you guys survey the storage building correct right here or this plastic shed factor or whatever from Rubbermaid what we’re going to construct guys it is possible you’ll provide the likelihood to relish cease the smaller ones the ones that’s fundamentally half of the scale it’s received a lid that opens up esteem that we’re going to need one amongst those and fundamentally that’s what we’re going to home all of our stuff in the batteries the 1000 watt inverter that’s below this board right here and the associated price controller that I relish crooked up rapid so that we don’t over be aware the batteries because that modified into the inconvenience that we had been having that once my dad first crooked her up for the esteem the first day she modified into first two days she modified into pretty cuz the batteries are getting up in in voltage and amperage however after that the inverter didn’t are attempting to work for the explanation that voltage modified into too high it modified into over 15 volts and at that level we’re initiating to boil the batteries we’re initiating to overcharge the batteries so we don’t are attempting to construct that correct so what I did modified into after I learned what he did so a long way as hook attempting to rating her going he did his easiest guys attempting to correct rating her going however that’s why I stepped in to come out right here and befriend them try to rating issues squared away so correct now we construct relish a funds be aware controller crooked up try to rating you guys up correct crooked up rapid guys I’m purchasing for a fragment of plastic because I are attempting to position a fragment of plastic below the controller and the solenoid right here so that’s why I’m help out right here I’m going to search out a fragment of rubber to position it below there so that manner there’s no likelihood of it grounding on the frame itself however it no doubt is working correct now it is possible you’ll provide the likelihood to you guys can hear clicking on and off so it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing correct so now that she’s no longer overcharging her batteries now we’re staying at an optimum voltage around 14 volts correct around that alter that’s very constructive because we’re no longer overcharging we’re no longer blowing the battery’s out we’re no longer using up no extra water than we want to is that this has been nearly two weeks since I’ve been help out right here guys and whereas you guys survey inner the try to rating a closer survey as you guys can survey the batteries are keeping water in actuality constructive there because earlier than without the associated price controller or the disconnect controller fundamentally they’re correct boiling the batteries and quite loads of the water modified into correct evaporating out correct so whereas you guys investigate cross-take a look at my other video about getting my anti setup I got right here in right here and I had to construct some issues no longer most efficient contain up over her her cells properly I’m distilled water to top her off however also put aside the associated price controller in there rapid so let me survey if I will design this up for you guys so I will uncover you guys the battery voltage so you guys can a minimal of imagine me right here so harmful crooked up connect it to the certain so as you guys can survey she is staying on the 14 volt fluctuate which is terribly constructive because right here’s the factor – I’m going to need you guys into the precise race trailer right here this is correct a frequent race trailer that you just are going to provide the likelihood to hook up to any tongue on a truck of yoke or whatever that will accept the the the burden of this automobile usually a truck and s you received a in point of fact wide SUV or one thing then you definately would perhaps also construct that it is on wheels so technically there’s no allow required for these because it has a wheels so that’s the in actuality constructive factor about having a race trailer or peep trailer or anything that’s received wheels on it guys it is possible you’ll provide the likelihood to fundamentally need it wherever especially right here in Hawaii a minimal of and you don’t relish to fear about any permits because it’s it’s movable correct it’s a it’s a snappy-term structure peaceable technically so yeah rough rundown so we received the photo voltaic panels right here we relish got our six six volt golf cart batteries I peaceable must rewire and alternate it all up put aside some terminal blocks and develop it in actuality constructive however I don’t are attempting to construct all that work unless we mover there’s correct no sense because we’re going to rehouse all these items because thought is we’re going to position all these items in a plastic bin esteem that and most likely in actuality put aside the plastic bin below this photo voltaic panel frame right here so this is the frame that preserve the homes the photo voltaic panels right here so we may perhaps without teach tuck the the box the plastic Rubbermaid box below right here and fundamentally we may perhaps preserve the whole lot centralised right here this is her energy station fundamentally correct and so that manner now coming out of right here we can preserve all our DC wiring very quick and cease to the precise charging offer of the bat the batteries itself and then from there from the inverter coming out we may perhaps without teach hook up a toddle and inch romex from there out to the trailer so ideally this design correct right here is in most cases a extra of an neutral system extra or much less correct sits by itself does its relish factor and then we correct fundamentally inch an influence wire from the inverter out to the trailer so the basis is is that we’re going to position the photo voltaic panels and the batteries in the plastic box and all that precise stuff accountable controller over right here sorry guys the wind tryna attempting to get better on my videos guys endure with me so the basis is that we are attempting to need care of all her stuff centralized we don’t are attempting to be spreading stuff out all the design thru the property there’s no reason on the help of it correct so we are attempting to position all her stuff over right here in a single field and then put aside the trailer off on the different facet over right here and primarily this is in a position to I’m fundamentally dig a trench down inch conduit and we can inch romex from fundamentally this neutral charging station to the precise trailer correct so that’s the basis right here so potentially inner the next couple weeks or so we’ll bewitch to transfer her however we’re attempting to rating time to construct it because we’re all trim busy correct now so we’re correct doing what we can guys so let me need you guys on a snappy tour inner of her trailer right here okay oh okay so fundamentally right here’s right here is our itsy-bitsy miniature mini fridge guys okay it is roughly I are attempting to teach what per chance three toes mammoth roughly or momento per chance greater that’s received to be greater than that it’s up to my waist so miniature freezer department fridge she received some juices and stuff down right here and this is at this time on guys and it’s doing colossal what she also has right here guys is we in point of fact relish a TV on this TV is in LED TV and no longer most efficient is it an LED TV however what’s new about this TV is that this is in actuality a DC TV okay there’s various DC TVs available in the market guys okay however what the manner it in actuality works is it is a DC enter into the precise TV however in expose to inch the DC facet it has a transformer so I survey so this is the transformer correct right here so this is totally correct plugged correct into the power bar for AC goes thru the the transformer it’s correct fundamentally I received mini inverter in actuality correct fundamentally takes the AC to DC to energy this arrangement there may perhaps be other ways that it is possible you’ll construct this it is possible you’ll completely rating rid of the AC facet and um positively develop a stable circuit otherwise it is possible you’ll provide the likelihood to relish cease a circuit that is totally correct going to position output DC correct so DC goes in and DC comes out and then you definately would perhaps also inch your TV that manner she’s also received a DVD player right here however this is needless to claim AC so she watches most of her films and DVDs off of that itself so this is her miniature setup guys and we received um lights in each place it’s received its relish frequent lights lighting fixtures system and stuff in right here and it all works okay so that’s the that’s the colossal factor about it so yeah I mean survey this is a itsy-bitsy miniature race trailer guys right here’s the passe fridge right here in actuality and this is giving trouble a lot times over the years that it’s correct no longer payment coping with so it’s in actuality a consume for storage I mean we may perhaps without teach put aside a minute money into it survey on the compressors and the igniters and the orifices and all that stuff however she wished extra storage dinner than anything else so what what this ended up taking place modified into she turned this into storage we put aside this miniature fridge right here and this acts as your miniature desk because right here’s the right here’s a miniature bit chair right here’s a miniature bit chair correct and so this acts as your miniature leisure center desk correct put aside it that manner however it no doubt’s also her fridge so that’s the very constructive factor about this so it’s a in point of fact itsy-bitsy miniature race trailer guys it’s most efficient her it’s a itsy-bitsy miniature magnificent miniature jam it in actuality works there’s a miniature bit mattress home right here correct closet right here storage right here door right here one other storage right here she also has a this comes no longer current in these race RVs or race trailers is a propane and oven for cooking however she doesn’t in actuality consume it too a lot because um she’ll proceed and relish dinner with my family or whatever it shall be however it no doubt is crooked up and there may perhaps be propane running to this however it no doubt’s off correct except she needs to consume it there’s a itsy-bitsy miniature sink right here correct two bays and there may perhaps be running water in this jam so so yeah she’s comparatively design up there’s also a microwave up right here however we’re no longer going to be using the microwave it’s in actuality this microwave in actuality broke years ago liyan years ago we correct didn’t are attempting to need the time to need away it because it’s correct we received other issues occurring and extra storage and storage up right here this in actuality lays down as a mattress and there’s in actuality mild to be a desk that went over right here however it no doubt modified into in depraved form so what we did modified into we in actuality removed the desk that manner it enables you additional room to extra or much less scramble up you rating extra room because a desk mild to come out right here to the sting and then this it is possible you’ll fold the desk down and turn this into a mattress however since it’s most efficient her she doesn’t need three or four or 5 beds exhibiting into one mattress a fridge TV some leisure some lights and she’s precise so that’s fundamentally the rundown of her miniature race trailer guys so and this is her miniature backup generator she modified into using this rapid unless we received the photo voltaic and stuff for her so this is a champion this is dual gasoline so propane or gasoline so yeah guys correct a in point of fact quick rundown right here’s your propane tank there’s one other one on the different facet so this is a in point of fact quick rundown guys you guys can completely are living off the grid guys she owns a home and fundamentally what she’s doing correct now is she’s in the technique of inserting it up for sale because she will be able to’t she doesn’t are attempting to construct with the condos anymore because for one you’re around a ton of of us it’s trim hot the put she lives the association costs alone and no longer most efficient that every yearly consistently looks esteem she’s getting one thing in the mail or into her mailbox down there that they wish money for this they wish money for that they’re doing enhancements on this and it’s too out of doors of the the association costs so she’s getting in actuality drained of it and yearly the interest charges and various issues on various projects or whatever’s occurring down there may perhaps be getting higher and better and better and she correct doesn’t are attempting to contend with it anymore and namely since it’s most efficient her now she’s fundamentally making a life alternate with a aim to correct alternate the manner she’s living and would perhaps be found to a extra more uncomplicated life and that’s okay with her she’s a completely pretty with that and that’s colossal so now all she has to construct is promote her jam down there we’re going to rating her moved to a extra everlasting field rating her design up extra permanently the put the whole lot is going to be installed extra permanently no longer rapid in the cow it is now I mediate she’s going to be precise guys and that manner she would perhaps be around family and enhance and stuff and she is she is a lot older guys she’s in her 80s so it’s it in most cases whereas you rating that passe it is possible you’ll provide the likelihood to be forgetful in most cases on various issues and stuff so in most cases as family members you correct received to step up and befriend them out as a lot as it is possible you’ll provide the likelihood to without overextending your self let’s put aside it that manner so yeah anyway guys a in point of fact self-ample miniature trailer guys miniature miniature trailer photo voltaic panels batteries miniature low-be aware be aware controller TV fridge it is possible you’ll completely develop it work guys it is possible you’ll provide the likelihood to utterly develop it work so anyway guys thanks for being a fragment of my channel once extra I’m in actuality attempting to position out um higher higher videos higher constructive videos I’m attempting to cease awake on top of my teach and I’m attempting to need care of you guys desirous about my growth and I’m correct sharing with you guys your entire stuff that I battle thru extra or much less on a day-to-day basis I received every develop of projects so cease tuned guys whereas you guys esteem my videos be obvious you hit the esteem button whereas it is possible you’ll relish a comment proceed away a comment guys I’ll construct my easiest to rating help to you guys and um be obvious you guys hit the subscribe button as properly whereas you guys are attempting to cease awake up to now on all my growth on various projects so anyway guys thanks for tuning in and I will survey you guys on the next video

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    Hi, attain you whisk away your batteries out of doorways precise through winter time? If that is the case how does it form precise through Chilly/hot weather? I’m eager on getting these the same batteries keeping them out of doorways. Any solutions? Thanks!


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