Traditional & Rustic Boards For Our Off Grid Kitchen Ceiling

We set up Traditional, Rustic Boards on our Off Grid Cabin Kitchen Ceiling. Also, snow, chickens and additional on the off grid cabin domicile.

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Ragged navy household, Jeremy and Ashley, along with their daughter Sam, faced a clinical begin from the navy in 2018 and moved to a 70 acre set of land in Original Brunswick, Canada.

They began to salvage an off grid domicile from scratch as they transitioned in a entire fresh manner of life.

Their daily life entails working on their cabin, looking out out, fishing and working on tasks.

Apply along as they transition from navy to civilian life, building their off grid domicile from scratch, and revel in life collectively as a household who’s making an are attempting their ideally superior to manufacture this transition as tender as that that that you would be in a position to well factor in. We on the entire is a bit unpredictable, or presumably plenty unpredictable, so retain that in mind πŸ˜‰

Jeremy & Ashley Lewis
PO BOX 451
E4A 3N5

equivalent to you to serving in the Navy in 2012 Jeremy I met Ashley they bought married had puny one Sam Jeremy bought medically launched from the Navy and this brings us as much as on the present time [Music] gorgeous lady [Music] that that you would be in a position to well’t sigh I’m no longer providing you with additional treat ya know you are mouthy yes you are you’re my mouthy one don’t backtalk gonna must salvage you guys some extra water extra water you’re no longer getting treats leer on the rain at my feet they know mama elevate some treats I gotta pause doing it your entire time they’re getting corrupt they’re staring at for it every time I stroll in all you women are pass anymore eggs we’ve already bought three I mediate or four this morning so and it is a chilly chilly day all stunning celebrate women narrate bye to the digicam okay they like YouTube you equivalent to you quit you guys are celeb chickens you’re on the Net all stunning I’ll salvage the digicam off yeah narrate bye one beyond regular time [Music] there you plod guys [Music] okay so what I did is I ran some 16 gauge wire well on the highest here and I handiest had red I in truth had yellow and red but I don’t be taught it moist so all’s I did used to be taped one off so I’d know after I zigzag the illuminate we’re gonna build a light stunning here here is the center of the set we’re gonna desire it then we’ll build a DC light here after which we’ll scramble these traces down across that appears the numerous after which resolve care of that later but they’re there [Music] all stunning oh that’s the set the lights gonna come out stunning this here is never any longer how I’d desire the seams stunning but that’s stunning how it came about to work out here so it’s no longer gonna subject although so after I build the quilt over here you won’t even know that these seams match unbiased so it won’t be no giant deal for the explanation that copper I’ll be equivalent to stunning around it but that’s how these are gonna come out after which I’ll know after which I’ll stunning fasten it to this truss here and be all salubrious all stunning stunning to make particular on how I in truth salvage these wires coming up so I build a fuse on that except there’s no points there so after I build the illuminate there i fuse these wires forward of it gets out of the battery after which I build the box there and I ground it in all that – stunning stunning [Music] so we bought a legitimate fragment of it here stunning salvage this puny bit on this quit to enact but we handiest bought six fleshy links of these boards up we salvage a bunch of these smaller ones but we don’t must salvage it pieced collectively too important so six of them is handiest gonna elevate it presumably two here so clearly we now salvage got to reduce around this fragment after which I don’t must salvage puny items the entire manner here so we’re gonna plod to Residence Depot the next day and leer if we can salvage about a extra of these we’ll settle it out exactly what we desire after which leer if we can salvage them for the leisure of this so it in truth flows the plot we desire it to but it certainly’s taking a leer all stunning we may per chance well salvage done our output since we’re gorgeous important out of these boards we can’t we ate after which we shut her down in narrate that’s all we’re gonna salvage at tonight so we’ll leer you the next day put out of your mind that bang golf expectantly [Music] you

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  • February 11, 2020 at 05:41

    Colossal video again,,,I gain a ask though, when your commercials advance up while staring at your videos I realized they were all smear Donald Trump video commercials. I produce know that the YouTube channel owner can decide what accomplish of commercials stumble upon all over their vid….So I became once questioning in the event you were in opposition to Trump or no longer,, Sorry but I became once ideal bizarre,,, in most cases I would no longer even query, but since your commercials were all political no longer like all other Bushcraft, Cabin, Off-grid, and Homestead videos i watch.. Well i believed I would query. Thanks again to your Video, the ceiling is In actuality looking Suited!!

  • February 11, 2020 at 06:00

    I truly worship the wood, the coloration and the seek is awesomesauce. Colossal job Y'all!

  • February 11, 2020 at 07:34

    Ceiling appears to be like sizable. Chickens are looking ideal to. Contented they're producing.

  • February 11, 2020 at 22:22

    You two went thru so noteworthy effort, but you continue to work intriguing and smile. I worship your power loads. I need you the entire easiest


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