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I’m hoping this inspires some of you to receive outside and starting up your contain gardens! Thanks so grand for watching! I’m going to survey you all in my next video 🙂

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howdy guys it’s Olivia so for nowadays’s video I’m going to be showing you guys all originate your contain at house backyard utilizing up cycled materials fundamentally like a DIY cheap budget backyard I indulge in been obsessed on vegetation and my mother has also gotten comely obsessed on vegetation and my sister’s like into them she’s now not genuinely obsessed on them like me and my mother we now indulge in never genuinely had a successful backyard we’ve tried rising like sprouts and things earlier than but I don’t snort we ever genuinely took care of them enough which is why they died I indulge in cooked quite lots of vegetation alive now not too long ago which I never used so that you just would possibly perchance construct so I feel that this time things are gonna work out on the least we now not too long ago signed up for the total master class thing and we watched a master class on gardening and he used quite lots of upcycle materials like footwear suitcases containers drawers and I honestly snort it’s an ideal device to backyard because now not entirely are you rising your contain meals which is sustainable you are also upcycling materials to develop those things so it’s like it’s like a double intention shut fundamentally we now indulge in this aged TV stand in my basement that has now not been used for years it’s covered in a bunch of like aged scrapbooks and like characterize books and stuff so here is form of a bookcase appropriate now my mother came up with the assumption that she desired to make exhaust of that to flip into our above-floor backyard I notion this on the total is a extraordinarily cool video to repeat you guys it modified into very easy to begin a backyard and it doesn’t must serene be pricey at all and with that permit’s receive on to step one which is taking the bookcase and taking the total stuff out of it cleaning it taking the drawers off of it placing it together enough trade of plans first earlier than we situation the TV arise and receive that every mounted up we now desire to we now desire to transfer tackle up the soil from Residence Depot so we attach in an interpret on-line we’re gonna breeze tackle that up and yeah we’re doing that first I sold a palm tree here is our TV stand we’re gonna desire to empty this and then settle those doorways off and we’ll doubtlessly desire to settle the help off of this or by some capacity drill like holes in it so it must empty [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] we managed to receive the arise and out of the basement we’re ethical gonna neat it a runt of bit since it does indulge in a runt of little bit of molding parts the bottle since our basement flooded a whereas help we’re ethical going for a bunch of dust in it I don’t snort it’s that device yeah it’s got that basement scent like parasite that that smells what genuinely drove him over the threshold yeah enough we got it out here Mumia rattling why’d you throw it the set up are we gonna attach the various one next to it appropriate here yeah genuinely I feel we must serene attach it on this side because this is able to perchance well perchance also very neatly be the set up we situation instruments when relating to wanted it what all appropriate let’s flip it it’s now not that heavy here is because leaves flip into compost and we don’t indulge in next up at the side of the soil pail basket killed her husband whacked them can’t convince me that it didn’t occur venom to Tigers settle your dust the entirely fault is that our yard is like out of total slant which is mighty annoying however the style we attach the dust in he’s gonna help it stage you would possibly perchance well perhaps also even survey just like the dust is like slanted and my mother is gonna are attempting and develop some potatoes and onions in like espresso baggage here she is conscious of someone whose husband like owns a espresso shop so he requested him for some espresso baggage and they also despatched us a bunch which is one more upcycling mission I’ll update you guys next time we work on this so it has been just a few days would declare maybe four or five days oh my eyes at least to me they behold a runt of puffy and red I don’t know whenever you guys can interpret but I will because I’m used to my face I’ve ethical been going thru it a runt of bit um but nowadays we are going to plant the total vegetables that we now indulge in and likewise making the potato sacks and onion sacks gonna enlighten you along on the planting process and repeat you guys the cease result because I’m genuinely all in favour of this I feel it’s a extraordinarily cool mission and I’ll perchance well also furthermore repeat you one numerous thing I did for the length of this week whenever you guys breeze to my Instagram you would possibly perchance well perhaps also survey the field that I’ve been participating in it’s a field that my mother made up on Facebook each day you are working to neat up the house a runt of bit so on day one you attach away with one item day two you attach away with two day three you attach away with three it’s a field to search who can breeze the longest till they offer up one of many objects that I up cycled from that modified into like a runt of decorative drawer thingy and I turned it proper into a runt of herb backyard for the kitchen I’ll repeat you guys that because I modified into genuinely overjoyed with it and I genuinely feel like it came out mighty cute let’s breeze receive to planting here goes to indulge in onions and likewise you ethical construct a bunch of those like runt little onions in it because they’re supposed to develop genuinely immense and then this one we’re going to be placing the unique potatoes in and this one’s gonna be candy potatoes now that these items is accomplished we’re gonna enlighten out your complete veggies that we now indulge in that one has pup games in it already we now indulge in these three compartments to establish how we’re gonna plant every little thing else what we now indulge in here is these are watermelon appropriate here then we’ve got two zucchini these are kale and then these two chip containers I feel our cucumbers East – our broccoli I don’t take into accout what we planted I ethical know this ones carrots because we plant it within the orange one and I know I planted broccoli in a immense one no I feel this one’s broccoli this one’s cucumbers because this looks to be just like the identical seeds is these ones no and I construct now not indulge in any notion what’s on this individual who is what we now desire to work with and then we now indulge in the sugar snap peas [Music] so I admire how the deplorable house is determined up so I’m gonna work on this house first and I’m gonna behold Glee vlog episode so prepare for this montage [Music] [Applause] [Applause] enough so we got every little thing planted my mother ended up doing one extra salvage of onions here is extra or less quite lots of meals realizing if it even grows so we’re hoping that if this does develop and we now indulge in a bunch of extra meals that we can perhaps donate it at ultimate these two these two and those two pots are all wild vegetation so earlier than I cease this video I desired to repeat you guys the runt herb backyard that I modified into talking about I’ll insert a earlier than characterize of what this seemed like and here is the after how cute is that that’s the cease of this video I’m hoping but it impressed you guys to originate your contain backyard ethical goes to repeat you would possibly perchance well perhaps also originate a backyard out of the leisure whenever you construct cease up developing your contain Gardens positively send me a characterize and Instagram I deserve to search them because I feel they’re ethical all so cute I’m hoping you guys enjoyed this video I’ll survey you guys in my next video thank you for watching

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