Seek, It be Straightforward. We Agree with To BUILD THE WALL!!

We are finishing off the outdoor walls of our barndominium slight dwelling interior of our pole barn. The honest is to style our DIY slight dwelling construct so we are able to switch on to our dwelling construct!

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About Us:
We are a homeschool and homesteading household at this time constructing off grid on our unique 20 acre abode in North Idaho. We backyard, seed place, lift meat rabbits, lift chickens, path of our secure meat, place our secure seed, can, bake, and enact lawful about all the pieces that we are able to ourselves to enact a self sustaining and debt free life for our household.
[Music] [Music] howdy everybody welcome aid to our channel on our closing video we did three of the outdoor walls on our slight dwelling construct interior our pole barn today time we’re fascinated by the front wall yeah the front wall goes to be the longest exact wall of the four walls because in the closing video we place up walls and sections between every of the magnificent beam posts so today time we like some planning on doing we like to catch things mapped out alongside the floor enact our framing catch the walls stood up physique quantity of door because we’re gonna like an entry/exit doorway from the interior of the pole barn so many of planning many of labor so a lot to enact all over again this has been roughly a crazy week we’ve had loads occurring we’ve bought loads coming up this week we like our very first meeting born here in Idaho due any day and our toddler doll sheep are getting a haircut Jeremy the truth is bought a haircut at closing that’s it look for a slight shaggy for the closing month nonetheless cherish we stated we’ve been very busy closing month so yeah I’ve roughly now not current my hair now a quantity of you guys can also fair now not understanding or know nonetheless Jeremy is de facto a natural blonde so it takes a quantity of lawful four men to style him look for lost like extra enjoyable what can I teach yeah effectively working so we like to catch going let’s experience enact it we’ll initiate with our front wall so the very very first thing we’re going to enact is chock a line the general capacity all over we’re going 16 feet from the support of the pole arm to this beam ethical here since we’re constructing our front wall off of these beams we’re the truth is going to be doing a 2×4 wall for the front wall handiest the support three walls are all two by six so the reason we’re going with two by fours is so that we don’t overextend we may per chance well be going into the window if we had been to make dispute of a 2 by 6 for the front wall so for that reason even as you occur to surprise [Music] [Music] with the support of our oldest son we snap tremendous chalk line alongside the total lot of our slap that’s gonna aid us align our walls once we catch them stood up with that line now in living we’re measuring off off of this westernmost west coping with wall and we’ll place some markings alongside this line for our main entry exit doorway [Music] alright dude we’re gonna bark these boards so take into accout high and bottom plate you take into accout how a ways aside we style our marks how a ways aside 16 toddle 1/4 inches or why will we enact that we enact it so that each one of our self-discipline topic matches up ethical so every 16 or 24 inches we’re gonna enact these at 16 inches every 16 inches you’re gonna aid trace all the pieces with me k k so here’s how here is gonna work k we’re gonna lay off our tape measure all over again I’ll narrate you the vogue to enact this particular person on ethical so we’re 16 inches paper red 16 with the arrows ethical once we like our measurement you may per chance well interact your pencil you may per chance well align it ethical as a lot as the 16 inches and style a trace cherish that each one ethical I’m gonna stretch this entire thing out you’re gonna educate me and likewise you’re gonna trace all the pieces capacity down bought it you experience [Music] [Music] [Music] UPS lawful delivered something for Jeremy Jeremy what’d you catch I purchased a parcel of some kind from the Metropolis of Vancouver where I was employed as a police officer for the closing 13 14 years so I bear in mind I know what here is effectively let’s crack it birth interact a look for shall we so we bought a envelope here addressed from the Chief of Police it says expensive Jeremy I have faith you in your household are getting settled recognizing your dimension of legislation-enforcement provider you qualify for receiving this retirement badge alongside with the ID card thanks in your provider to the Vancouver Police Division and our community many blessings to you from the manager McIlvain thanks even as you occur to’re staring at a retired police officer Rate card very cool suited retirement badge tremendous enraged and honor to procure that a slight surreal look for very cool let’s experience alongside with it I bear in mind I know what here is crack it over cherish I stated you rather cool suited suited plaque with my badge living interior it so it’s presented to me with loyal appreciation in your devoted provider and lasting contributions to the Metropolis of Vancouver your professionalism leadership and dedication will likely be disregarded by the department and the community handiest wants in your retirement on behalf of the employees and contributors of the Vancouver Police Division and Vancouver law enforcement officers guilty thanks guys so worthy even as you occur to’re staring at this thanks [Music] we bought a first a part of wall framed up on the floor we took some measurements all over measure plot some diagonal measurements lawful to style sure that things are square in preference to making some adjustments what we enact is we lawful push the general wall into this corner realizing ahead of time that things had been square double-checked our measurements and be sure that we’re the truth is effective to head so we’ll catch some extra objects that we’ll dispute this bracing will catch these linked diagonally or standing the wall up and getting it living in living [Music] [Applause] [Music] Johnny’s doctor Jo [Music] at this point in time you of us can also very effectively be questioning why we didn’t stop dishonest on our wall first and that is on tale of me and the truth that I am built cherish a tiny boy so I the truth is can’t physically uncover the walls when the sheeting is on when the wall is 16 feet so we like to enact it the laborious capacity it the truth is works let’s lawful now not the strongest particular person effectively that’s why we’re the utilization of our 13 year venerable daughter novia to support us out thanks no man [Music] we bought our first roll up and in living here goes to be the younger of us bed room dwelling Jeremy goes to be attaching this wall the utilization of some anchor bolts into our slab and then that we’ll be bracing the discontinue so that we are able to head interact a lunch ruin hello guys we’re aid from lunch we had sandwiches they had been honest so I did have to the contact on something that I chanced on a slight bit regarding so of us had been the truth is I assume questioning why I didn’t like my secure instrument belt in my secure living of tools you know cuz females on the living of enterprise it’s well-known that I’m ready so I went ahead and I asked my 5-year-venerable if I can also borrow his instrument belt and I like to teach that it matches effective so I’m I moreover bought some tools I’ve bought a hammer it’s Small Tikes ticket I purchased this here is de facto murky & decker it’s bought out of air it had a decal on it to narrate it bought my secure at ease link in the outline yeah I purchased a Shaded & Decker drill alright guys so this next a part of our wall is getting food are the substandard capacity cherish we talked about sooner than which is gonna point out that we like to enact some extra framing we’re going to encompass a header and a series of cripples overtop the retailer goes to permit us catch entry to into and out of the main pole barn dwelling it’ll be a marvelous feature to like no doubt have to encompass it so here we experience [Music] I’ve never felt cherish this what are you doing it handiest took one kids so now that your arithmetic point out with enemy so verbalize me now because I determined to take hold of [Music] such as you don’t need I’ll style you one while them free such as you don’t need any individual nonetheless you don’t need cuz all I need is you [Music] the we play alongside with your hand nonetheless now you’re continually carrying [Music] yeah every then about you is the reason I will’t dispute one extra day without you oh so verbalize me lady cuz I the truth is wanna know Thank You Oliver [Music] style you wanna lawful be wild and free the truth is style you may per chance well also very effectively be feeling such as you told me [Music] plot you [Music] [Music] I’ll never felt cherish this what are you doing to me [Music] so [Music] while them [Music] because [Music] [Applause] [Music] k as we catch things cleaned up and wrapped up here this have to the contact upon a couple of of the comments and remarks that folk made on our closing video asking why it is a ways that we had been now not doing a double high plate we are able to be doing a double high plate on all of these walls and that’s going to support toughen the pleasure stuff where you lumber widthwise and that’ll toughen the eventual hayloft that we thought to like overhead of the general residing dwelling so preserve tuned for that we like this transient bracing handiest place up for the time being lawful to be sure that things don’t reach out of square and once extra if any individual has any comments or ideas of things that we like to be taking a look for at provocative ahead please let us comprehend it’s tremendously appreciated and welcome [Music] k that is the discontinue of our project today time we’ve bought the general front wall up it is a ways suited because now we are able to look for the say dimension and shape of the slight dwelling it’s one thing to characterize it it’s one other to head looking out to procure it all framed out are you hooked in to it are you completely ecstatic they’re gonna catch extra dwelling I am enraged so it’s going to present us lawful a slight over a hundred square feet per particular person we’re a household of sticks I was finding out their solutions for slight properties and likewise you’re supposed to initiate minimum at 150 to 170 square feet per particular person and so we’re the truth is effectively beneath what they imply for a slight dwelling nonetheless it’s going to feel extensive because we’re at this time residing in a 28 foot trailer 20 year coach itself is 20 yeah it’s about 260 square feet so having a slight over 600 square feet goes to be suited yeah it’s gonna be a main upgrade for us worthy extra dwelling worthy extra privateness so completely ecstatic about that the trailer works lawful intellectual nonetheless yeah this will per chance moreover be a marvelous upgrade we don’t thought to preserve in here too long the gargantuan dwelling next shift our focal point to our staunch dwelling nonetheless this can give us a perhaps enter on this can work lawful intellectual yeah it obtained’t be worthy extra cheerful then then coming aid in the course of interior into a trailer so k so we’re gonna catch some rails are gonna clean up we’re gonna be aid at this the following day you’re in a film or next video which is gonna be framing out the interior walls so we’re gonna catch a master bed room living up from listen a slight non-public dwelling we’re moreover gonna like a bathroom that’s framed out and we’re gonna give the younger of us the a ways discontinue of this residing dwelling so that they’ve their very secure gargantuan bed room to portion oh yeah bigger than we’re in there yeah navy bunks yeah that’s it one other project off the checklist one other one other toddler step off the checklist anyway yeah particular and then yeah perhaps we’ll bring the no doubt ecstatic dad’s next time once we catch the interior walls yeah I secure cherish we like to like all interior walls physique sooner than we bring aid the heavy now says yeah we’re working our choreography in the period in-between yeah alright guys that’s gonna enact it for this video we’ll look for you on the subsequent one treatment one and teach bye all people teach bye bye look for you guys you

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    Hi upright wondering the simplest plan you is inclined to be going to capture the piano when you procure your forever home, thanks for sharing, intellectual family preserve it up😊

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    I know you guys presumably researched this, but isn’t one door for a self-discipline this dimension a security hazard? I point out even a mobile home that dimension requires 2 doorways, correct form?

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    Taking a locate tall. Respect the Sheep. Need extra on the sheep please. Congrats on the stuff from your work. Your doing tall.

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