Though-provoking From California To Oregon To Dwell Off The Grid Video Day out 7 Day 3

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz:

This video sequence used to be created on Youtube to be a #videojournal of my experiences transitioning from a 40+ hour per week job to residing and not using a job #OffTheGrid. I even have survived deep #depression and suicidal thoughts and have been through every segment of the Psychological health system. Here’s a stir of #me asserting no to the system and finding happiness and price in my be pleased #horny life. I not too lengthy within the past sold raw land in Southern Oregon come #Klammathfalls and have been #inspired by the mathematics and simplicity of the #GeoDesicDome. Even though I even have many trips to Home Depot I am mute ready to relieve onto my #inspiration and relieve my eyes on the prize. The latest space of my stir is being recorded one time out and within the future at a time with 100% #authenticity and I’d #adore so that you just can #be conscious along with me on my #stir.

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[Music] [Music] [Music] welcome assist it’s day three and I’ve in fact just been thinking about depression as cherish an illness or whatever you wish to call it however it completely’s not cherish a typical thing where whenever you happen to could desire a flu or something you receive treatment and then the flu is long gone depression is continuously roughly there and it could really pop up at any time and for me it used to be in fact about finding the pleasurable steadiness of issues to handle it so sooner than I ancient to just remark if I was feeling in fact uncomfortable just poke on cherish the longest stroll that I could moreover and that’s all I genuinely knew deal however now you roughly wish to receive your be pleased combination of what works for you so for me that’s taking my treatment I’m purported to exercising going to treatment if I need it meditation and mindfulness and residing a lifetime of cause and a mode of these issues I hadn’t in fact performed sooner than beneath no circumstances meditated or performed any mindfulness issues my cause used to be all just residing to masses of of us and I refused to poke to treatment for the longest time however I mediate it be vital to resolve out your be pleased procedure just taking treatment isn’t gonna work it’s not the magic pill just going to treatment and never having any cause in your life isn’t gonna work and so you genuinely wish to resolve out what works for you and I mediate that now and again the hardest segment is attempting to steadiness all these issues and resolve out what works for you and I not too lengthy within the past learned what works for me I wasn’t in fact shopping for it specifically however just attempting to resolve out all the pieces and just going through my stir I roughly figured it out I whisper so I’m feeling considerably better lately I did the overall issues I wished to put I labored through it healthily for one among the first times I mediate and I didn’t receive too low I wasn’t feeling very valid however I didn’t receive as low as I was sooner than and I mediate that’s on fable of started to receive my steadiness and my cause so lately I’m gonna be rereading a book known as The Four Agreements and I do know of us don’t cherish self-relieve books and all that however for me it in fact helped me to be extra obvious in life and have just a bigger outlook and spot that you just roughly alter your be pleased future when it involves positivity there is continuously gonna be negative issues that pop up however you within the destroy are ready to manipulate the unpleasant issues that happen in your life and along with that you just would possibly want to maybe maybe moreover are attempting and limit the negative issues that happen and accept extra of the unpleasant issues into your life so I’m gonna be rereading that book lately and then I’ll doubtlessly just kind lately with a exiguous bit evaluate or any insight that I received from rereading alright so chapter 1 of The Four Agreements if I needed to rename the chapter I’d doubtlessly name it how all of us bought so screwed up to open with so I’m gonna war through a chain of events right here that is the books technique of describing how we receive to the depressing life that a mode of us have appropriate now and how we receive so messed up to open so the very very first thing is attention so attention is the flexibility we have got to discriminate and to point of curiosity most intriguing on which we wish to test so I believed that used to be in fact cool from the very foundation is that we’re already accepting some issues and never accepting masses of issues so we take into fable attention and point of curiosity as being valid however if I’m so centered on my cell cell phone as an instance I could maybe be lacking your entire world accessible that’s genuinely in fact horny and I could maybe be most intriguing centered on the drama or whatever that’s occurring on-line so the chain of events poke attention and then bent attention so bent attention is our fogeys lecturers church whatever attempting to point of curiosity our attention on them and then repetition so ought to you’re first finding out cherish declare your fogeys will repeat Dada Dada Dada Dada Dada Dada until you at final divulge Dada identical thing with ideas and issues cherish that asserting thank you they repeat it and repeat it until you accept it and mediate it then we have got settlement so ought to you accept whatever their rule is that’s an settlement so in our lives we have got hundreds of agreements that we’ve permitted from masses of of us then we have got domestication of other folks which is somewhat great us accepting the overall ideas and beliefs that society has given to us at such a younger age punishment and reward so it roughly capabilities out that we e-book our childhood the identical skill that we’d cherish domesticate an animal with punishment and reward so whenever you happen to put something sinful you receive a spanking whenever you happen to put something valid you receive valid boy valid girl otherwise you receive a treat or whatever and so the punishment and reward system is the identical skill that we relieve our childhood develop up as how we domesticate animals and on fable of of that we internally wish to maximize reward and limit our punishment so we’re gonna put issues that kind masses of of us entirely cheerful fairly than doing issues that we’d receive otherwise punished for so we’re adhering to these agreements that were region forth by our fogeys and masses of organizations so that we’re maximizing our rewards and limiting punishment that creates a counterfeit self which the book calls the book of regulation so we have got all these agreements and we’re alive to to delight each person else which creates a counterfeit self inside of us and we have got this book of regulation which could maybe be the agreements that we permitted that we live our lives by we moreover have self punishment which is the take so fairly than us getting rewards and punishment from open air our self internalizes that becomes the take inside of us so then we punish ourselves for issues that we put sinful by talking down to ourselves and we on the entire it’s negative which moreover creates the victim which is the following one and so we have got the take inside of us and we have got the victim and the victim is the one which claims I don’t deserve this or I’m slow issues cherish that after that comes be anxious so on fable of we have got the take inside of us it creates be anxious on fable of we don’t wish to put issues mute that will receive punishment from ourselves or put issues that wouldn’t adhere to the book of regulation from masses of of us so we’re already being some other person and never our valid selves on fable of we don’t wish to search sinful in front of masses of of us or we don’t wish to destroy the laws that we created after we were younger then we have got repetitive punishment for singular mistake so if we put something adversarial we beat ourselves up over it and we punish ourselves extra than once time and again and over and that results in struggling and then right here is some degree that it goes into that’s doubtlessly a exiguous bit controversial however in fact it’s asserting whenever you happen to search at Hell as a direct of mind and never as an precise situation then in fact after we’re on this direct we’re residing in our be pleased opinion of Hell so whenever you happen to suspect about punishment and cherish anguish and struggling and all of these sinful emotions within the direct of mind that we’re in at this point it’s very equivalent to Hell as an opinion and never as a bodily situation after that there could be counterfeit perception and the blindness from the actual fact so on fable of we have got this book of regulation it’s on the entire all in step with these beliefs of masses of of us and so we lose ourselves than that and we have got this book of regulation and all these beliefs and along with you launch to lose yourself and along with you don’t know who you genuinely are anymore which creates a psychological fog so it describes psychological fog as hundreds of voices in your head all talking on the identical time and none of them could moreover moreover be understood and I genuinely define to that just with cherish the repetitive issues happening in my head and never being ready to genuinely think from or know what I’m purported to put and just having it play time and again in my head after that we’ve got we don’t know that we aren’t free so on fable of we’re following all these laws and we have got this psychological fog we’re just doing all the pieces that we’re going to have the option to to keep on with the book of regulation and we’re not even able to vivid that we are free anymore on fable of we’re in dispute that caught up on this punishment reward and following these the book of regulation which used to be on the muse from beliefs we then we’re anxious to exist as our valid self on fable of of all of these beliefs that we’ve got and we have got self rejection so we internalize that we’re going to have the option to’t be ourselves we’re anxious to be ourselves we don’t know who our self is and so we continue on on this vicious cycle then we have got a counterfeit picture of perfection so we have got all of these laws and we mediate that if we’re going to have the option to just be conscious all of these laws that we could moreover moreover be pleasant however in fact there could be no perfection accessible so we wear this social masks which is how we act in front of others to kind ourselves search pleasant and we’re so anxious internally of not taking a search pleasant that we just adhere these ideas it’s moreover identified as schemas and some psych psychiatric phrases and then we have got self abuse so on fable of we’re going to have the option to’t be pleasant we continue to abuse ourselves and then we moreover will accept a piece much less abuse from masses of of us so the book argues that that you just would possibly want to maybe maybe moreover beneath no circumstances be abused extra than how you abuse yourself on fable of we’re so laborious on our on ourselves and we talked down to ourselves so great and that and along with you whenever you happen to’re in a relationship that’s a piece extra abusive than yourself you’ll see that your self self assurance is elevated than that however you’ll accept up to the limit of how abusive that you just would possibly want to maybe maybe moreover be to yourself so that’s it that’s just the very first chapter of roughly describing how we receive to this instance that we’re at however from then on it goes into how we destroy down all of these laws and agreements and launch over and style our be pleased you

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