YT “Preppers” – 5 Action items for TEOTWAWKI / SHTF

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[Music] pretty morning welcome to Viking preparedness I am pastor Joe Fox steal five astonishing whats up um YouTube drives me loopy I even accumulate a admire-abominate relationship with YouTube the platform makes it easy to add movies makes it easy for y’all to work collectively and observation and half movies and that extra or much less ingredient admire that the I’m intelligent up right here so we score out of the winds for the microphone I abominate their politics and the real fact that they D monetize all my movies right here on YouTube and also you perceive blah blah blah which is why I went to patreon pretty I shoot movies day by day on patreon accumulate pretty up they’ve pretty combos and I even accumulate to address plenty much less nonsense one within the manufacture of D monetization and two within the manufacture of knuckleheads YouTube it’s and also you perceive they’re available within the market pretty and so lately’s message five stuff you would attain to better prepare yourself for what’s coming for Tia Waki somewhat a pair of it is miles aimed at the YouTube it’s but they’re mute gonna be stuff in there for you the 80% of you I’m making an try to you perceive no longer be whited out by the Solar the 80% of you who are there that’s better who are okay of us so there needs to be one thing for all americans the first Oh cuz background you compromise pretty this world is cray-cray I don’t care whenever you happen to’re on the left or the pretty we bought considerations coming within the US with the politics they’re fair genuine effervescent they’re there that’s gonna boil over with the of us on diverse facets and factions and whatnot that’s a possible relate we bought this ingredient occurring if I order it they’ll de monetize me again coming out of Asia and spreading for the duration of the world to one stage or every other and I fair genuine did a video I don’t know if I shared that one with y’all or no longer I’d accumulate or I judge the true rink I did half it with y’the entire true ramifications of that I judge are gonna be or no longer fair genuine I in actuality feel in unhappy health the financial system’s is in horrifying form this by no come been better it’s mute extraordinarily fragile pretty after which on and on and on and on we focus on about these items day by day on patreon that is Viking preparedness you’re right here for some curiosity in preparedness I’d judge and so with that in mind the first ingredient to realize is focal level focal level I judge what I score on YouTube vice patreon and I’ll save a link to the patreon channel down below I don’t in actuality don’t desire to realize an commercial for it but you’re welcome to come aid three cents a day a dollar a month I judge YouTube is extra indicative of American society and I know we accumulate diverse than American citizens right here OTS I know we accumulate of us from diverse countries right here and welcome however the overwhelming majority of the viewers is American so indicative of American society is the lack of capacity one to judge clearly to to score out of an emotion all states and three fair genuine a focal level on what’s being accomplished and I’ll present you with an example I score many feedback right here on YouTube where of us call me names how eighth-grade of you ways third grade of a pair of whats up Boober yeah slither ahead protect doing what you attain boomer like that offends me I am fair a limited one boomer and but you would pronounce the tone and the inflection you would very correctly read it throughout the words that they it’s it’s supposed to be like a slam man oh I slammed him now let me return down a mommy’s basement and energy up the Web ha ha it’s like in actuality or they call me outmoded man okay correctly I earned every of these white hairs and the diverse ingredient is is of us on a video that I’m doing that has one thing to realize with preparedness males nominally males any come it would maybe slither there pretty males like overly observation on my beard dude why don’t you generous up the perimeters of your beard why don’t you generous up your mustache why don’t you stop messing with your beard why why don’t you comb your beard why are you as a dude appealing about every other man’s facial hair focal level on the message they score distracted by the squirrels pretty every other ingredient I score plenty is come to the level yeah I know you would accumulate got an consideration span of a gnat pretty I know what of us attain on video order watch fair genuine minimize it and beginning it again minimize it beginning up again so slither survey and of us admire that I’m no longer doing that so my level is focal level on what’s occurring in its place of being snarky one try to listen to to the message no longer decrease than hear the message that I’m hanging out imagine it after which steal some action whenever you happen to judge this I’m making an try to keep remote from the words this ingredient coming out of Asia is an subject resulting from I don’t in actuality judge it’s an subject for The US somewhat a pair of of us attain okay what are you doing about it apart from going you don’t realize PJ boomer it’s coming for all americans you would’t disguise what are you doing about it resulting from survey whenever you happen to of direction imagine one thing you would mute steal action all pretty and that’s what I desire you to realize I’d admire it if all americans took action to prepare for this ingredient coming resulting from then you’d be ready for one thing else if this pans out to be nothing and so in its place of being snarky in its place of fair genuine specializing within the sinful things making an try to focal level on the message I judge you’ll be at an advantage and so are your of us and every other ingredient somewhat a pair of of us like I made a observation in it I made a observation which bought somewhat a pair of feedback on the final video right here on YouTube on patreon no worries where I said it doesn’t subject what’s inflicting this ingredient it does if it’s a natural warfare it issues no it doesn’t I’ll double down deliver no it doesn’t no longer to you and completely come nothing diverse to you focal level this level is focal level it’s both going to impress you or it’s no longer if it affects you it’s gonna affect you in certain ways for which you needs to be bright or suffer it issues no longer if this ingredient came out of a bat or a lab or a bowl of soup it doesn’t subject survey of us focal level on the sinful things oh yeah nonetheless it’s this and this guy said this and this guy said this who cares what are you doing about it somewhat a pair of you are doing one thing about it you opt you’re gonna opt so focal level on you focal level on you focal level to your circle you realize it doesn’t subject what somebody three states away is doing that entire Virginia ingredient oh my gosh did the salvage getting a tizzy over that dude you don’t dwell in Virginia chill focal level on yourself focal level to your loved ones focal level to your mates that’s one two step to merchandise two haven’t in actuality learned what I’m gonna title this shit preppers I’m talking to you now all you Preppers you wish extra meals and not more guns extra meals and not more guns it’s astonishing to me the probability of of us who are Preppers or who are in prepper fashion movies who fair genuine slither to the entire gun movies and watch the entire gun stuff and so they focus on about guns and also you perceive I cloak my pistol every now after which and raucous how Jim for Gen 5 no 1 why attain you care pretty focal level on you okay why attain you care what I’m carrying it doesn’t subject how remarkable meals attain you would accumulate got cuz right here’s the deal you perceive rule without world without rule of law without rule of law wro el tío walkie shtf you’re gonna accumulate to use you would by no come accumulate to fireside your firearm in anger in a defense of offense of whatever violent come you would by no come accumulate to fireside your firearm I pray that you just don’t but I guarantee you you’re gonna accumulate to use so why the entire level of curiosity aid to merchandise one on guns and ammo and frigid GU guys that I’m in a position to save on my gun resulting from I don’t know be taught the blueprint in which to shoot it anyway why the entire level of curiosity on that in its place of how remarkable beans and rice attain you would accumulate got we’re gonna come to every other level against the terminate alternatively remarkable you would accumulate got you don’t accumulate adequate resulting from you’re gonna desire to feed diverse of us no longer me man mm-hmm meals over guns it’s extra well-known am i announcing don’t accumulate guns clearly I’m no longer however the fascination with it focal level on meals and the entire lot to realize with meals fair genuine having foods no longer adequate how you going to address it how are you gonna attain the leftovers we’re no longer having leftovers okay that’s without a doubt no longer a execrable idea Don flip on flip on but what’s how you gonna dapper up after you prepare your meals you’re gonna accumulate to use you would by no come accumulate to shoot focal level on meals no longer guns all pretty extra abilities much less stuff that’s merchandise three American citizens are patrons I judge Westerners are patrons we like shopping for stuff we like solving considerations with money Amazon will ship it to my apartment in 24 hours I even accumulate every frigid bushcraft knife known to man I even accumulate every accent hatchet that I watch at and prefer it’s like a illness right here I’ll capture every other one right here I’ll capture every other lineup I judge I’ve cured it though I’m exquisite remarkable accomplished write this date down PJ you said but yeah we fair genuine capture stuff we capture so remarkable stuff and we judge that helps us no it’s no longer no longer beyond a in actuality elementary level it doesn’t it doesn’t subject that you just would accumulate got a grants for Brooks ax in its place of an excellent axe that you just sold at the local hardware retailer it in actuality doesn’t subject what number of bushes accumulate you ever positively chopped down with your axe survey one finger at you for at me don’t fear about it but you wish abilities and abilities steal time to make investments in they steal money in loads of cases to make investments in learning abilities and yeah you would’t fair genuine score a skill by observing it on YouTube you would’t watch somebody attain one thing then chalk that one away correctly I know be taught the blueprint in which to realize that if I ever accumulate to know you don’t know you don’t abilities would maybe mute be earned you would accumulate got to be taught it you would accumulate got to transfer attain it you would accumulate got to fail it fair a limited bit after which protect on my battery is working low all pretty I will steal this up extra abilities much less stuff fourth level of us you’re gonna need of us I hit this level laborious on patreon I don’t care how frigid Superman Supergirl you judge you are you’re gonna need of us when this entire ingredient goes down and take a look at it out you’re gonna receive with diverse of us you’re gonna lone Wolf’s aren’t gonna compose it you’re no longer a lone wolf you’re both going to amass with diverse of us or be consumed or subsumed by every other neighborhood actually and figuratively beginning up working to your of us abilities be the guy or gal that of us desire to be with that of us desire to lallygag around with raise one thing to the desk I even accumulate a video long ago that I did right here you would search on my channel what attain you raise to the desk it became a be-careful call to somewhat a pair of of us on YouTube who judge they’re in these items after which the final level resulting from again that is all about preparedness pretty it’s about making ready for laborious instances which shall be coming Fitness you would mute be fitter Annie Thorisdottir is the least bit times fair a limited fitter no longer remarkable we are in a position to all score fitter even me yours of direction you’re gonna need your body when this ingredient goes down and that is the level namely right here on YouTube where I score the entire whining you don’t realize I’ve had four bypasses and three knees and two shoulders and I’m in a position to’t attain one thing but with an perspective like that you just would’t attain one thing and also you’re gonna die attain the ultimate you would with what to score where you’re at you would the least bit times attain extra Fitness is one thing you’re gonna steal with you or no longer attain it’s good to score outmoded you would mute be a boomer and be in a nursing residence tousled to oxygen wheeling around in a wheelchair catching flies and eating them and come on protect fit protect your body active you wish it it’s gonna raise you throughout the laborious instances which shall be coming all pretty those are five things so that you just can imagine I care about y’all whenever you happen to would like pretty on day by day foundation direct come test us out on patreon it’s a total dollar a month whenever you happen to abominate it you would stop but I pronounce you what I bet you don’t abominate it I bet you discover it irresistible all pretty I’ll survey you available within the market

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