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From a huge Fortune 500 Company to living off-grid. Inspiration to plan the jump can attain from wherever. See extra about Carol Kasten’s fascinating yarn of making it out to the blue skies of Montanta where she lives the homesteading dream.

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you hello i’m carol and welcome to our residence attain on tree ring why don’t we hear it’s rather bit cloudy on the present time can you witness one of the best tree rather little bit of a stroll so confidently fire you can furthermore witness our yards no longer very love our front yard is de facto our garden and data on my blog [Applause] so what I’m sorry used to be our firefighting trailer and so as you can furthermore witness David has this trailer setup for struggling with fires factual in case there would be a forest fire I factual obtained a immense water tank as well to a pump on here and so what’ll happen is for the length of the iciness and he’ll truly bring this into his workshop and we’ll employ this to search out any fires that could perchance presumably furthermore merely happen on our residence for the length of the iciness after which within the summertime this arrangement you can find that our autos get the hoods birth we’ve been struggling with a pack rat self-discipline and so we realized from our neighbors by leaving the hoods birth it gets a pack rats nowhere to veil so that’s why you’ll witness that our autos support the hoods okay attain this arrangement I’m gonna imprint you my one amongst my accepted components of the booster and that’s down by the river [Applause] now we get a expansive retailer of wood here this advantageous lean-to kind construction and you’ll witness that he truly next went on the accumulate and and learned the ideal manner to stack the wood so you’ve got most airflow between the a amount of thing that I have faith is de facto frigid is he truly put small dates on there so they really useful me he’ll know which which you can to employ first so that’s fantastic but most of this wood is all curing after which we’ll employ the oldest wood for this first iciness let’s settle a stroll on down to the river now this ride is largely a sport ride this used to be space up normally when here by the provider they jog and we witness used to be truly vital we didn’t jog over the entire magnificent wildflowers that now we get sir here in sunny after the brink of our property this is de facto national forest land and there is factual rather piece of our property that the river runs thru on the a amount of stop but we’re ready to employ this factual adore every a amount of public manner water weight and that it is doubtless you’ll perchance presumably presumably furthermore witness how fairly it is to extra or much less listen to the water because it goes over the rocks down here and the river is de facto fairly low for the length of the spring season they’ll witness that it rises fairly rather from this arrangement display and a range of instances these rocks that you witness listed below are lined but for now and this is one amongst the fave areas of a rottweiler he likes to attain succor down here and trip round within the river and bite the froth and things adore that he sees it’s no longer habitual at all that we’ll witness natural world succor here we’ve seen mink deer for sure we’ve had endure on our property final year within the autumn we had a mama endure and three cubs that came after which a lesser as smartly this extra or much less froze over for ice and we did witness a immense machine so here’s where all of it occurs this is our new solar panel array that we factual upgraded so that’s truly frigid obtained a advantageous text solar our turbines truly on the store edifying now I’ll imprint you the shed where it stays but there is a that’s all we’re doing edifying now is what we name the free electrical energy so you can furthermore witness now we get quite a bit of panels here we’ve truly obtained twelve solar panels here after which we also upgraded the solar panels on the head of Vinson so you can furthermore witness that there’s a pair of extra up here our alternate strength source and what’s outdated to strength our generator is the propane so you’ll witness this very huge propane tank we did learn over final iciness don’t let the propane trip out that’s truly vital you can furthermore find the stage of the propane it truly them so any of the warmth and exhaust from the generator as I mentioned though there’s on the store being repaired and that’s truly severe to get that done sooner than iciness sets in as a consequence of I’ll be the employ of it a lot extra over the iciness I [Music] wished you to bring you succor over here and imprint you the garden okay so now we’re coming succor into our garden which is extra or much less produce of our front yard harvesting raspberries all summer season long and I’ve been freezing them so I’ll support this iciness after which the ideal that we’ve done is we factual birth a range of plant life from seed this year in largely on this facet now we get some peppers we’ve obtained some huge tomato plant life here we are almost on the head of September and we haven’t harvested any tomatoes so what I’ve realized from next year is to start with with begins in favor to seeds as a consequence of it factual takes too long but we enact get a advantageous advantageous tomato in here if the Reds didn’t get to it so we would be having yeah I will be able to’t witness it edifying now smartly oh here it is witness now we get a advantageous sliced tomatoes so so long as we get rather bit extra Solar and we birth to ripen that up we’ll birth to get some tomatoes off the plant I also enact get some basil and a few things up here you can witness a bunch of mouse and rat traps now we had been battling mice and rats in no longer handiest the greenhouse but adore I acknowledged into our autos I have faith David has caught about eight mice now and sadly we did also own a chipmunk okay so next what we’re gonna enact is we’ll jog up on the deck and we’ll imprint you smartly this is our failed strive at straw bale gardening on the facet of the yard and that it is doubtless you’ll perchance witness next year we’ll truly unless this up and garden at as soon as into the dust you can furthermore witness the mountain high factual rather bit beneath the clouds it’s truly laborious to glimpse with this produce of climate but what’s de facto frigid about this map is that we space up here and we truly find the enviornment jog by up here we witness the autumn colours commerce for the bushes and we witness many of thrilling clouds and rainbows and at evening that’s why they name it Gigantic Sky in Montana we witness expansive stars and a shimmering sky on the present time very cloudy so I’ll witness if I will be able to get rather bit better glimpse I are living it in a while the present time maybe it’ll chill out consult with you soon

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