VR to The Offended Prepper – I’m now not impressed

VR to The Offended Prepper – I’m now not impressed EDITED ADDITION Offended you annoyed me so just a few of my feedback are dazzling ‘offended’. For these I am sincerely sorry. I place a matter to forward to your response. Be at liberty now not to drag punches. I will hyperlink it and VR if it helps others. BTW I filmed it in my basement for a joke
Moral preparedness did a video featuring 5 professional preppers. I watched and wrote notes down on every. The Offended Prepper became once now not impressed with me. Sadly I’m now not impressed with him. The larger express is of us who judge themselves compatible and would possibly perhaps edit feedback to ‘expose’ it. How obedient would they be in an SHTF?
Licensed video is here but Offended Prepper edited his replies.

Educated Preppers Bid What They Would Attain In a completely different way for the Subsequent Pandemic

Bear in mind joining the Huples Kittens!
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVG2d2L-0kF6w-H7IlkXZ2Q/be a part of


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