Transferring From California To Oregon To Are dwelling Off The Grid Video Day out 5 Day 4/5

This video sequence used to be created to be a video journal of my experiences transitioning from a 40+ hour a week job to dwelling with out a job Off The Grid. I have survived deep depression and suicidal thoughts and have been by every allotment of the Psychological health system. Right here is my scamper of announcing no to the system and discovering happiness and price in my glean lifestyles. I lately bought raw land in Southern Oregon and have been inspired by the mathematics and ease of the GeoDesic Dome. The latest design of my scamper is being recorded one outing and at some point soon at a time with 100% authenticity.

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[Music] comely enact my breakfast on day 5 and I trust I’m gonna attain some exploring on the present time whenever I reach up the motorway to flip off to my property I’ve never gone previous that and I know that the Solar rises on that facet so I’m gonna roam over there and behold if there’s anything going on behold if I will be capable to fetch some photos and comely fetch out of the dome for a day had a lovely extensive breakfast this morning I had an apple three tangerines and a fig bar so that’s comely extensive for me my abdominal shrunk pretty bit I trust because I felt if truth be told plump comely for which manner that but I’m gonna have some water I have some tea going for later and I’ll take a look at motivate in pretty bit [Music] the walks that I went on used to be alright I did some exploring but there wasn’t hundreds to search aside from these photos sooner than this but that used to be about it now I’m comely checking up on the lettuce bed still nothing going down but I on the full water it at evening so it’s taking a look pretty dry appropriate now but I’ll water it pretty bit later [Music] I’m about to compose my first ever meals here so I have some water going and I’m gonna compose lentils so whilst you haven’t heard of lentils you’re lacking out they have 17 grams of fiber in em and 11 grams of protein for comely a quarter of a cup so when folk set a matter to vegans where they fetch their protein from lentils all appropriate comely cherish the TV reveals I bought my lentils here and I comely need to stress them off so I bought my lentils poured this in here and then I have some fresh spinach and basil that I’m gonna set on there consume it up it’s going to be comely to switch [Music]

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