Transferring From California To Oregon To Are dwelling Off The Grid Video Time out 2 Day 2

This video series used to be created to be a video journal of my experiences transitioning from a 40+ hour per week job to dwelling with no job Off The Grid. I genuinely like survived deep despair and suicidal suggestions and like been through every segment of the Mental health system. Here’s my roam of claiming no to the system and finding happiness and worth in my maintain lifestyles. I recently purchased raw land in Southern Oregon and like been impressed by the arithmetic and ease of the GeoDesic Dome. The most up-to-date space of my roam is being recorded one trip and in the end at a time with 100% authenticity.

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trip to day two I’ve got loads to build on the present time gonna test the camera from closing night time and gaze if one thing came in to the king up procure sure to test out the day 1 video to gaze me placing in the camera and gaze why we’re placing in the camera I’m gonna like some breakfast here roll out my slumbering uncover after which we’re gonna originate on the muse for the valid dome so updates coming so I elegant had breakfast and elegant feeling unproductive up your all the pieces that I have to achieve takes twice as long to procure half of it accomplished so I desired to procure being complete dome complete with gutters and water and all that it’s not gonna happen and it took me forever so it’s undoubtedly a fight nonetheless I’ll procure there I bet [Music] all correct so I got the well-known row lined up and now I’m elegant gonna anchor the 4×4 long items into the metal plates my mom got me this Dewalt affect gun and it’s been essentially the most functional to this level so test the thing description or test the description in the video and I’ll like a hyperlink to this man in there as correctly [Music] so I genuinely just like the muse exquisite noteworthy accomplished now I elegant tacked in the bottom after I used to be a mailing it in so I’m gonna have to transfer lend a hand in nail about every foot or so that you can procure obvious it holds up I are mindful about it looks to be like a little baggy in the center nonetheless I’m gonna procure some 1 foot items of board and build them below there after which the dome also because it’s a dome it evenly distributes weight so when the dome is genuinely up there it’ll be roughly balanced on the complete platform and never elegant love a typical sq. condominium the keep all the pressures on the perimeters and the framings in the center so the dome o steadiness it out a little bit nonetheless I’m elegant gonna carry out nailing that up after which I’ll like an empty describe and we’re nearly accomplished with day 2 on this trip I got the dome build up and secured all the contrivance in which down to the bricks I got the fourth layer breaks up I location up all my photo voltaic panels got them linked so we like electrical energy now I got my basis over here framed up and I also tarped it off I forgot to conceal that earlier nonetheless I got some tarps at Harbor Freight presumably $2.99 so I typed up that so it’ll be a little extra water-resistant I also got my camera build in here and I’m gonna flip it on and gaze if we fetch one thing by the following time we advance up subsequent time I advance up it have to be my mom and I and we have to always be deciding on up the metal dome that I’m gonna are dwelling in so as that’ll be exquisite thrilling nonetheless here’s it for trip to day – gaze you subsequent time

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