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Episode sixty-two, in which we’re getting extinct to being fogeys and initiatives are piling up. Springtime at the cabin.

Here is the chicken app I was talking about in the video.

Birdnet, file the birdsong and the app can characterize you what it is far. I did now not web it for IOS, I function now not employ it so I is more likely to be adverse.

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/itsy-bitsy print?identity=de.tu_chemnitz.mi.kahst.birdnet&hl=en_GB

Every other appropriate chicken app:

Collins chicken files, fantastic app to seem for birds, be all ears to their sounds and facts. It’s an app that it’s essential to pay for, but it absolutely is properly worth it would you is more likely to be , I function now not like any belief how this app is in The US, so strive it out forward of shopping will like to you is more likely to be residing on the opposite aspect of the pond.

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/itsy-bitsy print?identity=com.natureguides.birdguide&hl=en_GB

IOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/collins-chicken-files/identity868827305

That is a vlog about our struggles and joys of residing off the grid in the forests of Jämtland, Sweden.

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[Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] some snow came it is far now the 2nd of Might maybe well also merely I surprise if right here’s I surprise if right here’s the final snow I assume this would most likely most likely furthermore merely like soften unless the night its melting mercurial now not much less than properly stare upon this it is far later in the day and the total snow that came the old day is long previous so we agreeable got a bunch of snow left that is the Solar rises somewhere there and goes boring the trees right here so every three hundred and sixty five days the snow melts final right here we haven’t done grand as of late agreeable mean I don’t know what now we were doing nothing sitting spherical eating I’ve been doing disinvest itsy-bitsy stuff and agreeable had a nap it felt treasure I could most likely most likely proceed to sleep I’m gonna proceed set up up these forms of in the underside of the mature sheet pan and furthermore in the unique so the lamb cease inner because they’re going to accelerate during the protection holes and furthermore we’re gonna pass the pigs to the mature one so they’re going to like a little bit of a bigger home forward of we be taught the trend we’re going to enact with them and paddocks for them this summer season [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] now it’s time to set up some eggs under our hands that is brooding so I truly like chosen 10 fantastic eggs who like an foremost shape and isn’t soiled in any formula and an foremost size I’m gonna designate them so if any individual else goes there and lays an egg we all know which one to reduction in the nest and which one to expend out [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] now we must serve now we must serve for roughly 21 days forward of we can like some chicks and more infants at all a spoon [Music] samaya is classy we removed stitching from her just a few days previously and he or she might most likely most likely proceed open air for the first time you know in some weeks I got distracted we had a cup with extinct eggshells or mature eggshells right here and the birds had stumbled on it and began messing things up right here so I began cleansing up that mess and I agreeable persevered and removed all the pieces from the out of doorways kitchen and ended up taking gravel from the heap of gravel we bought for making sand to the cellar and I took some of that gravel and set up it on the ground right here because right here now we like always had a topic with in the spring with a extraordinarily massive puddle so now this ground is a little bit greater than the total leisure in this out of doorways kitchen so expectantly that topic is solved now as I’ve talked about over and over forward of I truly don’t treasure gravel but but I wouldn’t know resolve this topic in every other formula you can like set up dust right here but dust is so dusty when it dries and when it’s a roof over right here it’s very dusty this gravel is now not a crushed form or divulge it has spherical pure stones so so you can scoot barefoot on this better than on the crushed form and it furthermore has so a lot of smaller stones and sand so hope I truly like tried to press it down very appropriate [Music] so it feels a little bit treasure those mature sports activities display screen and topic tracks forward of they began making Nev of rubber and plastic and whatever else whatever else they’re making them off now adays but it absolutely feels fantastic to love cleaned out their kitchen up the itsy-bitsy out of doorways pan that I got for my birthday it’s shaping up properly haven’t tried it yet although but it absolutely’s it’s feels treasure it’s a appropriate fan if you can fold a address treasure this and and I got a salvage for it as properly so the swimsuit doesn’t secure in each build in the backpack now I agreeable must open hiking more I’ve done that in a while [Music] but what I was going to enact has been done so I’ve been placing up this wire one time across the mature sheep paddock so pigs don’t agreeable with their nose and expend up all the pieces so this wire right here now not has electricity in right here’s the solar panel that we’re using now right here’s the neatest thing that generates electricity right here for the time being now we were given to us some mature solar panel gadget it’s some family of two of us and it’s further down in in Sweden so we must proceed secure it but that’s every other greater conducting on top of all the pieces else and as it is far now we don’t truly feel that we need so grand electricity so agreeable a little to payment all this instruments to create these videos but rather than that [Music] we tried to secure some video of fascinating the pigs to the unique paddock and right here is just among the starting up build but it absolutely wasn’t so easy and eva used to be awake so no person ended up retaining the digicam one among them refused to corrupt the convey the build the electricity after we’re and the opposite one notion it took too long so he misplaced curiosity in the bucket of food it used to be a work to secure him there but with the assistance of some dogs leashes and more food we managed to pass them in the head [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] properly this grew to turn out to be create of a messy episode it feels treasure that now not much less than now we were very busy this previous couple of weeks me and Tova and her family bought half a cow to spoil up so now I truly were butchering a cow for the first time since the internship I had some time previously technology is in most complex to butcher or divulge it’s I assume it’s the hardest it’s so grand it will also be so diagram more than from a sheep or Toll road air or one thing smaller so it’s truly laborious to assign in thoughts enact it and furthermore on the internships I was butchering reindeer and sheep and pig diagram more and when it came to cow I didn’t employ ample time at the convey it used to be the kind of itsy-bitsy convey and butchering of cows is so diagram more so the waddle is now not as mercurial now not much less than now not on the itsy-bitsy itsy-bitsy butcheries and to be taught these things it’s essential to enact it over and over and repeatedly so we’ll question the diagram in which it goes subsequent time but no matter that it felt treasure it went relatively properly like furthermore been out in the woodland with a bunch of nerds taking a stare upon endangered species treasure mushrooms and fungi and lichens and stuff treasure that being attentive to birds so as that used to be fascinating and that is furthermore one thing I truly are seeking to belief ways to location this endangered species and stare upon the woodland in a explicit formula and so you can question if it’s a appropriate dwelling for these species or now not artists off loss I was furthermore shown by one among them a extraordinarily appropriate chicken up you can file the tune of the chicken and then the app tells you which chicken it is far and it appears to work truly properly so if there are some chicken nerds looking out at this I will give a link to the app in the description I truly like it on Android I truly like now not checked if it’s on iOS so what I’m in a position to impeach forests and the properly-being of forests are shut to and dear to my heart it’s truly crucial to me so I’d truly treasure to create a video someday concerning the convey of the forests in Sweden now not much less than according to me and what I truly like read and understood and seen so the relate is extremely dire for so a lot of species right here now as a consequence of many components but principally industrialized particular-cutting in but that is a greater conducting and I don’t know after I’m gonna web time for that so as of late were a busy day and we were has now not wanted to sleep any so we’re boiling from the bones from the cow that we butchered and now we like furthermore rendered corpulent from the cow we must enact some truly laborious dishes laborious to secure the total fat off and we’re bored the corpulent into these plans so we must lower it up into items wrap it in one thing store it away this corpulent we employ for frying and we set up some corpulent on a normal basis in the scrambled egg candy so we always render this corpulent from the pigs and all the pieces in butcher and right here’s the corpulent you will like to composed expend you will like to composed support away from vegetable oils or for industrial seed oils as grand as you can that is my notion on this as of late now we like furthermore cleaned out the foster right here’s what we’re called calling in the first that is an ongoing topic in our videos it appears there appears to now not be a extraordinarily appropriate English note for this this particular foster is a wintry one so there might be now not any isolations right here and it’s always wintry right here and in the summer season it’s now not so wintry but we’re now not heating this up in the autumn and in the spring we’re using it as a fridge since it’s fridge temperature so now we like our food right here and in the summer season now we like it in the cellar and in the iciness right here’s our freezer but we furthermore store so a lot of stuff that is now not sensitive to temperature engines right here so glass jars and other stuff [Music] butchering knives more glass jars as now we like talked about in other episodes we’re seeking to now not like as grand plastic but appears to be very laborious to keep away with all of it so as of late now we like had all these stuff open air and we were a little bit miserable with the weather it has snowed a little bit but that spring right here and now we like rearranged this home a little bit to expend a stare upon to employ this itsy-bitsy home better but it absolutely’s now not so easy on top of all of that I began to repair to us bicycle she had a hole in her too expectantly this would most likely most likely furthermore merely preserve up so we can proceed bicycle with malva now when the snow has melted [Music] yeah properly it’s night at Aulis pass on properly now we were very busy this previous couple of weeks butchering rendering corpulent all the pieces Iran mm-hmm URIs taking on all our time yeah it’s been fussy in some unspecified time in the future and sad and sound asleep and in any other case appropriate every other day so principally is hot gentle and chuffed but the old day and as of late I own there’s some pattern stage they’re talking about so I assume this can even be just a few days and then it’s gonna be chuffed again expectantly we didn’t sleep gaze I didn’t sleep grand final night no agreeable you didn’t proceed to sleep no agreeable will like to be affected person I assume yeah it isn’t so easy in the center of the night if you’re very drained and are seeking to sleep and he doesn’t so we for sure are seeking to thank all strengthen we secure the total patrons and the total viewers of this channel oh you is more likely to be those that makes this that you can imagine thanks so grand thanks yeah what is now not any two months already yeah that’s absurd feels treasure the old day and likewise you divulge he says thanks for the total congratulations and fantastic comments so I assume right here’s it for this episode thanks for looking out at and we’ll question in the subsequent one bye Hado mm-hm dude let’s divulge mister create anything else mm-hmm

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  • May 19, 2020 at 09:12

    Howdy! Hope you all are effectively in these appealing cases. It took a whereas for us to bag this video made 🙂 It is no doubt tough to be unsleeping about work as a new parent.Right here is the chicken app I was talking about in the videoBirdnet, sage the birdsong and the app can suppose you what it is miles. I didn't score it for IOS, I don't employ IOS so I would be tainted.Android: https://play.google.com/retailer/apps/microscopic print?identification=de.tu_chemnitz.mi.kahst.birdnet&hl=en_GBAnother correct form chicken app:Collins chicken guide, fantastic app to appear for birds, hear to their sounds and facts. It is an app that you will must pay for, but it is miles effectively price it whereas you happen to’re alive to, I dangle never got any thought how this app is in The US, so are attempting it out sooner than procuring for whereas you happen to continue to exist the opposite aspect of the pond.Android: https://play.google.com/retailer/apps/microscopic print?identification=com.natureguides.birdguide&hl=en_GBIOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/collins-chicken-guide/id868827305/Mathias

  • May 21, 2020 at 16:33

    A closed in entryway is a “vestibule,” or as in Alaska, an “arctic entry.” Some folks call them mudrooms as effectively.

  • May 21, 2020 at 19:58

    Howdy 👋 Tashi Deleck Congratulations 🍾🎉🎊 Unusual Born Infant 👶 and a complete bunch lambs and hop a complete bunch sunshine over there ☀️

  • May 22, 2020 at 06:20

    Tremendous vid, as in fashion. You dangle a extraordinarily attention-grabbing mix of an Prone Technology / Advoko DIY initiatives + following farm lifestyles + talking to the camera about things you are discovering out & following your family.It's a expansive mix, and I will proceed to appear for a extraordinarily very long time. Tremendous job.


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